Legion of Collectors January 2018 review: Teen Titans box falls short of glory


This January, the Legion of Collectors service kicked off 2018 with the help of the Teen Titans in a box which looked to use the iconic heroes as inspiration for the month’s offerings.

After drawing inspiration from DC’s latest cinematic release with a box set to the them of the Justice League, Funko’s bi-monthly Legion of Collectors subscription service shifted its focus towards another iconic group of DC heroes via the January box’s Teen Titans theme. With so many iconic heroes in its ranks, the options for Funko to choose from were seemingly endless. However, despite the potential the box possessed, it somehow fell short of glory.

Warning: The following post contains spoilers regarding the items within the January 2018 Legion of Collectors box. If you have not yet received your box and want to avoid spoilers this is where you should leave us.

Nightwing Pop! Figure

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote

Our look at the January offerings begins with the month’s Pop! figure which came in the form of a comic book inspired Nightwing. While we’ve already seen a few Nightwing Pop! figures released over the years, this stands as the first Pop! inspired by Nightwing’s iconic comic book counterpart and his blue suit. It’s a nice addition to the DC line, but it doesn’t feel quite as exclusive as past Pop! figures have felt.

Beast Boy Tee

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote
Photo Credit: Hidden Remote /

Looking at the month as a whole, the Beast Boy tee might just stand as January’s standout item. The shirt features a fun design which captures Beast Boy’s transformation and the color scheme truly pops on the backdrop of the black tee. I particularly love the way in which the Funko team has captured the character’s transformation and the movement which is felt through the shirt’s design.

Cyborg Patch

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote
Photo Credit: Hidden Remote /

While I’m happy to see Cyborg spotlighted in the crate, I wish the Funko team would have opted to find another way to do so than with the incorporation of a patch. I in no way missed the patch during the recent months when Funko shook things up with the introduction of stickers and such and would have much rather received a Pop! magnet or sticker.

Teen Titans No. 1 Comic Book with Variant Cover

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote
Photo Credit: Hidden Remote /

Here’s another item that I’ve never been the biggest fan of: comic book reprints with variant covers. Sure it’s nice to get an exclusive comic and the item is likely a big hit with comic collectors, but for those of us who aren’t frequent comic book readers/collectors, the monthly comics often find themselves at the bottom of a draw never to be read. While the comic design is fun and was a great way to feature various Teen Titans members, it would have been nice to see something more unique.

The New Teen Titans Figures

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote
Photo Credit: Hidden Remote /

This month, Funko decided to add a bit of surprise to its box by incorporating a line a Teen Titans figures which were randomly inserted into the January box. Among the four possible characters subscribers would receiver were Nightwing and Raven – who, as seen above, were featured in our review crate – as well as Cyborg and Starfire.

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Like with past figures we’ve seen in the Legion of Collectors Crate, Funko manages to pack a ton of detail into the intricate figures which are sure to be a favorite among collectors.

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Final Look – Is It Worth It?

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote
Photo Credit: Hidden Remote /

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Each new DC Legion of Collectors box promises to provide subscribers with a box filled with $50 worth of exclusive, high-quality DC and Funko collectible products. With this in mind, let’s take a quick look at the estimated retail value of each of this month’s items:

  • Nightwing Pop! Figure: $15-$20
  • Beast Boy Tee: $20-$25
  • Cyborg Patch: $4-$6
  • Teen Titans No. 1 Comic Book with Variant Cover: $7-$10
  • Pair of The New Teen Titans Figures: $20-$30

Looking at the January box as a whole, it’s clear that Funko may have missed the mark with the first Legion of Collectors box of the new year. While they managed to celebrate a variety of characters, the month’s offerings fell short of expectations and were lackluster at best.

In recent months we’ve seen Funko experiment with the inclusion of new items which helped to make the month’s boxes feel more unique. Items such as tumblers, notepads, stress balls, magnets, stickers, etc. However, in the January box, they seemed to have reverted back to their old ways with a box which is more along the lines of one we would have expected one year ago before Funko started to shake things up.

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Sure there were a few highlights in the month’s slate including the Beast Boy tee, but overall there was nothing special about the offerings. You have a Pop! which could have easily been released via a mainstream market, a comic and patch that most subscribers will toss aside and two figures that, while beautifully designed, lack that wow factor we’ve come to expect.

Here’s hoping that the Legion of Collectors service can rebound come March with its Green Lantern themed box to quickly turn things around.

For subscription information and more information on DC’s Legion of Collectors visit LegionofCollectors.com today!

Disclosure: Hidden Remote was provided with a free January 2018 DC Legion of Collector box for the purposes of this review.