Will & Grace recap: The 5 best burns in season 9, episode 13

Photo Credit: Will & Grace/NBC/Chris Haston, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village
Photo Credit: Will & Grace/NBC/Chris Haston, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village /

In the latest Will & Grace, Jack reunites with guest star Jennifer Lopez as Will and Grace suffer through a baby shower. Let’s recap with the five best quotes!

She’s back, and she’s forgotten Jack! Jennifer Lopez returns to Will & Grace after guest starring in the original series as herself back in 2004, and it appears she and Jack haven’t quite kept in touch — even though he still refers to the international pop and movie star as his “best famous friend forever.” Pulling double duty as her Shades of Blue character, Detective Harlee Santos, J. Lo returns to her comedy roots with an unforgettable scene with her BFFF.

Meanwhile, Karen holds down the fort in the office while Will and Grace begrudgingly attend a baby shower and on top of that, she babysits Jack’s youth drama club. What could go wrong? Karen’s messy foray into bringing a version of Annie to life aside, Grace causes chaos at the party as Will contemplates contacting one of his most famous exes. Will he take the Insta-stalking plunge? Let’s recap the with the five sickest burns from the latest episode of Will & Grace!

1. “Just tap it again, Insta-grandma!”

As if it hadn’t been blatantly obvious that social media did not exist 10 years ago, Will doesn’t know how to properly operate Instagram. He “accidentally” finds himself perusing his ex-boyfriend Michael’s (yes, the Michael whose breakup kick-started the whole series) timeline. Jack tricks him into double tapping the photo — a.k.a. liking it — which sends Will into a spiral. Wake up and smell the ‘gram, Will. You’re not in the ’90s anymore!

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2. “Jenny from the blocked me on all social medias.”

Once he’s finished using Will’s personal life as a plaything, Jack celebrates some good news with Karen: He scored a role as an extra on NBC’s Shades of Blue opposite Jennifer Lopez. How? Let’s not read too far into Jack’s abilities as a “working actor.” Anyway, Jennifer clearly doesn’t remember Jack from his days as her fill-in backup dancer. When he keeps interrupting a scene, in which he plays a corpse, she’s ready to get right. (That’s a deep cut J. Lo reference.)

Photo Credit: Will & Grace/NBC/Chris Haston, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village
Photo Credit: Will & Grace/NBC/Chris Haston, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village /

3. “I don’t know if I’m talking to Rhoda Morgenstern or Axl Rose.”

Grace really overcompensates with her style choices for the baby shower she doesn’t want to go to. Will and Grace’s old friend Ellen (guest star Leigh Allyn Baker) hosts the party for her niece Rosemary, and why Will and Grace feel obligated to go, we’ll never know. At any rate, Grace feels the pressure of putting up with the questions and comments about being a childless career woman. Will suggests his family’s method of passive aggression: Writing harsh comments, crumpling the paper, and putting it in your pocket.

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Of course, Grace’s notes wind up in the bowl of wishes for the baby and read aloud to the group. They’re actually hilarious, but no one’s laughing. Somehow, Grace turns the blunder into a teachable moment about women supporting other women’s choices. Elsewhere, Will consults with two teens, Brianna and Lana, about getting back with Michael. After deep-liking him (a.k.a. liking a three-year-old photo) and missing a call, he has to make a choice: Reach out or miss the opportunity forever. Hours of deliberation later, Will calls Michael.

4. “This is how you do it, jackass.”

Jennifer Lopez steals one of the best moments of the episode as she shows Jack how it’s done. When he won’t shut up as a corpse, Jennifer hops up in the morgue chamber and demonstrates the proper technique. Jack thinks she remembered his name, but she’s just 100% done with his you-know-what. Don’t mess with Jenny from the block!

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5. “I, Tonya Harding! What’s going on here?”

Jack returns from his busy day on Shades of Blue (he was fired) to find Karen running a sweatshop with his drama club kids. Proving that she’s incapable of successfully working as Grace’s assistant, she fudges an order of fabric meant to be delivered as tassels to a local bar. Karen puts on her thinking cap — booze and pills — and realizes she can combine Annie rehearsals with a hard day’s work. It’s method acting. Even with Karen turning the office into a problematic center for child labor, you can’t help but love Megan Mullally’s endless comedic energy.

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