Arrow’s Katrina Law talks new role as Karen Beach on The Oath, and much more in exclusive interview

Photo credit: Arrow/The CW by Katie Yu; Acquired via CW PR TV
Photo credit: Arrow/The CW by Katie Yu; Acquired via CW PR TV /

Katrina Law, best known for her roles on Arrow and Spartacus: War Of The Damned recently sat down with us to discuss her latest part on Crackle’s The Oath. Doing so provided us with a deeper look into who the mysterious Karen Beach is.

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If you were like the many people captivated by Crackle’s The Oath, you probably have tons of questions. Those questions may pertain to any number of aspects but the most intriguing is the characters therein. Fortunately, we got the scoop on one of them, Karen Beach.

For those unfamiliar with Beach, she’s a tough street cop played by the amazing Katrina Law. Beach is also a member of the Ravens, a cop gang. Like most of the officers on the force, she takes part in the dirty lifestyle of corrupt cops. She’s even taken part in a host of robberies, but Karen isn’t solely defined by those actions. Law made that evidently clear when she sat down with us to talk about her character.

During our conversation with Law, we asked her a variety of questions left unanswered in the Season Finale of The Oath, all of which pertain to what’ll happen to Karen next. Our first question had to do with Karen and Foster’s relationship.

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In the finale’s last moments, Karen and Foster were attending a counseling session with Karen’s psychiatrist, Jeremy. This piqued interest because they had previously separated and appeared to be a permanent decision by Karen. But, it looks like Foster and Karen have a future together. Law confirmed as such when answering our questions regarding their developing relationship:

"“Despite all of their flaws, I think Karen and Foster are perfect for each other. Who else would be able to understand the pressures of being a cop, let alone being a cop in a cop gang. In their own dysfunctional ways, I believe they really do love each other. I would love to see their relationship develop further into Season 2 and to see the newly built trust between the two of them tested.”"

While The Oath hasn’t been renewed for a second season, it’s probably fair to assume one will happen. The series is a breakout hit and continues to be the topic of much discussion. Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume Law’s vision for Karen will become a reality at some point.

Katrina Law discusses what’s next for Karen Beach on The Oath?

In addition to exploring Karen’s relationship with Foster, we’re also left wondering what’s going to happen between Karen and her backstabbing mother. The finale depicted Karen’s mother helping Agent Price in an ambush on Karen. Not surprised by her mother’s actions, Karen left without saying a word. Although, Karen and her mother aren’t done with each other just yet.

Photo Credit: The Riker Brothers
Photo Credit: The Riker Brothers /

Despite leaving things in the worse way possible, Law believes there’s hope for Karen to reconcile with her mother. How that’ll play out is up for debate but Law’s comments seem to suggest family will draw them back together:

"“That’s the beautiful thing about family. Blood will always pull you back, no matter how far you try to run. As much as Karen would love to have what she perceives as strength to leave her Mom in the past, Karen needs her too much.”"

Without inferring too much, Karen is in need of support from her family. She’s going to counseling which is difficult on her own, but with the help of her mother, Karen might be able to come out of this ordeal all the better for it. Of course, Foster and Karen’s estranged father could also factor into it.

When we asked Law about Karen potentially meeting her father, she was surprised by the question. Law didn’t give us confirmation either way but she seemed excited by the potential of him making an appearance:

"“Ooh! Hadn’t even thought of that! But wouldn’t it be interesting if she did! Drama for days and days!”"

Karen’s personal life aside, it’s her life as a police officer is the bigger concern going into the following season. The FBI gave Karen and the Ravens a clean slate but anything they do after can get them thrown into prison just as quick. And from what Law told us, it sounds like Karen is going to have a hard time putting that side of her away:

"“I don’t think Karen knows what the straight path is any more or if she ever did, if she is even capable of walking it. Once a Raven, always a Raven. Even if she were to leave the gang I think she would always carry that energy and darkness.”"

Assuming Karen does go back to pulling bank jobs, a stint in prison would not end well for her, especially with all the unresolved anger issues she’s dealing with. Karen’s final moments saw her taking a step in the right direction with those very same issues but she has a lot of work to do; Law confirms as such with her following comments:

"“The whole reason she’s in counseling is because she let those issues get the better of her.  I don’t think anger issues can be resolved with a few counseling sessions. It would take years of practice before she was finally able to control it. So I think it’s safe to say Karen might have an outburst or two or ten before she finally gets control of the reins.”"

Katrina Law talks upcoming appearance on Arrow

After our discussion of The Oath ran its course, Law took the time to elaborate a bit about her next appearance on Arrow. She’ll reprise her role as Nyssa Al Ghul in this week’s episode. In it, Nyssa will return to Star City for the purpose of warning Thea about the League of Assassins. However, Law isn’t convinced Nyssa is just there to assist Team Arrow.

Arrow — Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR
Arrow — Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

When we asked Law if it’s possible Nyssa has returned for another purpose, she didn’t rule it out. Law doesn’t confirm the theory but Nyssa’s past pretty much tells us her aspirations of becomes the League’s leader will resurface. Though, that’s still up for debate. Here’s what Law had to say on the matter:

"“That’s the thing with Nyssa, isn’t it? You always have to wonder what her agenda for the day is and hope that it happens to coincide with yours. I think that is one of the reasons why she is a fun character to watch. You just never know what she is going to do.”"

Aside from waging a coup, assuming control of the League in the process, it’s possible Nyssa will disband them regardless. Law seems to think Nyssa is going to stand by her prior decision to destroy the League, evidenced by Law’s response to Nyssa taking up her father’s cause yet again:

"“I’m not saying Nyssa won’t change her mind at some point, but I think right now she still stands by her decision to disband the League of Assassins. She is still resentful of the way her Father ran the league and is doing her best to set things right.”"

Reasonably speaking, Nyssa is in the position to turn either way. Her slightly skewed view of the world makes her extremely unpredictable so anything can happen. The only thing we can do is wait and hope she doesn’t cause even more problems for Team Arrow because they’ve got enough to worry about without the League of Assassins running rampant in Star City.

What’s interesting about Nyssa potentially becoming the League’s new leader is that she might have to kill Thea to gain that right. We can hear in the promo for “The Thanatos Guild” that Thea is the heir to the demon, making her the only one who can assume control. But, if Nyssa were to kill Thea, she could take the throne. Law didn’t say anything to suggest that’s what’ll happen but her mention of “anything being possible” sure leaves the door open for it.

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All things considered, Law’s vague comments about Nyssa seem to be hinting at an exciting turn of events in “The Thanatos Guild”. There’s no telling exactly what’s in store but a series of twists and turns wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Hopefully, there is because that’s what makes Arrow so great.

The Oath can currently be streamed on Crackle. Katrina Law’s next appearance on Arrow will take place on March 29, 2018 in “The Thanatos Guild”.