Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3, Episode 5 recap: Baby Proof

Photo Credit: STARZ via STARZ Media Room
Photo Credit: STARZ via STARZ Media Room /

This week on Ash vs Evil Dead, Ash fully realizes Ruby’s plan while Pablo discovers his destiny. The lives of Ash and his team will be forever changed, especially after Kelly does something that affects her relationship with Pablo.

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We are now officially past the midway point of Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3. Episode 5 is an absolute game-changer for Ash, but also Kelly and Pablo. Their lives will never be the same after this eventful episode. It will certainly be a memorable one for fans in an already outrageously fun season.

Ash is still trying to figure out what’s up with the demon kid in Ruby’s attic. Meanwhile, Kelly and Brandy are still faced with deadite Pablo trying to tear down the trailer. Each member of the team has a noteworthy moment in the episode.

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Ruby’s funhouse

Ash is still investigating what exactly is going on with the toddler in Ruby’s attic. The demon child has his own little chainsaw arm, it’s adorable, yet very creepy. Then it dawns on Ash, “he’s a little me,” meaning that he is the spawn of Ash to take over as the “prophesized one.” The hitchhiker wants to kill the kid but Ash has a better idea. If he takes the kid alive and shows it to Brandy, she will finally believe Ash regarding Ruby’s identity. The kid attacks and causing Ash and the hitchhiker to tumble down the stairs. His little chainsaw seems to work as he saws through the door and into the hitchhiker. Before the kid gets to them, they hide in a closet.

Ash eventually goes looking for him throughout the house. He has a plan to tie up the kid but is distracted when he finds Ruby’s evil den. There are writing and markings all over the wall but he also finds interesting pictures. The pictures were taken of Ash and Candy, proving that Ruby has been spying on Ash for decades. The hitchhiker thinks Ash is wasting time so she knocks him out and takes the boomstick. As she tries to escape the house, the boy finds her and attacks. When Ash wakes up, he finds her body, or what’s left of the poor woman.

Pablo breaks in

Part of Pablo’s face is still protruding through Kelly’s leg while deadite Pablo is continuing his fight to break into the trailer. As the face taunts her, she hilariously slaps and punches at it but then it mentions something about a Brujo. Deadite Pablo eventually breaks in from the roof and grabs Brandy but Kelly hangs on to her legs. Poor Brandy is stuck in a tug of war until Kelly bashes Pablo’s head with a bong. He jumps into the trailer and goes after Brandy again.

Ash vs Evil Dead S3E5
Photo Credit: STARZ via STARZ Media Room /

Kelly realizes that whatever she does to the face on her leg, it affects deadite Pablo. Kelly gags the mouth and also lights it on fire but then he goes after her. While Pablo is going after Kelly, Brandy has no choice but to help her so she stabs Pablo with the Kandarian dagger. His mind is transported but his body stays motionless in the trailer. At least now he is rid of the deadite form.

Brujo especial

Pablo wakes up in a sinister looking location and once again encounters the naked woman with the mask. This time, however, his uncle is there and tells him the woman is named Maritza and that “his journey is far from over.” The Brujo is still alive because there are some realms without evil. He tells Pablo that he must serve as an aid to the “prophesized one” aka Ash. The Brujo claims that Pablo turned his back on his ancestors and that’s why he is vulnerable to evil. In order to fight the darkness, Pablo must prove himself worthy. To do so, he must complete a ritual by picking the right blood and if he succeeds, he will become a “Brujo especial.” At the moment his real body is dying, which is freaking out Kelly and Brandy so he doesn’t have much time.

Pablo has two options–choose darkness or choose light. As the ritual begins, his body on earth begins convulsing. The Brujo tells him “don’t see with your eyes” but Pablo is having trouble picking the right blood bowl. Kelly tells him that he has this and it’s as if the message reaches him on the other realm. Pablo completes the ritual and transports back to his otherwise lifeless body. As he fully wakes up, Kelly is overcome with relief and in one of the most monumental moments of the series, she kisses him. Pablo decides he must go help Ash because now that he is a Brujo, he can help defeat evil. Kelly also sends Brandy out to go find Ash because she now has her eyes set on Ruby. Kelly wants her revenge for messing with her Pablo.

Demon kidnapping

Ash is stuck in the worst round of hide-and-seek ever played. The kid continues to outwit him even though he is a third of Ash’s size. At one point, the evil kid crawls into the hitchhiker’s headless body and somehow controls it. Ash is losing the fight until he strategically uses bowling balls to stop the kid from escaping the hitchhiker’s body. He rolls them up into an old carpet and locks them in the Delta.

Brandy is at the hardware store looking for Ash when he speeds up with something important to tell her. Ruby/Ms. Prevett happens to intervene as well as a cop walking in town. Ash wants to show them the evidence of evil he has locked in the trunk. Of course, when he pops it open, instead of an evil toddler, it’s an innocent looking child is sitting there making Ash look like a kidnapper. Ms. Prevett tries to use that to convince Brandy and she seemingly storms off. Instead, Brandy hops into the Delta and tells Ash to hop in as the two speed off. Not only does Brandy reveal her trust in Ash, but she finally calls him “dad.”

Sneak peek at episode 6

Here is a short clip for what’s to come in next week’s episode, “Tales from the Rift”:

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