iZombie renewed for Season 5 is the only good CW news today

iZombie -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW via CWPR
iZombie -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW via CWPR /

The CW has left it late but has finally confirmed the fate of iZombie. And it’s excellent news–the only good news from the network on May 11.

iZombie Season 5 is officially confirmed. Cue all those fans out there who have been on the edges of their seats, worried like crazy about the fat of the show, cheering, screaming, and celebrating.

Yes, it’s brilliant news. And for me, it’s been the only good news from The CW today.

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I know there are fans out there excited for the Charmed reboot and there are plenty who want Roswell to return. But quite honestly, I’ll watch them just to give them a go. They weren’t shows I asked for. The one new show I wanted to see, Wayward Sisters, isn’t getting picked up to series. And I’m p$(£*d off. Massively! The show was the only one I’ve wanted FOR YEARS.

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But iZombie Season 5 may just make up for it for now. It’s at least put me in a happier mood because I now know I get another year of seeing those funky personalities, the awesome makeup effects, and the well-developed characters on the show–well, I would like to see Peyton developed a little more, but the others are awesome!

While the show was on the bubble ratings-wise, the fans have to have pulled together for this. iZombie‘s fanbase is almost as vocal as Supernatural‘s, and I say almost only because I’ve not delved into the fandom rabbit hole as much as I have with the SPN Family. It could be more vocal once I get in there.

The CW has now picked up five pilots to series: CharmedRoswellIn the Dark, and Legacies. Two of the six expected after seeing the Twitter accounts earlier. All American has also been picked up to series.

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So we can now rejoice. iZombie Season 5 is happening and it’s time for a sigh of relief. Here’s to another year of delicious looking brain meals, hot sauce, and tanning/dying routines.

iZombie Season 4 airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.