Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Return to Skyfire, recap: Boyle gets mummified


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Jake became and elfish like creature, Terry got his muscles out and Rosa became a bounty hunter in Brooklyn Nine-Nine “Return to Skyfire.”

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine “Return to Skyfire” had Jake (Andy Samberg) and Terry (Terry Crews) skipping arm in arm together as they investigated the stolen manuscript from one of their all-time favorite authors. Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) became hooked on a bounty hunter that looks just like her. Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) try to get board certified in forensics but mummifying Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) causes that to be a problem.

Terry learns that the author of his favorite books series, DC Parlov (Fred Melamed) is in town for a convention and has a case for him. Jake is immediately on board as he got hooked on the books while in prison. Rosa mocks the two of them for enjoy the books so much and gets called out and is asked to join them in the investigation.

Holt and Amy have planned to host a forensic course in the precinct with the aim of getting the nine-nine certified so that they can get their own field lab. The only problem is Boyle wants in on the action and he is a bit of a liability.

The case of the missing manuscript

DC Parlov manuscript for his latest book is missing. He believes that his rival author, who both have a bet over the success over their next book, has done it in an attempt to sabotage him. Jake, Terry and Rosa go to visit his rival but before that happens Jake drops Terry into it by mentioning to DC Parlov that he has written his own book.

Terry, looking both embarrassed and angry at Jake for telling his hero, tries to squirm out of it but instead, DC Parlov says that he would be more than happy to read it. Terry gets a bit giddy and excited at the idea of his book being read him.

The case must come first, however, and they check out their latest lead only to find it’s a dead-end straight away. His rivals own manuscript for his book has also been stolen. It’s looking like someone who has a bone to pick with both of these authors which leads them to Miles Morgill, another author.

Both of the victims slept with his wife Jessica so the motive is pretty obvious except Miles is not aware of his wife infidelity. That is until Jake and Terry mention it leading to a very awkward moment between the couple and their son who happens to look nothing like daddy.

Fresh out of leads Jake, Terry and Rosa advise them to pay the ransom. That way they can go undercover and catch the person in the act. Queue a shirtless Terry, an elfish like Jake and Rosa, looking exactly as she normally does but with the addition of welding goggles. The perfect disguises in a fan convention.

As they wait Terry can’t help but take his frustration out on Jake after learning that he found his book terrible and now, because of him, his hero DC Parlov will see how terrible of a writer Terry is and Terry will be embarrassed.

Rosa stops them from arguing and just in time. The mark approaches, dressed exactly like Jake is. The perp snatches the case and makes a break for it. Jake pursues him but can’t make him out anymore. A costume competition has just ended and everyone is dressed in the same elvish costume. Now they know why he chose this particular time.

With the money gone and the criminal still wandering free, it’s not looking good. DC Parlov isn’t too concerned though. Paying the ransom has stopped his book being released and his insurance will cover the loss. Terry looks defeated and leans in to talk but Parlov gets the first word in. I liked your book.

Terry’s grin couldn’t be any bigger and he cant help but rub it into Jake’s’ face. Jake admits that he was wrong and apologizes to Terry. As Terry leaves Jake turns to Rosa. Yeah, Parlov is lying.

Back at the percent Rosa and Jake talk it out. Rosa is not sure that Jake is right on this one. That is until she reads the first line of Terry’s book. Parlov is definitely lying and is up to something, but how do they tell Terry?

Photo Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine/Fox, John P Fleenor Image Acquired from Fox Flash

Just as they are wondering what to do Terry comes in and lays it out for them. He figured it out. He had a gut feeling and investigated it further. Parlov was lying to him, both he and his rival planned it out as a publicity stunt to get more excitement for their story and that they were just buttering Terry up by sending him gifts and telling him his book was good.

Feeling bad, Jake has a heart to heart with Terry over how he will get better at writing. That he may never be a famous author but he will get better. Like his police work. Terry clicks that Jake is right. He was not a good Police officer at first but got better with more practice.

The two, friendship repaired, skip off together arm in arm to read the next book that is conveniently on the laptops that they had just confiscated earlier.

Boyle gets plastered

While Jake, Terry and Rosa were hunting for a manuscript, Holt, Amy and Boyle were hosting a forensic course in the hope to get certified. Boyle being Boyle is a liability. He can often share and talk too much and puts others off.

Holt and Amy try and keep him as quiet as possible but it is not an easy task.That is until plaster moulds of the face are required during the course. They use Boyle as the subject and plaster his entire head making him unable to talk. Unfortunately, due to their haste, they forget to Vaseline his head so now the plaster is stuck, for five days.

It’s an instant fail and board certification is a no longer a possibility. That is of course if they get caught.They hide Boyle in the evidence locker with Hitchcock and Scully as babysitters and conduct the rest of the course without him.

Unfortunately, Hitchcock and Scully had to go really bad and at the same time and while they went Boyle escaped. Walking around the precinct plastered and unable to see it’s a sorry mess that if the forensic doctor finds out they are defiantly not getting that field lab.

Trying desperately to hide Boyle he tells them that he is trying to help in his own way. That he realises how much the certification means to them both. Overcome by this selfless act Holt realises that the lab is not the most important thing in the world.

He brings Boyle back to the course. Board certification is a big no no but Holt and Amy don’t care. They are very happy to listen to Boyle ramble on in his plaster cast head. After all, he is one of the nine-nine.

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