Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: February 7 recap, first HOH crowned

The new HOH nominees were revealed to the BB Celeb house on February 10. (Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS)
The new HOH nominees were revealed to the BB Celeb house on February 10. (Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS) /

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the February 7 recap include who became the first Head of Household. The CBB USA season premiere aired on Wednesday night, showing CBS viewers what happened when the 11 celebrities finally entered the Big Brother house. Below is a breakdown of what took place during Episode 1.

This Episode 1 recap comes from a live CBS presentation on Wednesday, February 7, at 8 p.m. PT/ET. Host Julie Chen is back. She talked up the season, revealing the 11 new houseguests are competing for $250,000 this year. 94 cameras and 113 microphones will be helping CBS “make history” this winter.

The Celebrity Big Brother cast

Cast introductions kicked off the first segment. Beginning with musician Mark McGrath, Brandi Glanville of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, former NBA star Metta World Peace, former Miss Columbia Ariadna Gutierrez, and talk show host Ross Mathews. The first group was announced and introduced to each other for the first time. The cast had been sequestered by producers of the show before this segment was filmed.

Exploring the Big Brother house, they found the newly installed bar and started claiming beds. Mark let Metta know how much of a Lakers fan he had been. They started to get comfortable as Julie Chen introduced the next group (of six).

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The rest of the Celebrity Big Brother cast also had some familiar names. This group included American Pie actress Shannon Elizabeth, UFC legend Chuck Liddell, Keshia Knight Pulliam (Rudy) from The Cosby Show, Tony winner (HairsprayMarissa Jaret Winokur, musician James Maslow (Big Time Rush), and Omarosa of The Apprentice.

Shannon, Ross, and Omarosa each claimed to be super fans of the show. Metta said that he had never even seen an episode.

Time for some drama

Ross was immediately shocked when he saw Omarosa walk through the front door. He talked during a Diary Room session about not liking her negativity. Omarosa had her own Diary Room interview, where she talked about hiding her competitive nature to make friends. It was then revealed that Marissa knows Shannon outside of the game, possibly foreshadowing a future alliance.

The opening segment was longer than usual. After introductions, they all sat down and enjoyed a celebratory cocktail and some small talk. James felt that Brandi was being abrasive in a conversation and he told Mark that he would nominate her first. Then, Omarosa approached Shannon about doing an all-girls alliance this winter. She then tried to recruit the other women as well. They quickly figured out that they needed to take advantage of the six to five numbers.

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Time for a competition

Julie Chen notified the 11 celebrities that it was time for the first Head of Household Competition. The winner would get the opportunity to nominate two people for eviction. First, it was time to award safety in a surprising twist. Julie was holding an envelope with a number associated with a random star that the celebrities chose from. The person on the right number would have safety from the first Eviction Ceremony. It was Omarosa. She was guaranteed safety and did not have to compete for the HOH.

For the first competition, the celebrities had to hold on to an elevated award statue. The last person left in the competition would become the first HOH. The 10 celebrities looked very tentative as the action got started. It looked pretty easy at first. Former houseguest Paul Abrahamian came out and did a musical number with some dancers. Then Rachel Reilly and Jessie Godderz came out as well.

HOH results

The first person to fall was Marissa. Metta was the next to go. The statues then began spinning, consequently making the competition much harder. Paint then began spraying out, making them very slippery. Mark fell soon after that. Ross was the next one to fall. He was proud he out-lasted Metta in the challenge. Just six houseguests were left. Then Chuck fell, 18 minutes into the competition, leaving James as the last guy.

Ariadna and Keshia were the next two down. Then it was Brandi who dropped. That left just James and Shannon. It was a dramatic final two. Chuck spoke in a Diary Room session about there being more men than women. In the backyard, James tried to cut a deal with Shannon. Omarosa put an end to that chatter. The statues started spinning faster, and James fell. Shannon is the first Celebrity Big Brother HOH.

All of the celebrities were given gift bags when they walked back in the house. Julie Chen stated that some of the bags contained a special power to re-cast the Head of Household. The secret power would allow the houseguest to overthrow the person in charge. That teaser was where the season premiere came to an end.

Upcoming episodes

The next Celebrity Big Brother episode is Thursday night (February 8) at 8 p.m. PT/ET. Then Friday night (February 9) has a two-hour episode at 8 p.m. PT/ET. As previously revealed, that will also be the first live Eviction Ceremony. Anyone interested in reading some of the first Celebrity Big Brother spoilers, including the first eviction target, can take a look at this article.