Street Outlaws exclusive: Farmtruck and AZN face off against a familiar face


Photo Credit: Street Outlaws/Discovery Channel Image Acquired from Discovery Channel PR

This Monday, Discovery Channel is staging a mini Street Outlaws and Gold Rush crossover when Farmtruck & AZN challenge Gold Rush’s Tony Beets to a peculiar race!

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As the latest season of Discovery Channel’s hit series Street Outlaws continues this Monday night, Christmas is coming a bit early for fans of the show in the form of a fun, and unexpected, crossover with the network’s hit series Gold Rush. How exactly do the guys from Street Outlaws happen to cross paths with Gold Rush‘s veteran miner Tony Beets? Let’s just say it’s a good think Farmtruck is suck a curious guy!

When we catch up with Farmtruck and AZN in our exclusive sneak peek from tonight’s new episode, the guys get a but turned around which inadvertently has them stumbling upon a peculiar scene: a series of bulldozers lined up ready to race, or at least that’s what Farmtruck is convinced is about to happen. Curious to see if his suspicions are correct, the guys head out into the dirt area where the bulldozers are parked and Farmtruck quickly recognizes the driver of one of the bulldozers as Gold Rush‘s Tony Beets.

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After striking up a conversation, the duo lay down the gantlet and challenge Tony to a race. Never one to back down from a little competition, Tony happily obliges and even gives Farmtruck and AZN the chance to get behind the controls of the dozers they’ll be racing in order to get a feel for the machine’s complicated mechanisms. (Although, as seen in the clip, the crash course does the duo little good.)

"“Man, those two guys, it’s not hard to know who’s gonna win, right? I’ve done this all my life, they’ve never done it before,” a confident Tony proclaims after watching the duo try their hand at operating the machines they’re about to race."

With a simple course laid out – the winner will be the first to get over the hills across the yard – it’s time to put their money where their mouths are and officially begin the race. Who will win? You’ll have to tune in tonight to find out!

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Don’t miss a new episode of Street Outlaws tonight, Dec. 18, at 9/8c on Discovery Channel and remember you can catch an all new episode of Gold Rush this Friday, Dec. 22, at 9/8c also on Discovery Channel! 

Any bets on who will end up winning the bulldozer race: Farmtruck, AZN or Tony? Are you looking forward to seeing tonight’s mini Street Outlaws and Gold Rush crossover event? Keep the conversation going in the comments section below.