Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: February 9 recap, it’s eviction time

New Power of Veto results are available for Celebrity Big Brother. (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
New Power of Veto results are available for Celebrity Big Brother. (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the February 9 recap include the first Veto Competition, Veto Ceremony, and Eviction Ceremony of the winter. The CBB USA season premiere aired on Wednesday night. CBS viewers got to see what happened when the 11 celebrities finally entered the Big Brother house. At the end of Episode 1, Shannon Elizabeth won the Head of Household Competition. Host Julie Chen warned them a twist was coming. It did in Episode 2.

This Episode 3 recap comes from a live CBS presentation on Friday, February 9, at 8 p.m. PT/ET. The show opened by re-hashing what took place the previous night. Keshia Knight Pulliam received the special power to re-cast the Head of Household. Using the all-girls alliance that had formed, she nominated James Maslow and Chuck Liddell for eviction. The plan was to make sure one of them would be the first person evicted this season.

Episode 3 brings the drama

Episode 3 picks up following the Nomination Ceremony, getting reactions from the celebrity cast. James Maslow was pretty upset in his Diary Room session. He claimed that there was no reason to nominate him. Chuck Liddell also stated that he was upset in his Diary Room session. Keshia created two enemies with these nominations. She noted in a Diary Room session of her own that she was sure of her choices. When she sat down with Chuck, Keshia stated that he was only nominated because he used the gift bag.

Alliance shifting begins

Shannon approached James, telling him it probably wasn’t as bad as he might think. She tried to sell the fact that Chuck had angered the rest of the Big Brother house. Mark McGrath told James that if he won the Power of Veto, he would use it to save James. Then, Omarosa was shown meeting with Keshia, constructing another side-alliance in the house. They were both on board but wanted to stay with the all-girls alliance for as long as possible.

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Time for the Veto Competition

A house meeting took place to figure out which six houseguests would play in the first Veto Competition. Joining the Head of Household (Keshia) and the two nominees (James and Chuck) were Ariadna Gutierrez, Mark, and Shannon (HOH choice). Omarosa was the host. The competition was a familiar one. The object was to retrieve letters from a backyard course and then use them to spell the longest word. It was a very messy competition, consequently, Ariadna did not have fun.

Ariadna spelled her word wrong. Mark spelled “some” as his word. Needless to say, neither one won the Power of Veto. In what might be a record for the length of a word, Shannon spelled out “responsibilities” to win the Veto. It was then time for the ladies (and Ross) to chat about the Veto Ceremony.

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: Alliance fracturing

Keshia brought up the idea of saving Chuck and using Mark as the replacement nominee. Ross stated it was a bad idea. Omarosa started talking negatively about Shannon at the same time. There were some obvious fractures among the all-girls alliance. No fan of the show is surprised. Shannon then started crying. In a Diary Room session, Ross pointed out that the real Omarosa had arrived.

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Ross stayed pretty quiet in the meeting after that but discussed it with Brandi Glanville at length later in the Storage Room. They had a good laugh. Brandi and Ross know each other outside of the Big Brother house. Ross also chatted with Marissa Jaret Winokur, who apologized for not sticking up for him when Omarosa had stated that they all needed to work to get a woman to the end (while he was in the room).

First winter punishments

For finishing the worst in the Veto Competition, James and Ariadna had to dress up and act like babies for 48 hours. It did not look fun. They also had to be fed their food, consequently making them rely on other houseguests. Meanwhile, Ross and Shannon began getting closer. He pointed out that Keshia and Omarosa are running things and could be working with Chuck. She agreed with his points.

When Shannon approached Keshia and Omarosa about not using the Power of Veto, they were not pleased. Keshia wanted Shannon to take down Chuck so she could put Mark on the block. The idea by Keshia and Omarosa was to nominate Mark and get him worried about the rest of the season. Shannon didn’t understand the need to do that with the numbers their alliance held. Later, Omarosa told Shannon that Keshia had already made an agreement with Chuck. Omarosa drove Shannon to tears by talking down to her during the conversation.

Veto Meeting

Shannon hosted the first Veto Meeting of Celebrity Big Brother. She decided to not use the Power of Veto. This meant that James and Chuck would remain the two nominees for eviction. Keshia talked negatively about Shannon in a Diary Room session, while Shannon stated that it was a very tough decision in one of her own. There is some drama percolating between Shannon and Keshia now.

Former houseguests weigh in

Before getting to the most noteworthy Celebrity Big Brother spoilers of the evening, namely which celebrity would be evicted first, host Julie Chen sat down with four former houseguests to get their takes on this season. Former winners Derrick, Nicole, Ian, and Josh were on the hot seat. They each admitted to being surprised at how hard the celebrities were already playing the game. Julie asked which person they each wanted to win. Ian picked Ross, Derrick picked Marissa, Nicole picked Marissa, and Josh picked Ross. They each liked Shannon but felt that she had played too-hard, too-quickly. Ian also noted that he felt James would win if he survived the first Eviction Ceremony.

Time to shake up the Celebrity Big Brother house

Shannon pulled Ariadna, Ross, Brandi, and Marissa aside to try to flip the vote. The original plan was to send James out first, but Shannon was very worried that Chuck was now working with Keshia and Omarosa. Shannon presented the idea that they blindside Chuck at the live Eviction Ceremony and keep James for another week. The producers were definitely setting up some suspense for CBS viewers.

Live vote and eviction

James and Chuck each gave speeches asking for safety. The eight voting houseguests began to submit their choices. Brandi voted to evict Chuck. Ariadna voted to evict Chuck. Omarosa voted to evict James. Ross voted to evict Chuck. Metta World Peace voted to evict Chuck. Marissa voted to evict Chuck. That was five votes and enough to evict Chuck. Shannon then voted to evict Chuck and Mark voted to evict Chuck as well. By a vote of 7-1, Chuck Liddell was the first Celebrity Big Brother contestant evicted.

Omarosa and Keshia were visibly surprised about the outcome of the vote. That could lead to some great drama on the live feeds late Friday evening. Julie Chen announced that Chuck Liddell would become the first member of the BB Celeb jury. He will also be on The Talk on Monday (February 12). There is no new Head of Household at this time.