Vikings recap: Bjorn and Halfdan make the worst bodyguards ever


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It’s time for Ivar and Bishop Heahmund to face each other and learn more on Vikings Season 5.

Vikings’ “The Prisoner” gives fans one of the things they’ve wanted since the very start of the season. Bishop Heahmund and Ivar the Boneless are finally facing off against each other. Just who will end up winning between the two?

Meanwhile, the episode sees Floki return to Kattegat hoping to collect people to return to Iceland with him. In North Africa, Bjorn and Halfdan learn that not everything is as it seems and there is someone they should be very afraid of.

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Floki returns to Kattegat

Vikings Season 5, Episode 5 sees Floki return home. Torvi isn’t happy when she sees him and goes straight to the Great Hall to warn Lagertha. She tries to be happy to see Floki but there is still some animosity there, which grows when Floki says that only the true believers are allowed to join him in this new land. Lagertha makes a point that she wouldn’t be welcome and neither would Ragnar if he was still alive.

One thing the episode manages is to keep Ragnar’s memory alive in a beautiful way. After the mentions of Aslaug in the last episode, this was especially needed.

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Lagertha makes a point of banning Floki from taking anyone from Kattegat to Iceland. She needs warriors who will fight with her against King Harald. While Floki tells Lagertha he will do as asked, he goes behind her back to gather a group of people interested in joining him. Floki makes it clear that he just needs a small group of people and they must gather themselves discretely, while Floki leaves to make it look like nobody is joining him.

However, Floki does get the chance to find out about the actions between Ubbe and Ivar. Floki shares he’s happy that he’s going to miss the upcoming battle between brothers, so he doesn’t have to rejoice or mourn (because they are the same thing.

Photo Credit: Vikings/History Channel by Jonathan Hession Image Acquired from A&E Networks Press

The Viking plan revealed

If you wondered what Ivar was up to at the end of the last episode, you didn’t have to wait long to find out. He and his Great Heathen Army had gone into the sewers under the town of York, luring the Saxon army in. There they could surprise them and attack, bringing the Saxons down. King Aethelwulf and his sons were able to escape, but Judith’s cousin is killed in the battle.

Outside the walls of York, Judith and other women tend to the sick and dying. She’s relieved to see her husband and sons have made it out alive, but upset about her brother. What she’s more concerned about is Bishop Heahmund not making it out of York.

Bishop Heahmund finds himself surrounded by Vikings. When his horse is taken down, Ivar stops the battle and tells them to give Heahmund his horse. This man should not be without one. It doesn’t take long for that horse to be taken down and Heahmund is taken captive by Ivar’s army.

Now Ivar has to decide the next move. Hvitserk makes a point of getting revenge for their mother’s death, especially now that Ubbe will be back in Kattegat. Ivar decides he and his army should align with King Harald temporarily to take down Lagertha, which means they will finally leave York and England behind.

Photo Credit: Vikings/History Channel by Jonathan Hession Image Acquired from A&E Networks Press

Ivar does get a chance to talk to Bishop Heahmund alone, who makes his position of faith very clear. This isn’t a man who will lose his faith, but Ivar takes him on the boat and returns to Norway with his prisoner.

Bjorn and Halfdan make poor bodyguards

The rest of the episode was spent in North Africa, where Bjorn, Halfdan, and Sinric go to meet the man in charge, Ziyadat Allah. At first it looks like a positive welcome. The Vikings are welcomed in their own language, as Ziyadat understands plenty for conversation. Ziyadat even offers both Bjorn and Halfdan women for the night, although Halfdan’s turns out to be a man and he definitely isn’t happy with that.

During the night, it turns out Euphemius was imprisoned but escaped. Bjorn and Halfdan watch the prisoner guards get beheaded and they can’t help but make a joke about how bad bodyguards they have been. They’re certainly not too disappointed about the death of the guards or that Euphemius has escaped.

When they’re invited to a feast, they learn that Euphemius never escaped. He’d been killed and his body was served to the guests as the main meal. Halfdan doesn’t seem too upset about it, but Bjorn spits the meat out. As Ziyadat leaves the feast, the Vikings and Sinric figure out that Kassia has something to do with all this.

Photo Credit: Vikings/History Channel by Jonathan Hession Image Acquired from A&E Networks Press

The next day, the two Vikings have to figure out what to do while at the well. It’s too late to escape, as Ziyadat and Kassia order their arrests and executions. Bjorn picks up a piece of wood that holds the well bucket in place, but it’s not clear how the three of them will get out of this when they’re pushed to the ground. Luckily a sand storm is rolling in. If they can hold off for a few minutes, they have a chance to escape.

“Too late!” Halfdan exclaims as swords swing towards their necks and the end credits roll.

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