The 100 Interview: Eliza Taylor previews the evolution of Clarke, time jump changes


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The 100 star Eliza Taylor reveals how the series’ six-year time jump will affect Clarke and how it has allowed her to make peace with her decisions.

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When The 100 returns for its fifth season next spring, six years will have passed since the events that unfolded during the show’s first four seasons. As a result, the characters at the heart of the show will each undergo their own unique personal changes. However, the characters aren’t the only ones affected by the time jump.

"“Playing a 24-year-old woman as opposed to this 18-year-old that I’ve been playing since I was 23 is a huge deal,” The 100 star Eliza Taylor commented of the show’s time jump before teasing how the jump will affect her character Clarke. “I think what we’re gonna see is the evolution of her really turning into this maternal, kickass ‘mummy’ type, which is exciting.”"

After being responsible for so many people for so long, Clarke’s life has been simplified to the extremes as her sole responsibility during the past six years has been to tend to her needs and the needs of her surrogate daughter Madi.

"“It’s simplified everything. [Clarke’s goals have basically become] find food, look after child, stay alive,” Taylor teases. “It’s not like, this is going on and this is going on. It’s much more wholesome and little, and I’m really excited about that.”"

With the time that has passed, Clarke has also been given the time to find peace with the decisions she was forced to make before the time jump. But does time really heal all wounds?

"“I mean, obviously she’s gone through so much loss, so there would still be that feeling inside her but yeah, over those six years there would have been a lot of time to make peace and be less hurt by everything that’s happened, Taylor revealed”"

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The 100 will return for its fifth season as part of The CW’s midseason line-up in early 2018.

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