‘The Mist’ season 1, episode 6 recap: Experiment gone wrong

Photo Credit: The Mist/Spike, Image Acquired by Spike

‘The Mist’ brings the drama and people are keeping secrets this week in “The Devil You Know.”

In the latest episode of The Mist, we see more of a balance between the characters. At the hospital, the double Bryan Hunt problem is solved when the real one is killed by the one we’ve seen since the first episode. Maybe it wasn’t the best solution, but it’s one that’s kept a secret by Bryan throughout the episode. His bit of ruthlessness comes in handy later, though, when he stabs Doctor Bailey for putting Kevin in the mist. However, that instance was a more urgent matter of life or death.

Since I already mentioned Kevin was put in the mist by the doctor, let’s see how he got there. He actually interacts with the doctor earlier when he asks about Mike and Kevin mostly just has a pained look on his face as a response. Shortly thereafter, he finds out that Mia took the car. From there, he stumbles upon the doctor experimenting on people by putting them in the mist. Kevin tries to stop him, but that’s when things go wrong. I understand Kevin wanting to be the hero, but so far that hasn’t worked out for him. First, he tries to make it to the mall to get to Alex and Eve. Second, he tries to save Mike. And now, he’s trying to save patients from the doctor. It feels like he’s just not going to be the hero of this show, no matter how hard he tries.

Alex shows us a little more emotion this episode when she’s feeling guilty about surviving her encounter with the mist in the bookstore. In an attempt to cheer her up, Eve takes her on a little dress up spree. Alex leaves the store with some new clothes, but not before Lila’s mom sees them having fun.

Photo Credit: The Mist/Spike, Image Acquired by Spike

Later, Alex is roaming around by herself and she’s locked in a break room, which is then set on fire. Jay comes to save her and both her and Eve initially blame him for it. My prediction is that after seeing Alex enjoying herself, Lila’s mom became infuriated and is the one who tried to burn her alive. It makes way more sense than Jay doing it since he’s still adamant about not being the one who raped Alex. Eve still threatens to shoot him if he touches Alex since he decides to stay with their group of people now.

Link remains concerned about what Nathalie is doing when she’s preaching to the crowd. When Father Romanov takes a more passive attempt to get her to stop, he takes things into his own hands. He tries to trap Nathalie, but instead she turns it on him and he’s the one who pays the price. He was more minor of a character, but it goes to show just how desperate and relentless some people are when crisis hits.

Mia has her own storyline for a bit in this episode. She returns to her mother’s house and the mist starts to get to her. It probably doesn’t help that she’s having withdrawals. She sees her mother, who then tries to get her to kill herself. It’s a bit of a wacky sequence, but it shows another way the mist affects people. She thankfully makes her way back to the hospital, but in the end she gets stuck at a locked door with Bryan, Adrian, and Kevin to end the episode.

Some other observations

  • It appears as though Eve really did want to give people hope by making flyers saying that help is coming, even though she doesn’t seem to care about anyone really who isn’t Alex.
  • While plenty of things happen in this episode, it still feels like things are stalling as far as actually moving the story forward goes. We’re still largely jumping between the church, hospital, and the mall, which could get dull fairly quickly.

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