The Goldbergs season 5, episode 14 recap: Eagles edition

Photo credit: The Goldbergs/ABC by Kelsey McNeal, Acquired via Disney ABC Press
Photo credit: The Goldbergs/ABC by Kelsey McNeal, Acquired via Disney ABC Press /

The Goldbergs returned with an episode dedicated to Barry’s dream of becoming a football star. Featuring members of the Philadelphia Eagles organization, it was very well-timed for the current Super Bowl Champs!

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It was 1980-something and the Philadelphia Eagles still have a while before their first Super Bowl win but the Goldberg family never stopped being super fans. As the show’s creator Adam F. Goldberg uses real-life experiences as topics for his episodes, a football themed episode focusing on his older brother Barry was a no-brainer. It just so happened it came to fruition during his hometown’s team Super Bowl winning season.

Before anyone knew what was in store for the Eagles this season, the show put together a few special moments for the episode. As a treat to fans, former Eagles wide receiver Mike Quick played the assistant football coach in the episode. There was also a special cameo by the legendary voice of the Eagles, Merrill Reese as the announcer. The best moment however, was saved for the final moments in the episode titled, ‘Hail Barry.’ Here is our recap!

Photo credit: The Goldbergs/ABC by Kelsey McNeal, Acquired via Disney ABC Press
Photo credit: The Goldbergs/ABC by Kelsey McNeal, Acquired via Disney ABC Press /

The Super Bowl Shuffle

Yes, it’s true, NFL teams put out rap songs in the 1980s. After seeing the Chicago Bears perform a song called “The Super Bowl Shuffle” and of course, the Eagles response, Barry decides to drop his own football rap with the JTP. As Adam films the attempt, Beverly characteristically chimes in that football is not for her kids. As the over protective type, she believes her schmoopies are too “squishy and fragile” for a contact sport like football. But has family warnings ever stopped Barry before? With his newfound thirst for football fame, he feels the need to give it a go. Thankfully, Beverly becomes too distracted in her own ambition to realize Barry went behind her back and joined the high school team.

The Bev-Wear Evolution

Despite the importance of fully being there for her kids at all times, Beverly shockingly decides to go after a new dream–fashion. After discovering QVC and all the nifty products that can be ordered with just a phone call and credit card, she has a sudden idea. After practicing her Flowbee skills on Adam, much to his reluctance, she decides to invent her own fashion line of jean jackets. No, these are not your typical jean jacket, these are equipped with added fabrics, sequins, and glitter designs. Unfortunately, they aren’t very eye-catching as explained by Erica after they ship her a box to sell to college kids.

Murray tries to cheer up her disappointed wife by selling them at his store but when that doesn’t work, he gives them to a local thrift shop. It turns out, thrift shops in the 80s won’t accept items that even bag ladies refuse to wear and possibly make alley cats irritated. The jackets are returned and Beverly realizes the truth that she might not be the next QVC mogul. Murray uses the moment to share a sweet moment to reassure his wife that he failed many times in the past but she always stuck by him.

Hail Barry

While Beverly is busy trying to build a business, Barry tries to impress his school’s football team. He even has a trick play called the Hail Barry where he both throws and catches the ball within one play. As you can imagine, things don’t go so smoothly as he had hoped. As Coach Mellor and the assistant coach (Mike Quick) admire his moxie, he is considered a bench player at best. Adam, who knows next to nothing about sports, tries to help his older brother in believing that his situation correlates with every sports movie. He convinces Barry that he is destined for a moment where he reaches his greatness. Even after Barry tries to invent a new football-inspired rap, the team doesn’t seem to be on board.

Photo credit: The Goldbergs/ABC by Kelsey McNeal, Acquired via Disney ABC Press
Photo credit: The Goldbergs/ABC by Kelsey McNeal, Acquired via Disney ABC Press /

It isn’t until another one-sided conversation with Adam does Barry finally realize his role on the team. The team and coach embrace Barry’s new mindset. Even though he is stuck on the bench, he still feels a part of the team. After the team is being crushed, they miraculously come back. Barry spends the game cheering on his team but he still feels an important piece of the celebration.

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The JTP Bowl

In the final moments of the episode, the series goes past and present by featuring a very special reunion with the JTP Bowl. The show’s portrayal of the Jenkintown Posse face off against their real-life counterparts for a friendly game of football. The game also featured current Eagles GM and club president, Howie Roseman and Don Smolenski. They even presented the winning team with a trophy. Who knew the episode would air just a mere weeks after the team took home the most coveted sports trophy. They couldn’t have planned it if they tried!

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