Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 5, episode 2 recap: Prison Break sees Jake and Rosa escape


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The Nine-Nine are back, all of them, and it’s all thanks to one person you would never have thought of.

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After coming off the back of a pretty solid premiere episode, the Nine-Nine returned this week on Fox and dived straight back into Jake and life inside the big house. The show opened up with Jake surrounded by his new gang, as he told them a “true and totally not made up” story about himself. It was actually a complete rip off from a movie he had watched.

Things get heated pretty quick however, as the guards call it time and Jake is not happy about this as he hasn’t finished his lemon cookie. He decides to spit it all over a guard in protest all for it to lead to him being dragged off to solitary, while the rest of the prisoners chant his name.

This is all nothing but a cover though, as it’s a way for Jake to secretly meet with the warden. Oh yeah, if you missed the premiere episode Jake is a working as a secret double agent for the warden and is reporting on his gang leader Romero’s dealings and Jake lets the warden know when and where a new shipment of goods is coming in.

The warden thanks Jake for his work and informs him he will see Jake in five days when he gets released in solitary; after all, he spit lemon cookie in the guard’s face.

Jake the Snitch

Jake survives his time in the hole, which was no big deal. It just involved going slightly crazy and performing a solo act of The Lion King, creating a mashed potato Amy, whose potato boob would keep falling off, and a few other nervous breakdowns. Again it’s no big deal to learn that the warden is not happy with Jake’s information, as it led to nothing but soap and other toiletries.

The warden wants to know about Romero’s shipment of Blizz, the prison drug that has taken over and if Jake doesn’t come up with the goods he will tell everyone that he is nothing but a snitch.

Jake is not exactly in a great position, so he turns to his one true friend in prison for advice, Caleb the cannibal. They agree that if Jake learns where the drugs are and tells the warden, Romero will know he is a snitch and will get castrated and killed. If he doesn’t find the drugs, the warden will tell everyone he is a snitch and he will end up castrated and killed.

So not very good options.

However, Caleb comes to the rescue while discussing his past of eating 9 ½ people, giving Jake a light bulb moment; stick to what you are good at, which in this case is being a detective. Jake decides to work the case and find the drugs himself.

Jake then starts to tail Romero on his activities with Caleb for support. Caleb can’t help but notice it’s a lot like being at summer camp with the endless waiting and watching; how a cannibal ended up as a camp councillor baffles Jake.

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They eventually get a breakthrough when they notice Romero goes into the showers for the second time that day. Jake finds this pretty odd as no one likes prison showers and it is the most stressful thing about prison.

So they both investigate the showers later and discover a melon baller; bit of a strange thing to have until Jake clicks that this is what Romero uses to make the Bliss balls and that the reason he uses the showers is not just because there are no cameras in the shower but also because the soap is the drug.

The drug is made to look like bars of soap, smuggled in and then turned into Blizz balls with a melon baller.

Jake is super excited as he cracked the case and no one will find out he is a snitch now. There is only one problem, he rubbed the soap all over his body and is ridiculously high now. This makes it difficult for him to tell the warden what he has learned but he manages in the end and all looks good until Romero decides he can trust Jake and tells him about his drug operation.

Definitely not good for Jake as once the Warden starts rounding up all the drugs Romero goes after Jake. In a shocking twist, however, Caleb saves the day by taking the knife to the stomach and saving Jake, for now anyway.

So it looks like all Caleb did was postpone the inevitable, that was until the warden appeared to release him, as the Nine-Nine had arrested Lt. Hawkins. Jake both amazed and confused happily leaves but not before he thanks, Caleb for what he did.

The show cuts to the Nine-Nine’s favorite drinking hole where they are all finally reunited together again.

A shocking twist sees Jake and Rosa be freed

While this all played out the rest of the Nine-Nine were still desperately trying to prove that it was Lt. Hawkins that was the criminal mastermind and get Jake and Rosa exonerated.

Things had certainly not been going to plan so far but an unlikely ally with important information could be the key to what they needed to crack this case. While reorganizing the library, because sane people do this you know, Amy is approached by criminal crime boss Seamus Murphy, played by former Prison Break star Paul Adelstein.

Murphy offers Amy information that could see both Jake and Rosa released in exchange for a favour. This information relates to Lt. Hawkins moving a huge shipment of diamonds in a few days time that can prove that she is the one who has been behind these crimes all along.

Amy takes this offer back to the rest of the Nine-Nine, who are concerned on what accepting this offer could mean for Amy and her career. They decide to work the case on the new information of the diamond movement and try to solve it themselves.

To do this they need access to Lt. Hawkins phone as she uses Snapchat to coordinate her movements and relay messages. Somehow, and nobody wants to ask why Scully is aware of exactly how Snapchat works and what they need to do in order to get access.

But in order to do so, a distraction is required. Rosa then steps in and calls Hawkins to prison to talk, while this goes on Captain Holt distracts a security guard with his entertaining tale of his female lover all while Amy and Boyle break into Hawkins car, steals her phone, and installs a mirror app to spy on her.

All goes well and they get the breakthrough they need, as Hawkins sends a message of time and place for pick up. They stage a sting op and everything goes to plan but sadly it’s all for nothing, Hawkins is one step ahead again and Jake and Rosa are still behind bars.

Things start to get pretty desperate back in the bullpen. Amy starts to consider contacting Murphy for the information, despite the advice of everyone else but it is Captain Holt and his knowledge of pigs who saves the day when we realise that one of Hawkins henchman has pigs; pigs that are far too big and are being force-fed when they are already fit for slaughter. The reason, Hawkins is using the pigs to smuggle the diamonds.

Holt’s suspicion turns out to be right and they recover the diamonds. Hawkins man confesses, Hawkins is arrested and Jake and Rosa are freed.

A happy ending in the end for the Nine-Nine, who celebrate back at the bar, but in last second twist we learn that Holt has been keeping a pretty big secret. He owes Murphy. We find out in the last few seconds of the episode that Holt contacted Murphy for the information he had, which led to the pigs and ultimately led to Jake and Rosa being freed, meaning Holt is now in a criminal bosses debt.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns next Tuesday, Oct. 10, at 9:30/8:30c on Fox. 

What did you think of the episode? Are you happy that Jake and Rossa are free and what do you think Murphy will demand from Holt?