‘Gotham’: 5 Things that should happen in season 4

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Although the series just finished its best-ever season, “Gotham” could use some slight overhauling before season 4 begins.

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On June 5, Gotham’s third season reached a fiery conclusion that included a number of shocking developments. A few long-time supporting characters died and Bruce Wayne finally took his first steps toward becoming the Dark Knight. Additionally, Edward Nygma and Oswald Copplepot abandoned their attempts to be upstanding members of society and embraced their inner supervillains. Also, one of the best characters in the Batman mythos made a stunning debut. And as opposed to the show’s earlier years, the show brought many of its ongoing narratives to a satisfying end. All in all, season 3 is  Gotham’s best year to date.

However, for all the good things that happened in Gotham’s third season, the show also had some big problems. The long-running Court of Owls storyline didn’t have much in the way of payoff. Jervis Tetch was a less than compelling Big Bad. Copplepot and Nygma spent an unaccountable amount of time spinning their wheels. The resolution of the Tetch Virus arc felt very underwhelming. And even on a show with a malleable comic book reality, concepts like Bruce’s evil clone strained credulity. As a result of that unevenness, the show’s rating dropped by 23%. But by making a few key changes, Gotham can again become TV’s best superhero show.

This article features major spoilers for Gotham’s third season.