Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3, episode 4 recap: Unfinished Business

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This week on Ash vs Evil Dead, Ash discovers a secret involving Brock and the hardware store. The fates of Pablo and Dalton are also revealed.

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As Ash vs Evil Dead nears the halfway point in season 3, time may soon be running out to prepare for the evil on it’s way. As Ash cleans up his mess from last week’s episode, he gets visited by his real father. Brock appears like a Star Wars force ghost and helps Ash uncover something detrimental to the fight against Ruby.

The episode finally gives Kelly and Brandy time to get to know one another. Kelly might be the only one to talk some sense into Brandy, especially when it comes to Ash’s intentions. Of course their sweet moment is cut short once evil finds them but it forces them to bond even further when faced with danger.

The ghost of Christmas past

Brock is back once again but this time, it’s the real Brock–well in ghost form. He tells Ash that something disturbed his grave which would have been Ruby using his dead body as her puppet last episode. Ash fills him in on what’s been going on including the news of Brandy being his daughter. Brock decides it’s a good time to tell his son his important message that he meant to tell Ash before his death. In this case, Brock thinks it might be better to show Ash rather than just tell him.

Ash vs Evil Dead S3E4
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Right out of a Christmas movie, ghost Brock takes Ash and travels to the past, more specifically the Christmas season of 2012. They go to the hardware store to witness one of Brock’s memories involving a man who showed up to the store in search of Ash. The man turns out to be a member of the Knights of Sumeria and he claims Ash is in grave danger. The man even has the lost pages of the Necronomicon and is warning about the end of times. At the time, Brock wants nothing to do with the evil “mumbo jumbo” so he kicks him and knocks the man down the steps. Instead of checking to see if the man was alive, Brock decides to leave him there and his body remains in the cellar in present day.

Writing on the wall

Ash and Brock go to investigate the hardware store cellar to find the corpse of the Knight of Sumeria. They find that the man didn’t die immediately and he used his time locked down there focused on the Necromicon pages. There is ancient text and symbols written all over the wall. The wall then comes to life and mysterious vines attack Ash. Unfortunately Brock can’t help considering he’s a ghost but Ash’s chainsaw comes in handy in getting free from the demonic vines.

Whatever Ash encounters with the lost pages and cellar, it awakens something in the Necronomicon. A woman whose soul is bound to the Necronomicon appears to Ruby through the book and warns her that there is a rift in the portal. She also reveals to Ruby that the Knights of Sumeria are still around and they might be the ones responsible. The woman is betraying the Dark Ones by giving Ruby the information but she hopes that Ruby will be the one to free her from the book. They think they can stand together and be a force of evil far greater than the Dark Ones.

Kelly gives Brandy some real talk

Kelly arrives back at the house looking for Ash because she needs help finding Pablo. Instead she finds Brandy who came back since she forgot her phone. Even though Brandy is still distraught by what she has recently witnessed, Kelly convinces her to stay close. She even reveals to Brandy that she too lost loved ones to evil and they have more in common than first thought. The two get in the truck to head to the hardware store but a motorcycle crashes into them head on, throwing a body into the windshield.

The body turns out to be deadite Pablo despite not seeing his character die on-screen. He attacks Kelly and Brandy in the car, focusing on Brandy but taking a chunk out of Kelly’s leg in the process. They try to crash the car to through Pablo from the windshield. They end up finding refuge in Ash’s trailer which is now equipped with bulletproof glass. Deadite Pablo continues trying to break in while Kelly gives Brandy some insight on Ash. Kelly also tries to prove to Brandy that everything that Ash has been telling her is true, including the fact that Ms. Prevett is evil Ruby. Their “real talk” is disrupted when Kelly’s wound begins to ache. They then discover Pablo’s deadite face is disgustingly growing out of the wound on Kelly’s leg.

Ruby, meet Dalton

Ruby goes out in search of Dalton since he has been in contact with Ash but he is still in deadite form impelled by a tree branch. She brings him back to regular form but he refuses to give her any answers. Ruby doesn’t have the greatest history involving the Knights of Sumeria. He does reveal that his group has the Kandarian dagger but rather than talk anymore, Dalton blows his own head off. This certainly throws a wrench into Ruby’s plan moving forward. It also seems likely that this won’t be the last we see of Dalton in some form.

Ash vs Evil Dead S3E4
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While Ruby is out looking for answers, Ash is doing the same and ends up at Ruby’s hideout. Before Brock went back to the afterlife, he provided Ash with details regarding the real Ms. Prevett  and told him where she lived. Since Ruby took her identity, it makes sense that she also took over her home. Ash obviously doesn’t encounter Ruby but he does find the hitch hiker in the attic. Ash tries to help her escape and wakes up Ruby’s demon child in the process. The little boy is now a toddler and looks to be even deadlier than before but the fight will have to wait for next week.

Sneak peek at episode 5

Here is a short clip for what’s to come in next week’s episode, “Baby Proof”:

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