Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3, episode 3 recap: Apparently Dead

Photo Credit: STARZ via STARZ Media Room
Photo Credit: STARZ via STARZ Media Room /

This week on Ash vs Evil Dead, Ruby tries to convince Brandy to get away from Ash while Pablo, Kelly, and Dalton go on an important mission.

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Last week on Ash vs Evil Dead, Ash made a vow that keeping Brandy safe will be his top priority. He continues to build some sort of relationship with his daughter despite everything she is currently going through. He has the opportunity to truly step up during Candy’s funeral but of course evil has other plans.

This is a big episode for Ruby, as she makes a few more moves in gaining Brandy’s trust. She even enlists a surprising ally in making her case to Brandy. While Ash has his full attention on that issue, the Ghost Beaters–plus Dalton–go on a solo mission. Fans who stuck around for the end credits might have heard some familiar voices. Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless were featured singing during the credits.

Ash makes a memorable entrance

Ash takes his parenting priority very seriously and tries to comfort his daughter at Candy’s funeral. He is genuinely trying to be a good father. Brandy reveals that her guidance counselor (Ruby in disguise) has offered her a place to stay but she thinks Ash deserves a second chance. Before the funeral begins, Ash learns that Candy’s body has been “restored” meaning that her decapitated head was reinstated with the body. This does not bode well considering the head reattachment might cause some deadite issues.

Ash goes to check on the body in the casket and pokes it with a fork to make sure she hasn’t turned into a deadite. When he turns his back, Candy’s body has disappeared. Deadite Candy then pulls Ash into the casket and locks him inside. Their reunion certainly wouldn’t be considered pleasant for Ash. Out of options, he uses the memorial picture to detaches her head but gets locked in the casket once again.

Ash vs Evil Dead S3E3
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The funeral begins and Ash in nowhere in sight. Brandy is obviously disappointed but she takes center stage to give the eulogy for her mother. The moment is ruined when Ash shockingly pushes open the casket in front of Brandy and the guests. He gets out as Candy’s head rolls out onto the floor. While Ash stumbles to the pew as if nothing happened, Brandy is overcome by emotion and runs out. The event certainly doesn’t bode well for Ash in trying to get close to his daughter.

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“Never get between a papa bear and his cub”

Ruby happens to be in attendance at the funeral and finally reveals herself to Ash. Brandy gets into the middle of the altercation when he tried to tell her the truth about Ruby. Brandy claims that Ms. Prevett has been her guidance counselor for two years. His argument doesn’t seem to work so she decides she needs to move out of Ash’s house. Ash threatens Ruby about getting between him and his daughter.

Ash vs Evil Dead S3E3
Photo Credit: STARZ via STARZ Media Room /

Brandy goes back to Ash’s to pack her things and intends to move with Ms. Prevett/Ruby. Meanwhile, Ruby goes to a local cemetery and performs some kind of ritual on a grave. After her reading, she leaves and hand of the undead emerges from the ground. It looks like she is getting some help in persuading Brandy to come stay with her.

Welcome home, Brock Williams

A corpse-looking figure comes walking into the house and makes its way to the shower. Of course Brandy is home alone so she goes to investigate. When Ash gets home he sees that a family member has returned. His dead father, Brock, is back and looking very much alive. He is bonding with his new granddaughter as the two watch Ash’s hardware store commercials for something to laugh at.

Ash tries to convince Brandy that the old man is actually dead but she has trouble believing anything he has to say. Ash takes Brock into the kitchen to have a private conversation. Brandy walks in and is knocked out by a flying can of beans during their squabble. Ash and his father continue to battle it out throughout the house. Brandy comes back to the room just as Ash uses his chainsaw to kill Brock (who is already dead). The bloodbath probably won’t help Ash convince Brandy to stay.

Back to the infamous cabin

After the funeral fiasco, Pablo, Kelly, and Dalton show up. Pablo gets another visit from the naked lady with an important message. She tells him the Brujo knows he’s in danger and gives him intel about the Kandarian dagger, a key piece in defeating the darkest of demons. The trio winds up at the cabin in search of the dagger. Ash decides to stay behind to talk sense into Brandy.

Pablo, Kelly, and Dalton arrive at the site of the cabin even though the structure isn’t even there anymore. They begin digging for the dagger but the tension between Dalton and Pablo continues to intensify. Kelly ends up finding the dagger but evil emerges out of the woods and separates them all during the chase.

Kelly finds Dalton impaled by a tree branch and he informs her that Pablo was the one who did it and that he set them up. It seems like it’s the evil talking since he then turns into a deadite and goes after her. Pablo comes to the rescue and runs over Dalton with the truck. When Kelly gets to the car, she can’t find Pablo or Dalton. It’s safe to say that this probably won’t be the end of Dalton as people never stay dead for long on this show.

Sneak peek at episode 4

Here is a short clip for what’s to come in next week’s episode, “Unfinished Business”:

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