Colony season 3, episode 4: Hospitium

COLONY -- "Hospitum" Episode 304 -- Pictured: (l-r) Peyton List as Amy Leonard, Tory Kittles as Broussard -- (Photo by: Daniel Power/USA Network)
COLONY -- "Hospitum" Episode 304 -- Pictured: (l-r) Peyton List as Amy Leonard, Tory Kittles as Broussard -- (Photo by: Daniel Power/USA Network) /

In the latest episode of Colony, the Bowmans deal with the fallout of the RAP’s words. Meanwhile, Broussard and Amy continue their trek to the Resistance camp.

Last week’s episode of Colony was huge. We learned that there was a second species of aliens fighting the RAPs in episode one, but now we know more about why. According to the click that was captured by The Resistance, the RAPs were fleeing this second species and they consider themselves our allies. This information angered McGregor and he shut down the conversation before the click could continue.

Last night’s episode picked up directly after these events, after first giving us some more background on McGregor.

McGregor before the invasion

For the second week in a row Colony started with a cold open revealing background information on a character. This time it was Andrew McGregor. We learn that he ran a government conspiracy website called “Enemy Above” and came very close to exposing a cover-up. In a meeting with his informant, McGregor mentions how easy we would be to invade us. We store all of our information online and a species with more advanced technology could just come in, take it, and have a blueprint for taking over our planet.

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Of course, this leads to the FBI arresting him in the middle of the night and framing him with a large cache of child pornography to cover up the real reason for his arrest. We learn later in the episode that he built the camp in the same place that he used to store his research on the impending invasion. His family knew nothing about the website.

The Bowmans

Colony transitions back to the present and we see Will and Katie returning home from the interrogation of the click. Will tells Bram and Snyder about the click being a machine, pointing out that the alien he and Katie saw crashed had guts.

They get Snyder to admit that he “heard rumors” about them being machines. He also tells them that the RAPs agreed to protect us if we gave them a labor force to build a defense grid so the Earth wouldn’t be destroyed in their fight. When the Bowmans continue to want to push for further interrogation of the click, Snyder tells them to tread lightly. He says that McGregor is the type of guy that wants to be in charge of the narrative.

The Announcement

The next morning, the Bowmans wake up when an alarm goes off in the camp. Everyone is gathered outside of the main tent as Mcgregor and a few of his men carry out what appears to be a body. When they open it, we see it is the click. Initially, this feels like a good thing. Previously he didn’t allow any of his people to see it but now he’s sharing with them. That is until he begins to speak.

He says that the click lied and said that the RAPs were trying to protect them. He reminds the people that they killed their families and conquered their cities. McGregor goes on to say that it was trying to exploit them because it knows humans are weak. He encourages his people to get behind the idea of destroying it to: “Show them that mankind will not go quietly.” The Bowmans are alarmed by this speech.

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Broussard and Amy

On the other side of our Colony world, Broussard and Amy are debating whether or not they want to meet the contact who told them about the signal being down. Broussard feels like they’re walking into a trap but Amy convinces him to come.

They arrive in a junkyard and meet with the contact. The guy says that the camp has never been silent this long and tells them the last message he received was about a package arriving from L.A. Broussard tries to find out if it was the Bowman’s but the guy doesn’t know any details.

Amy then convinces him to break protocol to get her the location for the camp without the proper authorization.


The guy leaves for a while then comes back with the coordinates but Broussard notices birds clear out of an area outside and knows that someone is coming. As they flee, the contact is shot in the head but Broussard and Amy escape unscathed. As they leave, they see that it was an opposition soldier who made the shot.

The Bowmans meet with McGregor

The Bowmans do not heed Snyder’s warning and meet with Andrew. Andrew gives them a speech about how the camp survives because people fall in line behind a singular vision. Will tries to push back saying that they also need accurate intelligence but McGregor isn’t budging. Then Katie says too much.

She brings up the fact that the alien they saw on their way to the camp was not a machine. McGregor acknowledges that this was in her book, but that there was no one to corroborate that story. She then says that she had information saying that the RAPs were building a defense grid, which he points out was not in her book. She tries to play it off by saying that he shouldn’t have expected her to just give up everything, but now he’s suspicious. He tells the Bowman’s that he can’t tell them what to think but he can show them the door if they aren’t going to fall in line.

Bram’s discovery

The same day, Bram sneaks into another work site where he’s supposed to be moving fertilizer. He sneaks onto a truck and finds wire fuses and realizes that they must be making a bomb.

Later, Will and Katie tell the family about their encounter with McGregor and Snyder mentions leaving again. That’s when Bram tells them about the bomb and mentions that it’s going to be huge. Katie suggests that they go to Vincent.

The Vincent plan

The Bowmans arrange to meet with Vincent in the woods to discuss what they know. Vincent doesn’t think that McGregor is actually going to destroy the click but he isn’t sure because he’s been cut out of the inner circle. Will and Katie ask Vincent to help them convince McGregor not to destroy it, and Vincent says that he’ll go talk to him.

Later in the episode, we see Vincent forcibly removed from McGregor’s tent while the RAP is being taken out in another direction.

When the Bowman’s catch up with him, he tells them that they’re sending it to Seattle on the train. He then adds that the bomb will be on the train as well. The Bowmans realize that this means they’re bombing a colony full of innocent people and convince Vincent to help them stop this once and for all.

Broussard questions Amy

Once they make it to safety, Broussard stops and tells Amy that they need to talk. He asks how The Occupation found them so quickly and she says that they must have been monitoring the radio. He accuses her of walking him into a trap and begins to question their interactions. Starting with her showing up at his place with a superficial wound. Amy is offended by the questioning and tells him he needs to decide if he trusts her or not. After a hesitation, he keeps walking.

The plan

Back at the Resistance camp, the Bowmans put their plan in motion. Bram steals the wires from the truck containing the explosive materials.

Meanwhile, Will, Katie, Vincent and his men break into McGregor’s tent to find that it is empty. That is until McGregor and his men storm in with their guns.

McGregor goes straight for Vincent. Mentioning the fact that they were able to get the gauntlet and the amount of information they were able to acquire, he says that the Bowman’s story doesn’t make sense. He tells Vincent that they are double-agents sent in to undermine them. The Bowmans tell Vincent to stay strong but he gives up his weapon. The Bowmans then are taken into custody.


While the Bowmans were heading out, Snyder was able to get a lax guard to allow him outside the camp. After the failed coup, we come back to Snyder as he’s struggling to find the device he used to call in The Occupation back at the cabin. That’s when the guards catch up to him and detain him as well. While they’re dragging him away one of his boots comes off.

Broussard and Amy

After their discussion earlier in the day, Broussard apologizes to Amy for being paranoid as they set up camp for the night. She then asks if he trusts her now, and when he says he does, she tell him she trusts him too.

At the very end of the episode, Broussard and Amy are walking through the woods when they find Snyder’s boot. The don’t know it’s his obviously but they know that this is odd. As they walk into the camp it is clear that it has been deserted. There are bullet holes in some of the tents and we can see that at least one of them has been burned. There are no bodies however, so we are not sure what took place.

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Next episode

The preview for the upcoming episode looks incredibly intense. McGregor and his people will be interrogating the Bowmans, including the kids, and Snyder’s biggest fear may come to fruition. Hopefully, this net episode clears up the timeline because it appears that a good bit of time has passed between the Bowman’s being taken as prisoners, and Broussard’s arrival.

Colony returns next Wednesday at 10/9 Central on USA Network.