The Flash Season 4, Episode 14 recap: Subject 9

Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW The Flash via CWPR
Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW The Flash via CWPR /

On the latest episode of The Flash, DeVoe’s maniacal schemes reached new heights, setting back Team Flash’s hope of stopping him once again. Though, we don’t know if they’ll even be able to while facing all these setbacks.

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It looks like Team Flash just can’t catch a break. Every time the team thinks they’ve gotten the upper hand on DeVoe, he outsmarts them. Even when DeVoe appears to be struggling with problems of his own, he still manages to stay ahead. Last night’s episode of The Flash being evidence of this.

DeVoe aside, a lot of significant developments took place in “Subject 9”. Just in the first few minutes of the episode, we got to see more of the subplot involving Barry’s overturned murder conviction. But what we saw was skepticism from everyone in CCPD. No one in the department believes that Clifford DeVoe is alive and well, so they don’t trust Barry. Captain Singh even feels unsure of Barry and then forces him into an indefinite leave of absence. This leaves Barry in an uncertain place, but he finds some resolution later in the episode.

After Barry leaves CCPD, he returns to Star Labs where the rest of the team is working on finding the remaining bus metas. They don’t have much luck until a subtle clue leads Cisco and Ralph to a club where Izzy Bowen (Miranda MacDougall) is performing. There, Barry and Ralph attempt to convince Izzy that she’s in danger but they’re unsuccessful. To throw them off her trail, Izzy uses her sonic wave powers to subdue them. It doesn’t do much but gives Izzy enough time to get out of the venue.

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Fortunately, Izzy comes around to the idea of sticking with Team Flash after Devoe comes knocking. When he makes his entrance, Izzy isn’t phased and shoves him back with her powers. This being the first time anyone lands a single blow to DeVoe in any of the bodies he’s taken over.

The Flash
Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW The Flash via CWPR /

After regrouping at Star Labs, Barry and the team explain to Izzy what’s happening with DeVoe then attempt to train her. It doesn’t go well and Izzy walks away in the end. Feeling that she can take on DeVoe alone, Izzy tries to force him out of hiding. The thing is, she’s not prepared for the fight just yet.

Harry and Cecile spark up a new friendship

In a different corner of Central City, Harrison Wells and Cecile Horton begin searching for solutions to Cecile’s meta issues. Now that she’s hearing Joe’s dreams in his sleep, Cecile can’t sleep at all. She explains the issue to Harry and he creates a gadget per her request. Unfortunately, the gadget turns out to be a hefty helmet. Cecile’s complaints then result in Harry modifying the device into a more convenient piece of equipment. At the same time, Harry’s work on the device leads to him discovering a secondary use for it.

Once Harry and Cecile begin spit-balling ideas, they figure out how to use the neural inhibitor against DeVoe. With a few slight modifications, Harry feels confident that it’ll prevent DeVoe from swapping host bodies anymore. A bit later in the episode we get to see the device in action.

What can Team Flash do to stop DeVoe?

When the episode cuts back to Izzy confronting DeVoe, Team Flash is backing her up. They plan on using Harry’s device but things don’t go as planned. While Izzy manages to plant the cerebral inhibitor on DeVoe, she doesn’t account for the other abilities he possesses. DeVoe winds up using Kilgore’s abilities to hack electronics and disables it. This surprises Izzy and she’s caught off guard when DeVoe traps her in one of his laser cages. Ralph and the rest of Team Flash then watch on as DeVoe takes Izzy’s life and teleports away with her body. The episode then concludes with Barry and the gang regrouping at Star Labs.

The good news is that Izzy’s loss won’t be in vain. Having seen DeVoe teleport onto the scene, Cisco figures out that his lair resides in a pocket dimension, giving reason to why they couldn’t find any trace of him. This doesn’t bring them any closer to putting DeVoe out of a commission, but it’s a start.

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Now that they know where DeVoe is holed up, a plan can be laid out to lure him out. Or, perhaps Team Flash will figure out a way to pull DeVoe’s lair from the pocket dimension so that his plans can be exposed. Either way, locating DeVoe is only half the battle. We still have to wait and see how Team Flash manages to stop DeVoe, especially now that he has even more powers at his disposal.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW.