General Hospital spoilers: Kiki finally takes a stand against Dr. Bensch

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Kiki has been keeping quiet about Dr. Bensch these past few weeks on General Hospital, but that is all about to change.

General Hospital has touched on the topic of sexual harassment in the workplace these past few weeks with the Kiki Jerome and Dr. Bensch storyline. She has endured his advances and has not said a word to anyone about them, until now.

Confession time

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On Tuesday’s General Hospital, Bensch took things to the next level by giving Kiki an ultimatum. He gave her the draft copy of her evaluation, which contained many negative things that could hurt her future as a doctor. He then showed her his hotel room key and proceeded to say that things could change if she is waiting for him in his hotel room later on.

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It was pretty disgusting to watch this all unfold, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Kiki finally confessed to Elizabeth that Bensch wanted sex in exchange for a good evaluation. Liz was shocked to say the least.

The Bensch take down begins

General Hospital spoilers indicates that Kiki will take a strong stand against her mentor. She will also make sure that he doesn’t ever do this kind of thing to her again. Now that Liz knows what is going on, she will help Kiki take him down. She may just go straight to Monica Quartermaine to spill the details of his sexual advances towards her and threatening to make or break or career.

Telling Liz about Dr. Bensch is just the first step, but the most important one. Now that Kiki knows that she is not alone in this, it will make it easier to figure out how to stop him in his tracks. Viewers can also breath a little sigh of relief that this is finally heading towards a victory for Kiki.

Soap actor James DePaiva has done an excellent job portraying the creepy doctor. This is a completely different role than he had on the former ABC soap One Life to Live, but he has done his job on GH well. However, the character may not be on much longer if Kiki has anything to do with it.

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Are you happy with the way General Hospital has handled this storyline so far? Do you think Bensch will somehow fight back when he is backed up against the wall? Keep watching to find out how the ABC soap will move forward with this storyline from here.