Jason made (another) rape joke on the BB19 live feeds

Brittani Gords / YouTube
Brittani Gords / YouTube /

There’s not a lot left to like in Big Brother season 19.

If you happened to be a fan of Jason or the Alex and Jason (“Jalex”) team, perhaps because they seem to have a semblance of strategy or maybe because they aren’t Paul, we have some bad news for you. Last night, the live feeds picked up Jason joking (?) about raping Kevin’s wife with his daughters tied up if Kevin were to ever betray him in the game.

In the scene, Alex, Paul and Jason are sitting together, discussing Kevin’s recent words and actions. (Apparently, Kevin is concerned about being a target and the way Jason and Alex do exactly what Paul says — not bad concerns.) It escalates as the three discuss what would happen if Kevin were to win HOH and what Jason would do if Kevin put any combination of the three (Alex, Paul or Jason) up for nomination. It begins with Alex listing “every name in the book” and ends with Jason saying he’d tell Jason, “I’d f— your wife when I get out of here. I’m going to tie up all your daughters and make them f—ing watch.”

Jason laughs the hardest at his own “joke” and then continues to jokingly ask, “where’s the line?” Unfortunately, on this show, the line is nearly nonexistent. If you want to watch the clip for yourself, you can do that below.

This isn’t the first time scandal has hit the show unbeknownst to the houseguests. Previously, Paul joked about wearing blackface to intimidate Dominique Cooper and there was a whole mess of assault and racism accusations surrounding Megan’s departure. This isn’t even the first time Jason has made a rape joke, once saying Raven down while “you guys take turns” — which was apparently in reference to the plan to use a backdoor strategy on her in the game. And don’t forget Cody’s transphobic remarks either.

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It’s pretty awful. Obviously, houseguests are going to get mean and petty, that’s part of the fun of the show. But there’s a way to do that without descending into this mess.