Bob’s Burgers: The Wolf of Wharf Street is more trick than treat


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Halloween comes a little early for Bob’s Burgers with the kids trick-or-treating with Linda while things with Teddy and Bob get a little hairy.

After a much-anticipated wait, Bob’s Burgers airs its first holiday episode of Season 8. A little bit before Halloween, but this week promises to bring big things. As per usual, there’s the high standard the show has set for itself so let’s see if “The Wolf of Wharf Street” lives up.

If you haven’t watched the Wolf of Wharf Street, there will be spoilers from this week’s Bob’s Burgers

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This week’s episode features the main plot of Linda and the kids, looking for a wolf in town while Teddy takes care of an injured Bob who believes he’s a werewolf. This episode is rare as those plots get an equal amount of attention, but let’s focus on Linda and the kids first.

This week’s episode starts with Olsen Benner, sharing the story about an alleged wolf attacking the town. Linda comes in, dressed up and announces she’s taking the kids trick-or-treating. As for Bob, he’s stuck inside with Teddy because he hurt his knee.

The kids come out in their costumes with Gene dressed up as handsome grapes, Louise is the guy from No Country for Old Men and Tina is a Mombie. Linda goes with the kids to protect them from the wolf much to their dismay. Unfortunately, no one is giving out candy so they decide to go look for the wolf.

They start to head home until they hear a howl. They walk around the park and find what they think is wolf poop. The kids and Linda hear rustling behind a bush and come to find out it’s Randy Watkins, the movie director. Randy and the kids agree to help him even though Linda doesn’t want to.

They hear a noise from a cave and decide to investigate, coming face-to-face with it. Linda goes to fight it and it’s not a wolf, just the alpaca. At the end of the episode, the kids admit they actually had fun with Linda.

Photo Credit: Bob’s Burgers/Fox, Acquired From Fox Flash

While the kids are out trick or treating, Teddy comes over to take care of Bob. It starts off good until Teddy tries to feed Bob while they’re watching a movie and Bob notices a bite on his arm. Bob asks for another pill and Teddy gives him one. The pills start to make Bob hallucinate that Teddy’s a werewolf and he handcuffs Teddy to the coffee table.

Bob tries to run away, but Teddy comes outside with the coffee table. Bob runs into the park and comes face-to-face with the wolf. Bob tries to convince the family, but no one believes him.

Personally, this episode was a miss for me. As much as I loved their holiday episode, something about this one felt off. I would have liked to see the kids and Linda fight off the wolf or have the whole family do it together.

The episode wasn’t terrible, though. I loved the kids’ costumes and the plot with Bob and Teddy. It was a great callback to the Thanksgiving episode where Bob had side effects after taking medicine. With such a high bar set already, there’s no way each episode could be as good as the last.

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The Wolf of Wharf Street was a good but not great episode of Bob’s Burgers. It might just be a fluke, but it sets the bar even higher for future holiday episodes. The one mainstay was the jokes sprinkled throughout, an homage to how much writing can make an episode.

I give “The Wolf of Wharf Street” a C.

Bob’s Burgers airs Sundays on Fox at 7:30/6:30c.