Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 5, episode 6 recap: The Venue


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Jake and Amy want their Nups to be Toit but an old foe ‘swoops’ in and gets in the way.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returned last night with Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Detective Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) trying to organise their big day. Meanwhile, Detective Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) faced his arch nemesis and Sgt Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews) tried to please everyone in Season 5, Episode 6, “The Venue.”

Before any of that happened though it all gets started with Jake and Detective Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) showing off their amazing talent that they have been doing since the academy. Throwing mini doughnuts into Jake’s mouth.

Nups will be Toit

Due to some poor couples’ horrible tragedy, Jake and Amy managed to score a last-minute cancellation at an exclusive wedding venue which normally has a waiting list of several years.

The two start planning everything out and visit several wedding vendors to make sure that their ‘Nups will be Toit’. This includes a bouquet of flowers wrapped using crossword puzzles, a drink created and named after them and a cake designed to look like the Nakatomi Plaza tower from Diehard, including a replica of Hans Gruber falling from the building.

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Can these two be any cuter?

Unfortunately, disaster hits the happy couple and that magical venue they managed to secure has pulled the rug from under their feet. Someone else has swooped in and booked it.

Jake and Amy are not happy with the news but are even more livid when they realise who has swooped in and stole it from them. The Vulture (Dean Winters), the famed arrogant detective who swoops in and steals cases from others to steal all of the credit is back.

The Vulture is getting married and wants to make his fiancée the happiest girl alive which is why he swooped in and stole the venue for our happy Nine-Nine couple. They are not buying this in any way. Anyone willing to marry The Vulture must be the spawn of Satan.

They plan to confront her and get their venue back. They track her down only to learn that she is actually a saint. She runs a charity center providing much-needed food and aid to third world countries ravaged by war.

So it’s back to the drawing board on the wedding planning. Amy manages to find another venue on the same day but it’s not the same year. Jake manages to secure his deposit back from the photographer but only if Amy hangs out with him. It’s not going well.

They realize they have no choice. They need to get that venue back. They do some digging on The Vulture, they still don’t believe he has turned good and that something is going on. That’s when they discover his fiancée is super rich and he must be after her money. They then realize, with the aid of Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker), that he is cheating on her with the use of a dating app.

And just like that Jake and Amy put on their savior hats. They must save this poor girl from The Vulture and break them up. And just by chance get the venue for the wedding back…

They set up fake profiles on the dating site and contact him. Floods of penis pictures then fill their inbox. He has taken the bait, they set up a date and confront him.

An ultimatum is then given: Tell her the truth and break it off or we give her all the information. The Vulture refuses, he pleads with the both, tries in vain to convince them that he does truly love her but he is just weak.

He offers the venue. He will give them it if they keep quiet and act cool. They agree to it just as the fiancée sits down to join them. Both Jake and Amy remain cool for a whole ten seconds before her niceness breaks Amy.

She can’t lie to this wonderful lady. She shows her the penis photos, which were very confusing as Amy probably should have told her what she was doing first before showing them.

The Vulture gets exactly what he deserves. Jake and Amy sadly don’t get the venue back but the pair is ok with it as they happily carry each other in a dumpster.

Charles searches for Peanut Butter

Sgt Peanut Butter has gone missing. The famous NYPD horse (and Charles’ arch nemesis) is suspected of being abducted by a former NYPD cop who was recently let go.

Boyle is tasked with finding him, which he is not pleased about. The two have a history after Peanut Butter stole all the glory from Charles as they were each award the Medal of Valor. The ever-professional Boyle sets out to locate him with the aid of Rosa.

It doesn’t take them very long to find Peanut Butter along with the disgruntled ex-cop in an abandoned warehouse. In his attempt to escape he sets the place on fire. Rosa chases after the suspect while Boyle tries to save Peanut Butter.

Unfortunately, Peanut Butter refuses to move and once he does get her going he ends up being dragged out of the warehouse himself. Once again humiliation for Boyle.

It gets worse though as someone caught it on film and leaked it to the press. News stories are running everywhere that a police horse saved a Buffon. Charles tries to set the record straight that he saved the horse but it is good PR for the force so they won’t change it.

It is just one big nightmare for Boyle. Thankfully one press site did manage to get the real news story out there though. Someone, *cough cough Diaz*, leaked the true story at least one news outlet got it right.

Terry loves to be loved

Terry loves to be loved. He loves talking about himself and does it repeatedly in third person.

Unfortunately, that lands him with a bit of bother this week. While talking about himself another officer thinks he is talking about her. It’s understandable really. She is also called Terry and our Terry likes talking in the third person, so sounds it would sound like he was talking about her.

Terry manages to smooth it all over but it leaves him in an uncomfortable place. She doesn’t like him. Terry likes being liked. He goes out of his way to please others, something Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) picks up on.

He tries to convince Terry to not let it bother him and to stop being so image conscious. Terry tries and he succeeds, for a whole two seconds.

Terry then desperately tries to win the affection of this officer. He plans a mini party. Unsure of what ice cream she would like he orders over 100 different flavors, gets yogurt in case she doesn’t like ice cream and other foods including tacos and vegan options.

It’s getting out of hand and Holt convinces Terry of the hard truth; that not everyone will love you and like you and that is okay; that he wasn’t popular in his youth and is now a police captain; that the popular kid in school is only a sociologist. A sociologist!

Once again Captain Holt is the true teacher and master of wisdom in the Nine-Nine.

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