Six: Critical is an explosive, triumphant Season 2 return

L-R: Robert Chase (Edwin Hodge), Armin “Fishbait” Khan (Jaylen Moore), Trevor Wozniak (Eric Ladin), Joe “Bear” Graves (Barry Sloane), Ricky “Buddha” Ortiz (Juan-Pablo Raba) and Alex Caulder (Kyle Schmid) of HISTORY’s “SIX”. Photo by Mitch Jenkins
L-R: Robert Chase (Edwin Hodge), Armin “Fishbait” Khan (Jaylen Moore), Trevor Wozniak (Eric Ladin), Joe “Bear” Graves (Barry Sloane), Ricky “Buddha” Ortiz (Juan-Pablo Raba) and Alex Caulder (Kyle Schmid) of HISTORY’s “SIX”. Photo by Mitch Jenkins /

Six returns for a second season, and it’s as awesome as possible. The SEAL team is also one step closer to finding who shot Rip.

Season one of Six ended with a shocking ending. Rip (Walton Goggins) was gunned down on a pier after seemingly escaping the most dangerous situation he could possibly encounter. Instead, Marissa (Katherine Evans), a woman recruited into Michael’s (Dominic Adams) terrorist cell, shot him. As the season ended, she asked, “Who’s next?” and season two was set.

Now, the rest of Rip’s team has to track down the shooter before she starts ambushing others. Along side Bear (Barry Sloane) and crew, a new CIA agent named Gina Cline (Olivia Munn) enters the scene to help unravel the terrorist group. She may also have a little bit of payback on the brain, as her history indicates a loss near to her.

Aftermath of the shooting

First of all, we can all hope Gina and/or Bear waterboards Marissa in the very near future. She left Rip on the pier to die, and she deserves everlasting agony. She’s incredibly naive, however, and is merely a tool for the terrorists. She makes a call to a terrorist middle-man named Dragan Baruti (Alexander Mandra), and it’s clear he views her as a spoke in the wheel. All she wants to do is please Michael; so, she deals with Dragan’s dismissive attitude.

By the time news of Rip’s shooting is on the news, the entire crew is at the hospital. They’re running security at the hospital because the rent-a-cops don’t cut it. Alex (Kyle Schmid) posts security details, and everyone arms themselves.

Chase (Edwin Hodge) seems to be the guy designated as information gatherer, and he’s running all over the place talking to nurses and providing updates about Rip’s vitals. The news reports the shooting is linked to Michael’s terrorist network, which causes Alex and Chase to have a quick discussion about whether or not they should have executed Nasry when they had the chance. Chase believes they should have, but Alex doesn’t comment.

Bear has other things in mind.

Joe “Bear” Graves (Barry Sloane) of HISTORY’s “SIX”. Photo by James Dittiger /

Meanwhile, Bear finds Lena (Brianne Davis) to ensure she’s safe. After a brief moment of worry, the pair can’t resist their mutual attraction. Unfortunately it’s interrupted when Bear gets overzealous and breaks a lamp. They’re perfectly imperfect for one another.

After his abbreviate hook up, Bear hooks up with the rest of the team to inform them about their target. They have a lead on a guy in Bosnia, and it’s Dragan. He tells Buddha they are getting ready to leave today. It’s mission time.

Buddha takes things the hardest.

Buddha has a tight connection to Rip, and he wears his emotion on his sleeve. Consequently, he takes a bit of his frustration out on his wife Jackie (Nadine Velazquez). He insists he’s going to make whoever did it pay, but she’s more worried about the potential retaliation. She’s moved their family into a temporary hiding place of sorts. A house unattached to their name. After all, Rip got shot right after their party, and the shooter may have followed Rip directly from the house.

When Jackie talks negatively about Rip, however, things turn hostile. She worries Rip may have said something about the rest of the team when he made the confession tape. Buddha blows up. His anger issues are obviously going to be an issue.

A quick flashback shows Rip and Buddha at Buddha’s son’s baseball game. Rip calls his kid a “little quesadilla” and the pair walk off to talk. Buddha says he will take care of the guys when Rip leaves. Rip, however, says he already told command that Bear should get the team. It’s simple: Bear is solo and Buddha has a family. Nonetheless, Buddha is pissed and pushes him.

Flash-forward to Buddha, and he’s shaving his head basic training style. It’s obvious he has come to realize Rip’s decision showed love, and he wants to avenge a family member.

Michael has more than one enemy.

R: Michael Nasry (Dominic Adams) of HISTORY’s “SIX”. Photo by James Dittiger /

He’s wounded, and chained to a chair in what appears to be a condemned elementary school. He was taken straight out of surgery. The interrogator just keeps asking him, “How did you do it?”  When Michael can’t answer, the interrogator takes out his keys and plunges one repeatedly into Michael’s wounds.

Michael gets thrown into a pitch black cell, and if it didn’t smell like feces before, it does now. He hears a whisper, and starts freaking out.

Enter the CIA

Gina Cline is staking someone out, using her Russian informant, and it appears to be Dragan. Gina approaches Dragan’s girlfriend and baby, trying to get intel. The girlfriend replies with, “Bend over and die, b**ch.” Until Gina pulls out a few stacks of cash, that is.

Gina Cline (Olivia Munn) of HISTORY’s “SIX”. Photo by Diyah Pera /

The SEAL team is about to do work.

The mission is set. Dragan is the target. But first, the team has to pick up Buckley’s replacement. Enter my new favorite character.

The new SEAL is introduced while jack-hammering away doggie style with a blonde. His name is Trevor (Eric Ladin), and her name is apparently unimportant since she passes out mid-stroke. When Chase and Fish (Jaylen Moore) show up to get him, the woman is seen screaming at him and leaving the hotel room. With an saline IV in her arm. Apparently, she was dehydrated from a party the night before, and the stamina of a Navy SEAL. Before grabbing his gear he takes a look at Chase and Fish and laughs about the affirmative action SEAL team. He’s going to be a great addition to the Six.

Operational Briefing

During the ops brief in Bosnia, Buddha gets a text about Rip and goes absolutely berserk. Rip died at the hospital, and Buddha starts ripping the hangar apart. Unfortunately, Buddha’s actions cause the commander enough concern that he takes Bear’s team off the mission. They are tasked with Quick Reaction Force (QRF) support, and it clearly eats at every one of the SEALs on the team.

Konjic, Bosnia

Gina is outside of Dragan’s village with his girlfriend and the baby. The SEAL team is waiting for the house coordinates. Dragan’s girlfriend doesn’t want to provide the information, but a peek into Gina’s ruthlessness becomes quickly apparent. She gets out of the car, into the backseat, and unbuckles the baby. While holding the baby, she gives a speech about new baby smell and amniotic fluid may as well be soliloquy. It all feels very Tarantino-esque, and Gina quickly has the coordinates.

Unfortunately, the delay is just enough for Dragan to escape by car. It’s just what Bear and crew need to push Commander Atkins (Rus Blackwell) for their role as DH. Moments later they’re flying on Blackhawks heading into action, and Gina is chasing down Dragan.

A literal dead end

When the team catches up to Dragan, he’s in one of two cars on the move. They’re not faster than helicopters. Both drivers receive sucking chest wounds courtesy of sniper rifles, and a Mexican standoff ensues. The SEALS move in, and the terrorists stay in their vehicles, ready to attack.

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After everyone else is killed, Dragan exits the vehicle and runs. It’s a fruitless effort, and he blows himself up.

The aftermath results in the quintessential “it’s my op, government vs. military”-confrontation, but Bear isn’t having any of it. Gina wants to know where Dragan is, and Bear politely points out a few of the meatier chunks in close proximity. It’s a disappointing result to the mission. Luckily, however, a code book is found on site with minimal damage.

The mission may not have been a total wash, however, because the notebook provides some serious intel, and a connection to The Prince. He’s the highest ranking Jihadist they’ve ever been close to, and the CIA chief who briefs Gina is excited about it.

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Let the waterboarding commence.

Forward to a Romanian prison, where Michael is presumably being held. Based on what Gina did with the baby, he’s in deep trouble. She plays good cop, offering him a hand after he spent the last several moments getting beaten by other prisoners. If he takes her hand, future beatings will be worse. She’s his only hope, however, and he will eventually be the lead to The Prince, and hopefully, to interrogating (read: waterboarding) Marissa.

In two days, Six returns to its normal Wednesday night awesomeness on the History channel.