‘Animal Kingdom’ season 2, episode 5 recap: Heist gone wrong


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‘Animal Kingdom’ had the boys conduct their Church heist while Smurf and Craig found themselves in terrible situations against their enemies.

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Animal Kingdom pulled off a mesmerizing heist sequence in this installment. The boys conducted their plan that did not go without its own setbacks. Additionally, the series continued its brilliant character development as it expanded on Smurf, Craig, and even Nikki. Tonight’s episode wasted not one second because each one contributed to arguably the best episode of the series. Without waiting any longer, here is the official spoiler alert for Animal Kingdom Season 2, Episode 5 “Forgive Us Our Trespasses.”

The episode opened with target practice at a shooting range. J (Finn Cole) practiced before Smurf (Ellen Barkin) as he honed his skills as a gunman in close quarters combat as well as long-range combat. Next, Deran (Jake Weary) stole a car from an airport parking lot to complete a portion of his job for the imminent heist. Lastly, Baz (Scott Speedman) prepared devices that would measure the decibel levels of the drill in the safe room at the Church.

Back at the Cody headquarters, Smurf gave Deran’s room to J, so the two moved his stuff out of the room to clear space. While Smurf moved the boxes into a storage unit, Javi’s men kidnapped her. Javi (Alex Meraz) demanded the truth from Smurf on a past job that allegedly ended with his father’s death. He threatened to release tapes with incriminating evidence on the job to the cops if Smurf did not give him 300,000 dollars. At Deran’s bar, Craig (Ben Robson) discouraged Deran from finishing the job. The brothers argued, but Deran finally exclaimed that Craig messed up his opportunity. Craig only had himself to blame.

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Now, the heist claimed center stage. Baz and J entered the service as the pastor excitedly proclaimed that the community raised over 335,000 dollars. As everyone celebrated on the way out of the service, Baz and J prepared themselves for the job in the bathroom. Pope (Shawn Hatosy) played lookout and helped Baz and J enter the air vents. Pope returned to his Bible study to ensure that everyone left the room before the janitor arrived. Two women spoke at length, so Pope asked Amy (Jennifer Landon) about the possibility of sex later that night. Luckily, he stalled long enough for the janitor to lock the room with no one in sight only for Pope to change the lock afterwards.

As Animal Kingdom switched to Deran, Craig entered a state of free fall. Nikki (Molly Gordon) lectured him about his recklessness and stupid decision not to help his brothers since they would realize that Craig was not essential to the crew. After Craig got drunk and high, he interrupted Deran’s task as the driver. Deran briefly fought Craig as he slammed his brother to the ground before he told him about his danger to the plan. Deran proceeded to cause a car accident so that the security guard would assist the victim and not watch Baz and J rob the Church on camera.

Photo by: PAUL SARKIS/ Turner Press

However, after Pope and Deran avoided these obstacles, J cut himself on a piece of metal in the air vents. Baz dragged him out, but J worried about his blood. Baz said not to worry because J had no DNA in the criminal database. The two efficiently completed the heist just after the security guard noticed the camera malfunction. He asked the janitor to open the door, but the changed lock halted the man. Thus, Baz and J escaped through the back door in Deran’s van.

Meanwhile, Craig drunkenly rode his motorcycle recklessly throughout the city He eventually crashed onto the beach after he performed a wheelie in the middle of the road. Pope experienced intimacy with Amy as the two engaged in sexual actions, but not necessarily intercourse due to Amy’s adherence to the teachings of the Church. Nonetheless, the two gained an intimate experience just prior to Amy’s receiving of the news about the heist. She sounded devastated.

The boys slammed the safe open to find the money secure. Next, Baz stapled J’s deep leg wound from the air vent because J obviously could not receive medical attention at a hospital or urgent care. Cops apprehended a passed out Craig on the beach as a conclusion to his terrible day. Finally, after Smurf finally returned home, she woke J to prepare him for war with Javi.

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Other Notes

  • Pope seemed emotionless to Amy’s response to the heist. Perhaps, Pope actually did just use her for the mission.
  • Nikki seems to be gravitating more towards J literally and metaphorically. She seems concerned with his relationship status as she tires of Craig’s stupid behavior.
  • Smurf is quite upset. Will her boys protect her in a bloody battle with Javi?

As mentioned before, Animal Kingdom delivered an excellent episode. Now that the heist is over, no consequences seem to be on the horizon. Instead, Smurf might reclaim the stage as she prepares to strike back against Javi.

Animal Kingdom airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TNT. Be sure to tune in!