Life Sentence recap: 5 best moments from Clinical Trial and Error

Life Sentence -- "Clinical Trial and Error" -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- via CWPR
Life Sentence -- "Clinical Trial and Error" -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- via CWPR /

Stella fights for Sadie’s chance to join the clinical trial that saved Stella’s life, while Wes learns about Ida’s overreaction to sick kids.

It was always going to be a difficult episode of Life Sentence. The synopsis made it clear that there were going to be tears. As she volunteers at the hospital, Stella gets to know more about Sadie and brings up the idea of joining the clinical trial that saved her. However, Stella soon learns the hard truth that the clinical trial wasn’t quite the success it seemed.

Meanwhile, Ida and Wes connect more. While babysitting Diego’s kids, Wes makes a call to Ida when one of the kids gets sick. It turns out to be the worst thing he could do. And as all that happens, Peter and Aiden go on a boy’s night out, which turns out to be an eye-opening adventure.

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Here are the top five moments from Life Sentence Episode 3, “Clinical Trial and Error.

#1. Diego struggling with the kids

It’s clear that while Diego loves his kids, he’s not the one who has done most of the raising. He can barely handle them, but he’s trying and that’s the main thing. Seeing a dad take over the parenting responsibilities is refreshing.

Okay, so he didn’t quite take over this week, since he wanted to see Lizzy, but there’s more hope for the future. One thing this episode did prove is that family works together—and not all family is blood. Diego and Wes both call Ida mom, despite being Ida’s sons-in-law, and nobody seems to bat an eyelid.

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#2. Wes and Ida bonding

Wes is volunteered to babysit and that means looking after a sick child. Of course, he calls the one person who has the experience in handling a sick child: Ida. At first it seems all fine and dandy, until Wes gets a call from Diego and we learn that Ida has a habit of overreacting. Sure enough, in runs Ida overreacting at a fever of 101.

This gives Wes and Ida the chance to bond. Ida suddenly blurts out that she’s worried it might be too late for Stella, and Wes realizes that Ida is projecting something from the past. When Stella first got sick, Ida had held off a month before taking Stella to the doctor, because Stella couldn’t quite explain the problem. After that, Ida blamed herself for Stella’s cancer being so bad by the time it was spotted; completely understandable.

Life Sentence — “Clinical Trial and Error” — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — via CWPR
Life Sentence — “Clinical Trial and Error” — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — via CWPR /

#3. The boy’s night out

Who doesn’t love Aiden? He’s the typical childish brother, who just wants to have fun in life. And he knows all the secrets to have fun. Yet, he is starting to grow up somewhat. He’s taking responsibility for the baby and knows when his dad needs help. During the episode, he’s left in charge to find a way to get Peter out of his funk.

This, of course, means boy’s night out. It’s a cute bonding moment that initially goes terribly wrong. In the end, father and son have a moment of understanding each other, before Peter decides to call it a night. That does lead to Peter meeting and hooking up with the concierge of the hotel they’re drinking at, which brings in another issue: the woman is one of Aiden’s ex-flings.

Life Sentence — “Clinical Trial and Error” — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — via CWPR
Life Sentence — “Clinical Trial and Error” — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — via CWPR /

#4. Stella’s speech to get the funding back

Stella’s mission for the night is to get funding back on the clinical trial that saved her life. Instead, she learns a few truths about that trial and the fight her parents put up to get her on it. They pleaded, threatened, and begged to make sure their daughter had a fighting chance.

While it succeeded for Stella, it didn’t for anyone else. Stella makes an impassioned speech—without actually meaning to, because she hasn’t thought of it yet—about Sadie and how Stella has proven that the clinical trial works. However, the donor explains that Stella was the only person to make it through the trial successfully. He’ll put his money back in, but only if they figure out how to replicate Stella’s success.

After this, Stella turns back to Dr. Will Grant (played by the wonderful Riley Smith), who has just lost a patient. The two get a chance to bond, as they vow to each other to help get Sadie on a trial and get cured. They will fight for her. of course, this opens up to a love triangle and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

#5. The sibling moment

At the very end, there’s a beautiful moment between Lucy and Aiden. These two knock it out of the park each week they have scenes together, especially ones where one of them is giving advice to the other.

This week it was Aiden’s turn to share a few more truths with Lucy. Getting her into that clinical trial wasn’t easy and her parents pleaded, threatened, and begged the doctor to get her in. Aiden could only watch from the sidelines, seeing everything that was happening to his parents while filled with fear of losing his sister.

What’s so brilliant is the two never blame each other or get angry with each other at the secrets, lies and actions. They get stressed and try to skirt around issues at times, but they are always there for one another, like great siblings always are.

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