Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: February 16 recap, third eviction takes place

Celebrity Big Brother start date coming up quickly. (Pic via: CBS)
Celebrity Big Brother start date coming up quickly. (Pic via: CBS) /

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the February 16 recap include the Veto results, the final nominees, and the third eviction of the winter. Last time, CBS viewers got to see what happened at the latest Head of Household Competition. Ariadna Gutierrez won the power, deciding to target Shannon Elizabeth and James Maslow for eviction.

This Episode 7 recap comes from a live CBS presentation on Friday, February 16, at 8 p.m. PT/ET. The show opened by re-hashing what took place on Wednesday night (February 14). Shannon left the Nomination Ceremony displeased, knowing she was working alone at this point. Even though she was tight with James, she knew he would be playing for himself at the upcoming Veto Competition.

Celebrity Big Brother drama

Episode 7 picked up following the Nomination Ceremony. Ariadna was seen talking to James, telling him that he was not the target. She even stated that if Shannon won the Power of Veto that he would be safe for the week. Shannon started to emotionally break down, causing the primary alliance (plus Omarosa) to discuss the situation in the HOH room. They weren’t going to change their minds, though, with Ross Mathews even stating that she was “the biggest threat in Big Brother history.”

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Veto Meeting

Joining the HOH (Ariadna) and two nominees (Shannon and James) in the competition were Ross, Omarosa, and Brandi Glanville. It seemed like a pretty tense room as the additional three participants were drawn. It didn’t help that the producers added sound effects to the situation.

Omarosa approached Shannon and James separately after the Veto Meeting. She first commiserated with Shannon and then told James that he was the next target after Shannon. When James approached the core four (Ross, Brandi, Ariadna, and Marissa Jaret Winokur) he asked if he was a target. They said no.  They were upset that Omarosa was telling different lies than they were.

A big argument took place when the core four wanted to know exactly what Omarosa and James had talked about. James was called to the HOH room to discuss everything. Omarosa was caught in lies, as she didn’t tell them the full story of her conversation with James, but it also revealed how the core four were being dishonest.

Messages from home

Host Julie Chen surprised the houseguests during a live portion of Episode 7. She showed a video with brief moments from the family members of each person. Toward the end, Ariadna broke down into tears of happiness about seeing her family. The houseguests all thanked Julie for this chance to see their loved ones.

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: The Veto Competiton

Before the Veto Competition, the core four called in James to make a new alliance. They guaranteed him that he would be safe until the final five if he helped to get Shannon evicted. James agreed to the deal but also stated in a Diary Room session that he would say anything necessary to survive in the BB Celeb house.

With a new deal in hand, James entered the Veto Competition with a little less stress. Shannon knew that the only way to save herself was to win the Power of Veto. In the end, it was James who won the Veto, setting up a scenario where he could then save himself.

The Veto Ceremony

At the latest Veto Ceremony, James used the Power of Veto on himself. Ariadna then named Mark McGrath as her replacement nominee. This meant that Shannon and Mark would be the final nominees for eviction this week. At the upcoming Eviction Ceremony, the six voting houseguests will have to choose between the two of them.

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Third Eviction Ceremony

The Celebrity Big Brother spoilers everyone was waiting for arrived toward the end of the two-hour episode. The live eviction vote was between Shannon Elizabeth and March McGrath.

Ross Mathews voted to evict Shannon. Marissa Jaret Winokur also voted to evict Shannon. Then Omarosa and James Maslow voted against Shannon. Brandi Glanville voted against Mark. Metta World Peace also voted against Shannon. By a vote of 5-1, Shannon joined Chuck Liddell and Keshia Knight Pulliam on the BB Celeb jury.

The next Head of Household Competition will take place on the CBS live feeds. This gives fans a chance to watch it all play out live.