‘Superstore’ Express Lane: The 5 Best Jokes in ‘Cheyenne’s Wedding’


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The Cloud 9 crew gathers for Cheyenne’s wedding, where the beginning of one marriage marks the end of another. ‘Superstore’ pushes Jonah and Amy closer, and here’s why it’s the right move.

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You can take the employees out of Cloud 9, but you can’t take the Cloud 9 out of the employees. Superstore goes off site for the nuptials of Cheyenne and Bo, but you would have never noticed they weren’t on the job if they hadn’t been dressed up and out of the harsh fluorescent lighting. Even when Cloud 9’s core group clocks out, chaos follows closely behind.

For most sitcoms, there’s that one episode fans wax poetic about years into the show’s run. It’s the episode where everything that works off-the-charts well about the series kicks into overdrive and makes for an instant classic. “Cheyenne’s Wedding” is that episode for Superstore. Not because it’s a major event for a major character or we finally gain some momentum with Amy and Jonah (though neither of that hurt), but because the dynamics of the Cloud 9 setting clicked outside of the store. In one fell swoop, “Cheyenne’s Wedding” changed the course of the series and confirmed its strengths. Speaking of Amy and Jonah, is pushing them together the right move? Let’s break it down in the 10 items or less lane with the episode’s five best jokes!

1. “What am I supposed to wear to your wedding? The invitation just says ‘not basic.'”

Of course Cheyenne would never specify a dress code and rather opt for a matter-of-fact “not basic”—brevity we should all adopt in our own wedding planning. Jonah finds out that Amy and her husband are in counseling and, better yet, she’s bringing him to Cheyenne’s wedding. As if the tensions hadn’t already been sky high, they suddenly turned awkward.

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2. “Listen, I filled my purse with muscle relaxers and anti-flatulent meds. Oh, and if you’re gonna puke, use the purse.”

When Dina learns that Amy will stand as one of Cheyenne’s bridesmaids, she simply won’t rest until she elbows her way into the bridal party. Cheyenne caves, not understanding she superseded bridezilla status by handing the title to Dina. But Cheyenne doesn’t let anything bother her on her big day, not even the vows she and Bo rap. (Yes, rap.)

3. “I’ve never prostituted.”

Concerned about the imminent firings he’ll soon dole out at Cloud 9, Glenn spirals and invites Jeff to the wedding to convince him to call off the layoffs. It slips Glenn’s mind that Mateo might not appreciate running into his ex at a formal event. Still, Glenn exaggerates Cheyenne’s supposed teen mom poverty to Jeff and winds up announcing the layoffs at the reception.

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4. “It’s not essential but if it could rhyme with fellatio, that would be icing.”

As a bridesmaid, Dina wants to give a speech. What’s worse than Dina unscripted? Dina preparing written words that rhyme with sexual acts. When Dina’s jokes don’t land, an inebriated-ish Amy steps in and has her Lorelai Gilmore drunk speech moment. Amy loses the meaning of her toast and overshares about the lost love in her own marriage. It’s cringeworthy, it’s hilarious, and it’s even better that Dina has to step in to save Amy.

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5. “Why did Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell stop being friends? I feel like something happened there.”

Amy’s speech leaves her embarrassed and without Adam, but Jonah swoops in to comfort her. He spent most of the night attempting to convince Adam, Amy, his girlfriend Kristen, and himself that his “work wife” feelings for Amy aren’t feelings. Nice try, Jonah. For the first time, Amy admits that her marriage is over, beyond saving. It’s a hard confession to watch because Amy has been mired in the weight of this truth for episodes.

But Jonah supports her with jokes and compliments, going one step too far by throwing out the word “sexy.” Instantly, the moment deflates. He didn’t mean to call her sexy as a come-on so much as it slipped out Freudian style. Jonah isn’t the type to pursue a woman who just realized divorce is on the horizon (and considering Sandra’s soulmate awesomely asked for consent to a kiss, Superstore knows better). Eventually, Amy and Jonah will be the right move for the series. Oh, the stories that will emerge from one simple pairing. We’re on the good side of will-they-or-won’t-they now, folks.

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The season finale of Superstore airs Thursday at 8/7c on NBC.