Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 premiere recap: Jake attempts to join ISIS and Rosa has a list


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It was a happy moment last night as Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 officially got underway with its premiere episode airing last night.

As expected, sSeason 5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine started off almost exactly where Season 4 ended. Detective Jake Peralta and Detective Rosa Diaz are still behind bars, framed for masterminding a string of bank robberies that were actually committed by their hero cop, Lt. Hawkins.

So now Jake and Rosa are trying to adjust and cope with their new surroundings while the rest of the Nine-Nine are desperately trying to exonerate them and put Hawkins behind bars.

Boyle is dreaming, again.

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The show got things started with Boyle dreaming over Jake being released from prison.

However, this was no simple dream. Boyle was eating a stick of butter, due to the stress over Jake’s incarceration, Terry is trying to give everyone a pep talk only for it to be far less than effective as Hitchcock and Scully are a bit confused on what is going on as they seem to be unaware of their colleague’s situation.

While all this is going on Jake suddenly appears to the delight of Boyle who then receives most of Jake’s attention, despite his girlfriend Amy standing right next to him.

Jake then explains how Hawkins is on the run and he has been released, Captain Holt then shows up to inform him that the Mayor has called to apologise and that due to everything that happened he can take one male friend to Disneyland, cue Boyles delight as the entire bullpen start chanting his name as he is chosen to go.

That’s as far as the dream goes as Boyle is then woken by Terry asking him if he were dreaming of Jake again to which Boyle gets really angry as he wants to keep dreaming.

All that in the first 30 seconds.

Jake, a.k.a ‘Beef Baby’

Jake is sporting a lovely new ‘prison beard’. We meet his new cellmate and ‘friend’ Caleb who turns out to be in prison for cannibalism.

Jake is fairly positive and in a good mood as it is visiting day in the prison and he can’t wait to see both Amy and Charles. When they finally meet Jake and Amy embrace in a warming hug only for them to be told to stop hugging and sit down to the annoyance of Boyle who accuses Amy of stealing all the ‘touching time’ and demands to have it all at the end.

They then start discussing the case only for Jake to learn that they are no further forward on this at all as Hawkins has covered her tracks very well.

All of a sudden, with only ten minutes into visiting time an incident occurs creating a ‘lockdown’ and an early ending to visiting an hour. This upsets Jake greatly as he is marched back to his cell but it is Boyle who is more depressed as it means he gets no ‘touching time’ at all now.

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This incident turns Jake to take drastic steps, he enlists the help and wisdom of Caleb the Cannibal to help him get a phone. Caleb puts him in touch with an inmate called Romero, a gang leader and smuggler in the Gen Pop vicinity of the prison.

Jake and Romero agree on a standard prison rate fee for the phone of one hundred Picante beef-flavoured ramen soups, because that is what prison currency is now. Jake, with the aid of Boyle, manage to get this acquired amount, along with a little extra for himself and succeeds in acquiring a phone so he can talk to the outside world.

After that, however, everything goes wrong for Jake.

The warden discovers that he has brought contraband, a.k.a ramen soup, into the prison. This results in him and Caleb being transferred from protective custody to Gen Pop. Caleb, who is initially scared of this transfer, quickly learns that everyone hates Jake more than him.

This new turn of events leads Jake to try and get himself some protection, which means he has to join a gang. He seeks them out and conducts an interview-style presentation to try and win them over, he even interviews for a gang named ISIS.

However, he is not too successful and in his last-ditch attempt seeks out Romero again to join his gang. Thankfully, due to Jake giving some fine culinary advice on how to eat ramen soup earlier, he is accepted, but only if he kills a prison guard by the name of Wilson.

Jake convinces him to only get him fired and that is all that needs to be done which they agree on and give him the nickname, ‘Beef Baby’.

‘Beef Baby’ then enlists the help of Caleb to get Wilson fired. With the use of the contraband phone, Caleb videos Wilson beating up ‘Beef Baby’. Once again the Warden catches them in the act. He comes clean to the Warden on what he was trying to do only for the warden to agree to fire Wilson but only if he snitches for the warden.

Of course, Jake has no other real choice and agrees to this. Wilson is then fired and Jake is accepted into Romero’s gang, but in the last moments of the episode, Romero gives him a stern warning.

“I know you used to be a cop,” he says. “If you screw me over, I will cut your testicles off and watch you bleed to death in the dirt.”

It’s not a great start for Jake/’Beef Baby’ this season, hopefully, the Nine-Nine can get him free as soon as possible.


Rosa, however, is having a different experience altogether. She is currently in solitary confinement after initiating a few riots of sorts so as to gain the other prisoners trust.

Captain Holt and Terry are frequent visitors who, in their own way, are concerned for her. Holt is scared she will become a victim of the prison dehumanization process and forget who she is so repeatedly repeats her name, Rosa, every other word.

Photo Credit: Brooklyn 99/Fox, Image Acquired from FoxFlash

Terry, on the other hand, doesn’t want to get all emotional and upset her so has a permanent smile stuck on his face making him look like he is in desperate need of the bathroom.

They both offer to help her as much as possible on the outside. This leads to Rosa providing them with a huge list of tasks including moving her furniture to storage, filing her taxes, Terry riding her motorbike and e-mailing love letters to Pimento.

This goes on for quite some time with the list getting bigger and crazier with both Holt and Terry unable to say no until after they were giving what appeared to be the easiest and simplest of tasks, cancelling her cable.

This led to a really great scene of both Holt and Terry attempting to cancel her cable for more than 6 hours only for them to end up upgrading her package and locking her in for another 2 years.

In the end, Rosa is just messing with them really and wanted to see how much they would actually do for her.

She reveals that she is truly scared, lonely and wants to get out of prison and return to normal life as soon as possible.

The rest of the Nine-Nine

Other highlights from the rest of the Nine-Nine included.

  • Boyle has dyed his hair, it is no longer white but something else entirely. (It’s not easy to describe.)

Photo Credit: Brooklyn 99/Fox, Image Acquired from FoxFlash

  • Gina is off on maternity with Boyles cousin’s baby.
  • Hitchcock visited Rosas prison, but not to visit Rosa, he has a lady friend who likes to rub up against the dividing glass.
  • Hawkins didn’t feature but no doubt she will appear at some point.
  • Caleb the cannibal is actually a cowardly cannibal who eats mainly small children and that he doesn’t feel like this should define him but what should define him is his woodwork skills.
  • Amy may be becoming more attracted to Jake as prison life has encouraged him to take up reading books, by actual authors.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be back next Tuesday, October 3 at 9:30/8:30c on Fox