Brooklyn Nine-Nine recap: Jake becomes Ofamy in Halloween Heist, part V.


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The Nine-Nine’s traditional Halloween heists featured The Handmaids Tale, pyramid schemes and a romantic gesture.

If you need a reason to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine then the Halloween heist is the perfect one. The traditional event started way back in Season 1 and is still going strong to this day.

What started as a Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) vs Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) type event has now become an entire Nine-Nine squad event.

This year saw the whole precinct competing for the first time and the object to steal was a super awesome cummberbund/belt.

They had until midnight to steal it and the one who succeeded would be crowned the winner and the ultimate detective/genius.

The game begins

Jake hangs the cummberbund/belt from the ceiling in the middle of the precinct for all to see. Everyone has a full view of it meaning any attempt to steal it is futile.

That is until the lights go out. The precinct suffers a sudden and completely shocking, non-related blackout.

Everyone panics and grabs whatever they can (we’ll let your imagination fill in the blanks).

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The lights come back on and even more shocking non-related incident has happened.  The cummberbund/belt has vanished. Suddenly the computer monitors turn on, where they are greeted by a werewolf mask-wearing Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti). She claims responsibility for stealing the cummberbund/belt.

Everyone disperses to try and steal it back, well except for Sgt Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews) who is refusing to play. Jake and Detective Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) head out and meet in a room where they are joined by Boyle’s cousin. We then learn that it was the combined effort of Jake, Boyle and Boyle’s cousin behind the blackout and disappearance of the belt. Gina is not involved in any way and it was Boyle’s cousin pretending to be Gina.

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Jake starts to gloat at his master plan and basks in his own glory when he is suddenly betrayed by Boyle who handcuffs him to a metal filing cabinet. In walks Detective Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) and Terry. The three had been working together all along against Jake. In fact, they had masterminded this whole plan since the last Halloween Heist, one year ago.

They leave with the cummberbund/belt, with Jake handcuffed with only Boyle’s cousin for company. The three of them then hide the cummberbund/belt beneath a computer server, which only Terry can lift. They then leave and believe they will now win; that all they have to do is wait.

Holt and Amy fight back

While Boyle, Rosa and Terry are now confident that they have won, both Holt and Detective Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) are working on their own master plan. Holt inconspicuously looks like he is doing nothing and is just working at his desk. But, he has rigged a pulley system beneath his desk so that he can lift up the server only Terry can lift. Holt’s well-trained dog, Cheddar, retrieves the cummberbund/belt and brings it to him. But, someone has already beaten him to it and the item that Cheddar brings is not what Holt sought after.

Even worse, this dog is not Cheddar. Someone has stolen the real Cheddar. Needless to say Holt is filled with rage and threatens to neuter the one responsible for stealing his dog.

By this point, Jake has become free by agreeing to invest in Boyle’s cousin’s pyramid scheme involving health supplements. He watched the entire scene playout from the security cameras and realized that Amy is the dog snatcher. She had switched Holt’s dog with a fake and has the cummberbund/belt locked in her safe under her desk.

As time begins to run out smoke begins to come from the break room. Everyone begins to panic when handmaidens from Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaids Tale come marching out dressed in full handmaiden outfits and begin circling Amy’s desk.

Amy sees right through this plan however and reveals Jake, or should we say Ofamy, as the mastermind behind this little stunt. She goes to check the safe knowing that Jake would have attempted to break into it. But the safe is empty; someone has already broken into it. Once again the chase is on as everyone goes their separate way in search of the cummberbund/belt.

A shocking twist

Jake heads to the evidence room but Amy has already beaten him to it. She worked out exactly what Jake’s plan was and headed straight to where the cummberbund/belt would have been hidden. She discovers its exact hiding place thanks to dust patterns not being the same on one box compared to all the rest.

But Jake looks anything but disappointed and he tells her to read what the engraving says on it.

"“Amy Santiago will you marry me?”"

Amy turns around to see Jake down on one knee and making the funniest proposal ever to Amy.

"“I love your butt…….how you pretend to like Die-Hard…..will you marry me”."

She says yes and they embrace in a warm hug. Boyle then walks in on them and realizes what has happened. The emotion is too much for him and faints.

The Halloween Heist comes to an end and the Nine-Nine meet for drinks. Toasts are given by everyone to Jake and Amy, congratulating them on their engagement.

The best toast award goes to Holt however as he congratulated them and pointing out that no one won the Halloween Heist at the same time since the cummberbund/belt had been changed and was no longer the real one.

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