WWE SmackDown Live 5/22 recap: More qualifying matches


Money in the Bank season rolls on Tuesday for SmackDown Live as more qualifying matches take place.

SmackDown Live returns from the United Kingdom to continue with their Money in the Bank qualifying. With Raw making the first of its big announcements for Money in the Bank last week, it was clear SmackDown Live would start to do the same along with the obligatory Money in the Bank qualifying match. And of course, the qualifying match to get into the qualifying match for Money in the Bank for a huge superstar.  All classic WWE pre-pay-per-view strategis. However, with so many matches taking place to qualify, it makes you think that there are some shenanigans afoot. Especially when there are about four weeks left until Money in the Bank.

The matches

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The first match of the night was a result of, you guessed it, a breakdown on Miz TV. I honestly can’t remember if it was this prevalent when the Miz was on Raw. But I can’t help but feel like three of the last four SmackDown Lives have started with an episode of Miz TV. With at least two of them resulting in a match right after. I mean, don’t get me wrong, The Miz is a fantastic performer on and off the Mic, but it’s getting a bit stale. You can’t burn out the SmackDown Live viewers so early after the shakeup. Either way, the opening was entertaining, and so was the match between the Miz and Big E, who the Miz won thanks to interference from The New Day’s new rivals, The Bar.

The Good Brothers, Anderson, and Gallows, took on the Usos Tuesday on SmackDown Live. In what could only be described as a “The Bludgeon Brothers are going to retain, but we can’t afford to give The New Day or The Usos another loss,” match. I mean, out of nowhere Anderson and Gallows decided that the winner of the match would face the Bludgeon Brothers at MITB. Then, of course, the Good Brothers went out and got the win, unless we’re going to get another match involving The Bar or the New Day, it’s pretty clear what is going to happen June 17th.

Money in the Bank qualifying

After the opening match, it was back to more qualifying matches for Money in the Bank! This week, it was the SmackDown Live women’s division turn to qualify. Billie Kay of the IIconis took on the ravishing Lana. Now, last week on SmackDown Live Lana mentioned that she and Rusev could be the first ever, Mr. and Mrs. Money in the Bank. That sounds like a cool idea, but I never thought it would or could happen. For the record, I still don’t.

Though, I never thought both Rusev and Lana would even make it into their respective matches. With Rusev having to go through Daniel Bryan, and Lana, well being Lana. So I was shocked when the husband and wife duo both qualified for the ladder match. Also, I felt kind of bad for Billie Kay, that she and Peyton Royce only got one win and cost Charlotte her title, before going into stepping stone mode.

Later in the night Sonya Deville, of the recently dissolved Absolution, got her shot being in the women’s Money in the Bank match. Unfortunately for Deville, she had to go through one of the more talented women on the SmackDown Live roster in Naomi. As soon as this match was mentioned you knew it was going to be an uphill climb for Deville. Naomi is my sleeper pick to win the women’s match.

I know it would be weird to have a SmackDown Live superstar win it in back to back years. But Naomi is at the right level of stardom, where she would be a good Ms. Money in the Bank, as well, a deserving champion when she finally cashed in. Not to mention she could take the babyface route when cashing in and put on a great match with whoever the champ is at the time. Oh, if you didn’t guess by now, Naomi did, in fact, beat Deville and qualify for Money in the Bank.

The main event

The main event Tuesday night on SmackDown live was, you guessed it, another qualifying match. But not just any qualifying match. But, a qualifying match, to get into a qualifying match for Money in the Bank. Jeff Hardy and Daniel Bryan squared off for the chance to take on Samoa Joe for a chance to compete in the men’s Money in the Bank match. Now, thinking this out now, I guess there could be some intrigue in this match.

However, watching it live, I couldn’t help but think, there is no way Jeff Hardy wins this match! I mean, my WWE historical knowledge isn’t good at all, but it just doesn’t make sense to have a sitting champion in the MITB match, or even try to be. Didn’t matter much though, as it always felt like this was an opportunity to get Daniel Bryan into MITB. Or at least start a rivalry with Samoa Joe. I guess we will have to wait until next week to see what happens.

SmackDown Live can be seen Tuesday nights at 8 PM on the USA Network.