Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: February 14 recap, time for tears

Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast: Were hints just leaked on social media? (Brandi Glanville Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS )
Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast: Were hints just leaked on social media? (Brandi Glanville Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ) /

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the February 14 recap include the Head of Household Competition results, who took over the power, and who they nominated for eviction. Last time, CBS viewers got to see what happened in an action-packed eviction episode. Head of Household Ross Mathews had nominated Omarosa and Keshia Knight Pulliam for eviction, but he plans to backdoor Shannon Elizabeth. It didn’t work. Keshia asked to be evicted, basically quitting the game and letting Shannon play on.

This Episode 6 recap comes from a live CBS presentation on Wednesday, February 14, at 8 p.m. PT/ET. The show opened by re-hashing what took place on Monday night (February 12). A number of houseguests were disappointed that Shannon had survived another week. Now Shannon and James Maslow, the strongest players in the game according to Ross, have new life. Would that continue through the next Head of Household Competition?

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Episode 6 not short on drama

Picking up after the Eviction Ceremony, Omarosa acted sad in a Diary Room session, saying she was on her own again. Marissa Jaret Winokur stated how “super bummed” she was that Shannon didn’t get evicted. It was then time to show some footage about Keshia feeling she needed to quit the show to go home to her baby. Brandi Glanville was then shown commenting on how much she misses her kids too and doesn’t have sympathy for Keshia’s situation. She wanted to know why Keshia agreed to play the game at all.

Meanwhile, Shannon still didn’t know she was the primary target for eviction. Shannon, James, and Ross had a conversation, where they each stated that they were on the same page. Ross said Keshia lied, but he was lying in order to keep Shannon off-guard. In a Diary Room session, he stated that he needed to keep her in the dark until she was walking out the front door. Lots of pre-taped footage controlled the opening of Episode 6. Shannon and James were clearly in the dark about being the primary eviction targets. Would that change?

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: Time for a new Head of Household

A golf competition decided the new Head of Household. Shannon entered the competition feeling Omarosa was her biggest threat, consequently, she may have cheered on the wrong people. Using a croquet mallet and ball, each houseguest had to try to finish a miniature golf course as a huge fan was blowing on them. Brandi went first and did not do well. Shannon was up second, showing how good she was at this game. Ariadna Gutierrez acted quite worried about it.

Omarosa said she was a golfer, but struggled to do well on her turn. Shannon still held the lead. Marissa came up short as well. Then, it was Ariadna’s turn. After struggling to even hold the club, she started figuring things out. She finished a minute faster than Shannon. When a lot of people ran out to hug Ariadna, Shannon should have started figuring out what was going on. Metta World Peace took his turn next. He couldn’t beat Ariadna. Mark McGrath went next, noting he needed to finally win a competition. But it was a joke. Mark was trying to throw it (he said).

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Last up was James, who said he was fine with Ariadna winning. His time of 2:18:09 was just short of Ariadna’s time of 2:18:08. Ariadna Gutierrez is the new Head of Household. In separate Diary Room sessions, Shannon, Brandi, and Omarosa each stated that they were excited about Ariadna winning.

Time for some drama

Ariadna and Ross brought Metta into the primary alliance. They let him know they were trying to get Shannon out. Brandi stated that she was “manipulative” and needed to go home. Metta was surprised to learn that they were trying to keep Keshia and Omarosa safe. He was immediately on board with joining their alliance.

Then it was politics time. More questions about the White House were asked of Omarosa. She talked about liking Melania Trump and how it was an adjustment to work for President Donald Trump.

The plan was put in motion. Ross suggested nominating Omarosa and Mark in order to backdoor Shannon. Ariadna didn’t like that plan. She feared to have too many people after her. The main power alliance is now Ross, Brandi, Ariadna, and Marissa. Metta is in a secondary alliance with the main four.

Nomination Ceremony No. 3

Ariadna feared Shannon. As a result, her alliance created a plan to give Ariadna a bodyguard. The alliance would not allow Shannon to speak with Ariadna by herself. Metta served as the bodyguard. Shannon wanted to name Metta as a replacement nominee, but the plan wouldn’t work with him in the room. Meanwhile, Ariadna and Brandi kept calling Shannon “crazy” simply because she wanted to talk to people.

When Shannon saw Omarosa joking around with Marissa and Ariadna, she figured out what was happening. It was clear Shannon was on the outs. She retreated to the bedroom to cry. James talked with her for a bit. He tried to get her head back in the game. Would it work? Or would Shannon remain an outcast?

The third Nomination Ceremony of the season wrapped up the episode, confirming the Celebrity Big Brother spoilers that had been evident on the live feeds. Ariadna used her power to nominate Shannon and James for eviction. To save herself, Shannon must now win the Veto Competition. Can she do it? Stay tuned fans! 

Episode 7 excitement

The next BB Celeb episode is Friday night (February 16). It will be a two-hour, live eviction show. CBS viewers will learn how the Veto went, whether the eviction target shifts, and then who becomes the third evicted celebrity. Time is ticking down on the winter show. But will there be a twist?