Brooklyn Nine-Nine recap: Holt’s poker tell saves his life


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When Jake, Terry, and Holt go undercover at a casino, Amy and Charles bond over a new food truck business that goes murderously wrong.

After being pushed back a couple weeks as a result of the World Series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was back with it’s the newest episode “Bad Beat.” In this episode, Jake and Terry go undercover to track down an arms dealer, resurfacing Captain Holt’s gambling addiction. Charles and Amy buy a food van with a shady past and Diaz, Hitchcock and Scully compete against one another.

Before any of that got underway Jake (Andy Samberg) popped another very important question. In the last episode, Jake got down on one knee and popped the question to Amy (Melissa Fumero). “Bad Beat” opened with Jake popping another question to Charles (Joe Lo Truglio).

Of course, they couldn’t help but toy with Boyle. Jake asks him to speak alone in the briefing room which makes Boyle get very excited as he thinks he is going to be asked to be best man.  Everyone keeps telling him that is not what is happening and when alone Jake asks to swap shifts. Of course, Charles, looking disappointed, says yes and walks out of the room only to be greeted with confetti, banners and cheers from everyone asking him to be Jake’s best man. I can’t help but think Charles got the better proposal.

Jake and Terry have to deal with Holt

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In pursuit of an arms dealer, Jake and Terry (Terry Crews) speak to Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) about going undercover in a gambling club. Holt considers the plan but is worried they may not be very good at cards. He tests their skills against his own. Holt himself is an exceptionally good and experienced player as a result of his gambling addiction.

Neither Jake nor Terry are any good at poker. Jake doesn’t even know the terminology while Terry has a very obvious tell. The only person good enough is Holt but he won’t do it because of his previous addiction.

Jake does have a unique solution to their problem though. He opts to go himself and wear video surveillance equipment and Holt can tell him what to do. That way Holt is technically not gambling and it won’t affect his addiction. Holt agrees and the mission is a go.

Things don’t start too well. Jake loses it all on the first hand but Holt is confident that the odds of this ever happening are so slim he fronts up to his own cash. Everything goes well from that point on with Jake cleaning up the house and getting invited to the VIP table where their target will be.

Unfortunately, their master plan has backfired. Holt has relapsed and is betting on anything and everything. They cut his internet off to try and stop him but this has no success what so ever. They threaten to tell his husband and that seems to do the trick. Jake and Terry pull him off the case so he can recover and they go it alone.

VIP night has arrived and Jake has his target in sight. But just as he is about to get going, a familiar sound rings out across the floor. Holt is gambling and is now officially a liability. Jake excuses himself and he, along with Terry, confronts Holt in the bathroom.

Holt makes the savage point that it is his own time. He is not a cop right now and can do what he wants. Jake and Terry are not too pleased with this but leave him be as they still have a job to do. Unbeknown to them a pooper was lurking. As soon as Holt is alone, an associate of the arms dealer exits one of the stalls and outs a gun in Holt’s back.

He is now in a dangerous position as he is forced into a limo along with the arms dealer. They drive out of town and Holt attempts to talk them down but it looks like this could be the end as they plan to kill him and dump his body in the river.

But, Jake and Terry to the rescue. They tracked Holt via his mobile and rescued Holt and arrested their arms dealer. How did they know he needed saving? Holt’s tell is the use of contractions and during a phone call with Jake in the limo Holt used a double contraction.

Amy and Charles investing in the food industry

Charles has always been known for food. He has his own blog and regularly acts as a food critic along with making his own dishes. He is going to the next level by starting his own food van business with Amy being a chief investor.

Their van, however, has a bit of a dodgy past. Charles bought it from an NYPD auction house and it turns out that this van was involved in a string of murders. Victims had actually been cut up and dismembered inside of it. They even found a knee in the fryer.

This makes Amy start panicking but Charles is as cool as day. In fact, he wants to call it the murder van. It gets even worse as Charles tries to put Amy’s mind at ease by showing her the van but when they get there it has been completely trashed with all the contents being thrown out. Shame Charles didn’t get the insurance to be valid until the next day.

Turns out the previous owners had left several kilos of cocaine inside and they had come back to get it. This is a bit of good news officially for Amy as it’s a crime scene again and it means they can get their money back.

This doesn’t help Charles who is just disappointed. It wasn’t about the money for him but the dream and that dream had just slipped away. Amy, in an attempt to put things right, gets the money back and immediately reinvests it back to Charles on the conditions they do not get any murder vans and insurance that is valid on the day of purchase.

Charles’ dream lives on.

Rosa, Hitchcock and Scully compete in the Butt’lympics

Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) and Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) are well-known for being sat on their butts throughout Brooklyn Nine-Nine. You hardly ever see them out their chairs and Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) can’t help but get a few digs in over this.

This prompts them to both challenge her to the Butt’lympics. The rules are simple, both cheeks on the chair at all times and if you come off your out. Toilet breaks are allowed but only for a couple of minutes and at a set time and your chair goes in the stall with you.

Fast forward over 24 hours later and they are all still going. No one has left their seat and it’s taking their toll. Rosa can’t feel her legs anymore and is getting butt cramps while Scully misses his home chair. Hitchcock really wants to go get a hot dog but can’t leave.

They all suddenly have a realisation that they can get that hot dog; that only society is stopping them. They then start wheeling themselves to the hot dog stand outside and get that hot dog.

This moment is the beginning of the end of the Butt’lympics as Scully drops his napkin. Hitchcock reaches for it but ends up coming out of his chair. His time is over. Rosa and Scully then make the decision to come up together and they too leave their own seats.

Rosa is proud of them but Scully starts tipping as he has lost all of his feeling in his legs.

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