The first Big Brother season 19 twist is here and it sure is tempting

Big Brother / YouTube
Big Brother / YouTube /

Season 19 of Big Brother — BB19 if you will — is almost here and CBS has teased the first twist.

The pieces of Big Brother season 19 are coming together. We know the premiere date — Wednesday June 28 — and the theme (“summer of temptation”). We’ve met the cast and seen the house. And now, in keeping with said theme, we’ve learned the first twist.

CBS announced that contestants will be given “tempting offers that could give them money, power and even safety in the game,” per Gold Derby. However, as in life itself, giving into temptation does come with consequences. How profound.

Gold Derby also shared that the show will feature something else called the “Den of Temptation.” The den is,  apparently, a room that America can vote houseguests into, at which time said houseguest will be “enticed by potentially game-changing offers.”

It appears that Big Brother is dropping any pretense or subtlety for season 19. From the decor to the theme to the twists, Big Brother is doubling down on everything that makes the show so insanely entertaining. Power, money, lust, alliance and revenge have always been the pillars of Big Brother, but they’re usually not spelled out quite so literally.

If temptation — which also heavily influences the decor — is to guide the twists, we have to speculate what they would tempt the contestants with.

Executive producer Rich Meehan said:

"There are so many different paths the game could take this season depending on what the houseguests choose to do. With so many unknowns, we are excited to see how it all plays out."

Try as we might, it’s honestly kind of hard to imagine what the “temptations” might be. And how will they be presented? As rewards for good things or lifelines when things look dire? However it works, it’s likely to get messy quickly. The producers also described it as like “Pandora’s Box” — choices leading to other choices leading to other temptations and ultimately consequences.

And it all starts on opening night when, “a series of temptations” will set the show down a variety of paths.