Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3, episode 2 recap: Booth Three

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This week on Ash vs Evil Dead, Ash learns he must multi-task while Ruby sets her ultimate plan in motion.

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Last week, Ash vs Evil Dead returned with a number of surprises and introductions. Ash is thrown right back into the fight, but now the stakes are higher with Ash’s daughter in play. All signs are pointing to something big being on the horizon for Ash and his fellow Ghost Beaters. It is easy to believe why this season is being described as the biggest and deadliest yet.

The second episode, “Booth Three,” follows the fallout from the events of the season 3 premiere. It focuses on Brandy’s new situation after losing her mother and what the Ghost Beaters need to do in planning for evil’s return. Ruby and Dalton also provide key details in the mythology surrounding this season. We shared an advanced preview of the second episode but here is the full recap.

Ash’s new priorities

Brandy is still reeling from the events that took the lives of her mother and friend. She is staying with Ash, but instead of spending time getting to know him, she rather go back to school. Downstairs, Pablo questions Kelly’s need to leave Elk Grove in the first place and why she brought back that “clown” aka Dalton. Pablo wants to know why Dalton is so interested in the fight so Dalton gives him a Knights of Sumeria history lesson.

Ash vs Evil Dead S3E2
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Dalton’s explanation is presented through animation and gives critical detail regarding the purpose of the Knights of Sumeria. For ages, evil has manifested itself in various forms, but master demons were known as the Dark Ones. The Demon Woman of Fire betrayed the Dark Ones and cast them away. The Knights of Sumeria took away the source of their power by acquiring the Necronomicon. Then one of the Knights fell under the power of the book and used it so her soul was bound to the book. Dalton claims only the Prophesized One can defeat the Dark Ones. Enter Ash, which causes Dalton to kneel before him.

Ash is feeling frustrated about his relationship with Brandy and Kelly scares him into thinking there might be more of his children out there. He suddenly gets an idea and tells the crew that they must multi-task. He claims they need to fight evil while providing Elk Grove with the services from his hardware store but its clear the real mission is fighting evil while protecting the town, more importantly, his daughter. Ash drives Brandy to school and tries to connect with his daughter on an emotional level, but in true Ash form, he overshares a bit regarding his relationship with the girl’s mom.

Pablo is hearing things

Brandy is suffering from PTSD while walking the halls at school and it doesn’t help as everyone keeps staring at her. She finds refuge while speaking to the guidance counselor, Ms. Prevett and surprise–it’s actually Ruby in disguise. It looks like Ruby has been there for a while in the hopes of getting close to Brandy. In the role, Ruby finds out key information regarding Ash and Brandy and tries to paint Ash in bad light.

Ash vs Evil Dead S3E2
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Pablo is in the trailer when he begins hearing mysterious voices. His tattoos begin to ache and then a mostly naked woman wearing a mask appears. She tells Pablo that he is in danger and that Pablo’s uncle, the Brujo sent her. The Brujo’s magic might be the only way to save Pablo. Kelly and Dalton interrupt Pablo’s vision where Dalton worries about Pablo’s markings. The Sumerian tattoos mean that he is marked by evil and his soul is in danger but Kelly doesn’t want to believe that Pablo could be in danger. She later relays those worries to Pablo who ensure her that he is fine.

Ash’s important mission

Ash visits the town’s Cryobank, a clinic he has visited many times in the past because he needs to figure out if any of his “contributions” were used resulting in more kids. While he is there he decides to give to the clinic but Ruby has other plans for him and his “seed.” She unleashes evil on the clinic killing one worker and turning the other lab technician into a deadite. Ash’s dirty magazine as comes alive and attacks him. The deadite using the test tubes in the battle might be equally as disgusting, yet hilarious, to the morgue scene last season. Ash takes out the deadite by using a liquid nitrogen tank to freeze and crush her head. He meets back up with Kelly and Pablo to make sure that keeping Brandy safe is top priority.

It’s a boy

At the start of the episode we see Ruby racing down the road suffering from excruciating pain. Her demon spawn baby is about to make his arrival. Two hitchhikers witness her car swerve off the road so the man goes to check on her after the car turns into the bloodbath. Inside, the baby tears apart Ruby’s insides and forces its way out of her midsection. When the man finds the seemingly harmless newborn, he is quick to find out this is not a normal child. The baby turns into a demon and attacks the man, killing him. While feeding on his victim, the baby brings Ruby back to life.

At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Ruby is working double duty as the counselor and caring for the evil spawn. She took the second hitch hiker and chained her up. Ruby reveals the baby will be the next Prophesized One once the current is killed by its own flesh in blood. So now we know that Ruby needs Brandy to kill Ash so her baby could be the last man standing. She then feeds the remains of the first hitchhiker to her demon child.

Sneak peek of episode 3

Here is a short clip for what’s to come next week’s episode, “Father’s Day”:

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