The Sinner season 1, episode 6 recap: Taking a trip


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Jessica Biel continues to put on a great performance in this week’s episode of The Sinner.

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In this week’s episode of The Sinner, Mason stumbles upon J.D.’s body as he enters the house with a gun. Even in this quick scene, we see a lot of who Mason is as a person. As soon as he hears the baby crying, he dials 9-1-1 and leaves to ditch the gun. He’s smart enough to cover his tracks but not so upset with J.D. that he’d let the kid suffer and wait for someone else to find the body.

Jessica Biel continues to shine in her role as Cora Tannetti. She’s practically playing two different people with her present day self and herself in the flashbacks. In the flashbacks, Cora is seeing J.D. and Maddie’s jealousy shines through. J.D. also points out to Cora that her sister just wants her life. He makes a great point. Phoebe asks about Cora’s life, but never really asks how she’s feeling about any of it. She practically begs Cora to show her how J.D. kisses her, where he touches her, and what he says as if it’s not creepy to have your sister do that at all.

Detective Ambrose’s spiral downward continues to the point where he’s at his wife’s house just to fertilize trees. He tells Cora that he “hit a wall” and that’s a bit of an understatement. However, he pulls himself together just enough to get Cora out of jail for two hours to go visit the Beverwyck Club. They take a little detour to her parent’s house. Cora’s perceptiveness leads her to ask Ambrose about his problems with his wife. She then thinks they missed something at the club and wants to go back.

Photo Credit: The Sinner/USA Image Acquired from NBC Media Village

Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman don’t have on-screen chemistry in the way you typically think. It’s not something that makes you feel like they’ll end up together in the end. Instead, it feels like something closer to a father/daughter relationship. To end the episode, the two go back to the club and Ambrose apparently trusts Cora enough to remove her handcuffs. She wanders, giving Ambrose (and the audience) a brief moment of panic. The episode ends with her starting to remember more.

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With two episodes left, this show is finally getting closer to having Cora remember what exactly happened. However, there’s still little mention of Frankie, except for when Detective Farmer brings him up. There’s still more to find out and I hope these last two episodes continue to present new facts to us in an interesting way.

The Sinner airs Wednesday nights on the USA Network. Be sure to tune in!