Being boring hasn’t hurt the Big Brother 19 ratings

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS /

Let’s all agree: Big Brother 19 is super boring.

Season 19 of Big Brother has been boring. There have been moments of excitement here and there, but by and large we’ve all just been biding our time until Paul is inevitably crowned victorious.

The other Houseguests behavior toward Paul has been flabbergasting. As the Washington Post recently pointed out, the guests are “oddly protective” of the veteran, which may or may not be related to awe over his experience on the show. (Paul made it to second place last season.)

More from the Washington Post:

"On the edited-for-TV episodes (CBS also airs a 24/7 live stream online) Paul’s presence has skewed everything to the point where almost no one will act strategically, and instead just look to Paul for cues on what to do. The two players who didn’t want to go along with Paul, “showmance” couple Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf, were considered the villains in the house until they were both evicted over the past two weeks."

It is undeniably dull. There’s still time, of course. The show is really only halfway done but there’s little to nothing to suggest that the other Houseguests are going to wake up and realize Paul is the obvious choice to evict. Paul can’t even believe they haven’t realized this.

Still, despite the fact we can all agree that this blind loyalty and reverence to Paul is preventing anyone from doing anything interesting, we’re all still tuning in. You are, I am. We just can’t break the habit, our blind belief, that something interesting and juicy will happen on the show. Even though there’s almost no one left to root for!

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As such, it shouldn’t come as too big a surprise that the Big Brother ratings are as good as they ever are for CBS — which is quite good. About 4.90 million viewers tuned in to watch Paul once again prove himself to be the only one thinking this through and no doubt the same number will tune in again as he meanders his way to half a million dollars.