‘The Mist’ season 1, episode 5 recap: Hospital trip


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This week’s episode of ‘The Mist’ gives us a glimpse of Eve and Kevin’s past while the present tackles a new problem.

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In “The Waiting Room,” there happens to be a lot of just that, waiting. Kevin, Mia, Bryan, and Adrian make it to the hospital and they end up waiting around while Bryan is in surgery. While they wait and wander around, Kevin finds his brother, Mike, laying in one of the beds. Mike isn’t the only familiar face at the hospital, either. Adrian runs into Tyler, who was the boy harassing him at the party in episode one.

Kevin and Mike haven’t gotten along in quite some time now. Despite that, Kevin does his best to help Mike, even risking his life in the process. Things are dire when Kevin first sees him since he has a piece of rebar stuck in him. Kevin goes into the wing of the hospital that’s full of the mist to remove it by having the doctor walk him through it over a headset. Let’s just say that they make it look much easier than it probably actually is to remove a piece of rebar, stop the bleeding, and staple someone back up.

The sad thing is, Kevin goes through all of that just to slip in blood and have Mike fall off the bed. He’s not able to get him up before these slugs start falling on them and one goes into Mike’s wound. It reminded me a bit of Slither and it’s a pretty gross moment in the show. So far we’ve seen the mist suck the life out of someone and slugs take over someone. It begs the question: what else will happen in the mist? Who knows if or when that gets answered. Despite the strained relationship, it’s still hard to watch Kevin put Mike out of his misery.

Another main focus during this episode is the flashback. We get bits of it throughout and it shows us when Eve and Kevin first moved into their house in Bridgeport together. There’s a weird tension between Mike and Eve. Plus, there’s a huge difference in the Eve we see there versus her in the present day. Kevin largely felt like the same person, though. The only thing that felt pertinent in the flashback was the relationship between Mike and Eve. In the present day, he admits to Kevin that they all loved her. However, there’s no indication of who exactly “they all” includes. And other than that, we don’t even see Eve in the present day in this episode.

Photo Credit: The Mist/Spike, Image Acquired by Spike

Mia, Bryan, and Adrian have less of the focus on them this episode, especially since they aren’t all together except for when they initially arrive at the hospital. Mia and Adrian are with Bryan when he wakes up but Adrian quickly leaves when he finds himself feeling like a bit of a third wheel.

Mia’s attachment to Bryan makes sense since most people don’t bother to pay much attention to or care much about her. That all comes to a fairly abrupt end this episode when she asks where Bryan Hunt is and walks into the room of a different man. Presumably, he’s the real Bryan Hunt and he tells Mia he was attacked by a man who fits the description of the Bryan she’s been with this whole time. This is something that I want to see play out simply because it would answer a lot of questions about Bryan waking up with the dog in the woods and with another man’s credit card on him. It may even explain how he forgot who he is in the first place.

Adrian doesn’t have much to do this episode except sit around. Once he sees Tyler for a second time, he decides to follow him into the bathroom. This results in him first getting beat up and then having sex, or so he tells Mia anyway. This now gives the show another relationship to explore other than the one Adrian has as a friend to Alex. He doesn’t seem to have many other friends besides her and this could go a couple different ways. They can either pursue a relationship between Tyler and Adrian or they can have Tyler continue to bury his true self.

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Since this episode takes place in the hospital the entire time (in the present day, anyway), it’s hard to tell how much time has passed. Plus, Mia winds up snagging the keys from Adrian and leaves them stranded at the hospital. So now, unless the story plans to follow Mia some more, the hospital and the mall will be the main locations we see. Maybe some more of the church comes into play, too, but things seem to be moving slow. There’s nothing wrong with a show taking it’s time when it’s done right, but The Mist feels like it’s lacking a clear direction right now. I hope that improves as we come towards the middle of the season and things start to ramp up a bit to close it out.

The Mist airs Thursday nights on Spike.