Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 5, episode 3 recap: The Nine-Nine are back, finally!!!


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It was an amazing week for the Nine-Nine, as they were all finally back together as one.

After what felt like an improbability, the Nine-Nine were finally together as one again. Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Detective Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) were exonerated and freed from jail and reinstated in this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

While this was certainly cause for celebration, it wasn’t without its drawbacks. Both Jake and Rosa were unable to just jump straight back into things again as if nothing had happened. This week was focused around the two detectives and them adjusting back into normal life.

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The episode was essentially split into two separate mini-stories. Jake’s story was accompanied with Detective Charles Boyle (Jo Lo Truglio) and Captain Holt (Andre Braugher), while Rosa’s was accompanied mainly with Detective Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) and Sgt Terry Jeffers (Terry Jeffords).

But, before we get into the main storyline this week, let’s take a quick peek at the standard tradition of Brooklyn Nine-Nine of the always funny opening scene, which has nothing to do with the plot.

Opening Act

The opening act kicks off with Jake paying for takeout that has just been delivered. Everyone starts to wonder what he has ordered. He starts to explain to the whole precinct that while in prison the food was terrible and that  he thought of nothing but the foods that he missed.

He invites everyone into the briefing room where he has gathered together all the food that he missed for a special buffet. Pizza, cheeseburgers, turkey dinner and brisket covered the table, as he had everyone gather round. He then raised a toast with 2-liter bottles of pop as he gives a tear-jerking speak to everyone.

Sadly Jake ends the speak trying to make it look like he totally forgot about his girlfriend Amy so quickly mentioned having sex with her at the end of his speech, only forever one to chant, “Sex with Amy!”

Jake’s story

So despite Jake being freed from his ordeal in prison, he is unable to resume active duty straight away. He is confined to desk duty, which infuriates him as he wants to get back to solving the crime.

With the aid of Boyle, they discover there is a workaround to this and if Jake can pass an evaluation test then he can get off desk duty. There are some drawbacks however. Captain Holt is the one who must evaluate him and if he fails he will be suspended. This isn’t something Holt wants to see happen.

Nevertheless Jake, and with the moral support of Boyle, take on the challenge and they start to investigate a case where a show sneaker store had been robbed.

There isn’t much to go and it’s not a great start for Jake at first but they soon get a break in the case. Jake spots on some CCTV footage of a queue forming outside of the store on the night in question. Although this line would gradually move, the blue pop up tent that was part of it did not.

That was because they were not interested in the moving down the line, but keeping that exact spot. It covered a manhole cover, which enabled the thief to break into the storage room of the sneaker store. Holt points out that they may have figured out how the thief did it but not who. There is just no pleasing the man.

Jake does eventually manage to track down the thief and when they go to confront him it’s made even easier with the fact that he is wearing a set of the stolen sneakers. He is arrested and charged with the crime and Holt congratulates Jake in passing his assessment.

Boyle is over the moon and Jake is ecstatic and everything looks good for the two partners. But no, Brooklyn Nine-Nine did not make it that straightforward. That would be a crime!

Jake awakes in the middle of the night with the sudden realization that he has gotten the wrong man and has arrested an innocent person. Jake rushes over to Boyle’s apartment to get his help, only for Boyle to answer the door completely naked.

They discuss what Jake has done and that if Holt finds out he will fail the evaluation and be suspended. The two hatch a plan by putting out an advert to buy some of the stolen shoes on the dark web. They get a hit and go undercover, dressed in some pretty questionable kit to find their man.

The sting goes down only for the man in question to do a runner. They quickly catch up with him and he confesses pretty quickly to everything that happened and to Boyle’s delight it turns out that the original man they arrested is the actual thief.

Pity Jake released him earlier that day.

They both come clean to Holt. who is not exactly pleased with either of them. He now has no choice but to suspend Jake.

In a surprising twist, Jake actually agrees and accepts what Holt says. He reveals that his time in prison has actually affected him more than he thought; that because he was imprisoned for something that he didn’t do he has become ineffective at his job and that is why he doubted himself and freed the thief. He hands over his gun and badge with no regrets.

As the episode draws to a close Holt comes over to see Jake, who is packing his things. Holt informs Jake that they managed to catch the thief because of Jake’s details on him, including known alliances, hideouts etc.

Holt goes on to explain that because Jake had this revelation on his time in prison Holt is not going to suspend him. In fact Jake passes his evaluation. Jake questioning the arrest makes him more of an effective detective.

Rosa’s story

Rosa’s story couldn’t be any more different from Jake. She too has been confined to desk duty, but instead of trying to get out of it she has just gotten on with it.

But Rosa had much more to deal with this week as her boyfriend Pimento is back from Argentina and she suspects that he is cheating on her. She recruits both Amy and Terry to help her out. Terry is more than happy to help, as he has his own experience with being cheated on by a former Japanese girlfriend.

Rosa discovers receipts to a fancy restaurant that Pimento has been going to with whoever he has been meeting. She decides on a stakeout, but she needs equipment first. Amy and Terry are unable to lend her any kit as it’s against regulations, but Hitchcock is there to save the day. He has his own stash of spy gear to lend out; we won’t ask why he has so much gear.

So she starts tailing Pimento on his movements. Everything seems normal at first (think sword fighting, boxing and hopscotch) but her patience pays off and she witnesses him meeting another woman outside the restaurant.

At this point, Pimento might want to run, just as Amy and Terry did when they saw her with the whopping big knife. She confronts him and he comes clean. He has been learning Spanish secretly so he could impress her father.

It’s not the answer Rosa thought she was about to get and it made her realise that she actually wanted a reason to leave Pimento; that him not cheating on her was worse than him actually cheating because she then had no reason to break up with him.

With the help of Amy’s awesome advice;

"“You know what to do.”"

Rosa decides to call it off with Pimento and a touching exchange of blood being returned they break up on the Nine-Nine balcony. Pimento decides to stay outside for a few moments to gather his thoughts, so Rosa head inside.

Rosa tells Amy and Terry that it went okay, at which point Pimento slams up against the window in tears sobbing uncontrollably. It went much better than expected.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be back on Tuesday, Oct. 17 at 9:30/8:30c on FOX.