Yu Yu Hakusho will receive a new original animation in 2018

Photo Credit: Yu Yu Hakusho/ Studio Pierrot

The cult classic and influential anime series Yu Yu Hakusho is returning with a new original animation, igniting fans excitement after more than two decades.

If you are currently or have previously been a fan of anime, there’s a strong possibility you are aware of the series Yu Yu Hakusho. Originally airing in 1992 in Japan and 2003 in the US, the series introduced us to Yusuke Urameshi — an unlikely rebellious protagonist. The troubled teen gives his life to protect a child, surprising even higher powers and presenting himself as someone capable of being revived as a Spirit Detective. The detective’s duties require him to combat supernatural and demonic entities from the spirit world and over time a well-rounded team formed that became one of the best group dynamics an anime series has ever created.

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After 112 episodes, two films and a few OVA’s, Yu Yu Hakusho closed out on a perfectly satisfying finale like no others had done, but because of showcasing such excellence fans still held out hope for more spirit detective adventures. Now, 25 years after its release, we have received confirmation that Yu Yu Hakusho will be releasing a Blu-Ray box set in Japan with a new animation included in the bundle. The news was spotted by an attendee of a Japanese convention written on a banner with a promotional image of the group (Yusuke, Hiei, Kuwabara and Kurama) that was shared on Twitter, thus sparking excitement with matured anime fans that have grown up through the medium.

While it is only being talked about as an anime short, the news of a new mobile game, re-release and new animation could mean there’s potential for more Yu Yu Hakusho in our future. Regardless of if it is a few shorts or introducing a sequel series, this is one of those situations where an anime fan like myself is experiencing a dream come true, so we’ll take whatever we can get! The Yu Yu Hakusho Bluray will be divided into four parts with the fourth volume containing the new animation — set to be released on Oct. 26, 2018.