Interview: Ben McKenzie previews a lawless ‘Gotham’, Season 4’s narrative


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‘Gotham’s’ Ben McKenzie talks Season 4 narrative, changes looming for Jim and the city, Penguin and Jim’s changing dynamic and more!

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Gotham has never been a series to stray away from leaving a season off with several major cliffhangers, but the show’s third season just may have been its most ambitious season-ender yet. The fate of several characters was left up in the air, the city of Gotham was in a state of emergency and new threats loomed on the horizon waiting to be explored. So where exactly does the show go from there?

"“There’s an awful lot going on,” star Ben McKenzie teases of the upcoming season of Fox’s hit DC Comics series. “Season 4 opens up a few months later and into this void of villainy Penguin has asserted himself. He’s licensing crimes. He’s basically usurped the law completely and controls what crime is permitted in Gotham. Against that tide, Jim is left alone. No one is on his side including Harvey. That will lead him to find new allies and that includes Sofia Falcone, the daughter of Carmine Falcone.”"

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With the city in a state of emergency and criminals running the show, it seems only fitting that Season 4 will serve as way to push young Bruce Wayne closer towards his destiny of becoming Batman. In doing so, the show is able to circle back to the show’s foundation and the relationship that served as the heart of the show back in Season 1.

"“As you can tell from the poster, they’re certainly leaning into Bruce getting ever closer to his alternate persona,” McKenzie noted in previewing the narrative of Season 4. “In this particular instance, Bruce is starting down his vigilante role but still learning it. Jim is oblivious to that, at least initially, but they come into contact a lot. That contact serves to bring us back to the fundamental foundation of the show which is their relationship which began in the “Pilot” and mark our progress to see how far we’ve come since Season 1.”"

As for Jim, expect him to continue to do everything in his power to keep the city safe – even if it means using the gray areas of the law to his advantage.

"“He’s always going to try. I think when you stop trying, you become an actual villain. As long as you’re attempting to do what’s right or do what’s right for the most people, you’re going to do little bad things to do a better good,” McKenzie revealed. “That’s where you start losing the pure heroism, but our world has always been a world where heroes have to be bad. They have to do small bad things to do good big things. That is obviously who Batman is: a vigilante who acts outside of the law, but does so for a good purpose. Jim is a precursor following a similar path.”"

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Be sure to check out our complete interview with Ben McKenzie to learn more about the changing dynamics of Jim and Penguin and what exactly the future holds for the women in Jim’s life!

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Gotham returns for its fourth season on a new night beginning Thursday, September 21 at 8/7c on Fox! 

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