Colony season 3, episode 5: End of the Road

COLONY -- "End of the Road" Episode 305 -- Pictured: (l-r) Waleed Zuaiter as Vincent, Graham McTavish as Andrew MacGregor -- (Photo by: Daniel Power/USA Network)
COLONY -- "End of the Road" Episode 305 -- Pictured: (l-r) Waleed Zuaiter as Vincent, Graham McTavish as Andrew MacGregor -- (Photo by: Daniel Power/USA Network) /

The latest episode of Colony gives us yet another history lesson before diving into what happened to The Resistance. The events that led to the camp being deserted were both shocking and devastating.

Season 3 of Colony has been an amazing ride coming into the episode. There has been a lot of action around our principal characters, but thus far we had not lost any of them. That changed last night as one of the Bowman’s did not make it out of the camp.

To understand the course of events, the show first took us back in time. This has occurred during the previous episodes but this one had multiple layers that add to the story. This flashback helps us understand why things went the way they did at the camp, and let us know where a mysterious character ended up.

Bugs flashback

The episode takes us back to the infamous raid where the click was captured. Vincent is running from a drone when he finds McGregor in a tunnel. McGregor looks dejected and tells Vincent that everyone is dead. Vincent seems confused because he thought the plan went perfectly. He didn’t understand how The Occupation responded so quickly.

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That’s when we see Broussard’s friend with the Bugs Bunny tattoo dragging the click out behind him. He calls McGregor out for abandoning them and when McGregor downplays it he pulls a gun on him. Vincent is able to talk Bugs down and he instead walks away from the conflict. McGregor turns to Vincent and tells him that he can follow Bugs and win a few battles, or follow him and win the war.

Back at the tunnel

In the present day we come to McGregor and Vincent back in the same area where the Bugs confrontation occurred. It appears that Vincent is going to be executed but McGregor stops short. He tells Vince that he needs him to interrogate the Bowmans. He truly believes that they are double agents sent to destroy them from the inside.

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Katie’s interrogation

Vince first asks how Will survived since The Occupation killed all law enforcement people. Katie gives him the story of Will taking another identity.

She also said that she was keeping her head down so he questions how joining The Resistance counted as keeping her head down. She explains that she felt that something terrible was around the corner and she had to. When he asks how they got out she explains that Broussard created a diversion and she expects he didn’t make it out.

The kids’ interrogation

We then see McGregor interrogating Charlie and Gracie. They get through the Snyder question but when they get to Charlie not always being with the family, Charlie lies. He says he was in The Green Zone and McGregor knows he’s lying. He threatens the kids before Gracie finally says that Charlie was in Santa Monica.

Will’s interrogation

McGregor and Vincent interrogate Will. They start by asking him how he stayed off the kill list as a LA cop. He goes further than Katie in saying that one of his neighbors was on vacation during the arrival and they assumed their identities.

That’s when McGregor gets ahead of himself and asks if their family was all living together in Los Angeles. Vincent is clearly annoyed by this because it tells Will that he knows they weren’t. Will explains that Charlie was not always with them. Vince asks why Charlie was in Santa Monica and Will explains that he wasn’t with them when the walls came down. He further explains that he told Charlie to lie about it.

Will continues to explain why while McGregor accuses him of joining The Occupation to save his kid but then they are interrupted.

The missing blast caps

One of McGregor’s men comes in to tell them about the missing blasting caps. They realize that Bram must have taken them and this frustrates McGregor. He wants to end the interrogations but Vincent convinces him to give him a little more time. He calls McGregor out for the Santa Monica blunder and says to let him handle it alone.

COLONY — “End of the Road” Episode 305 — Pictured: Sarah Wayne Callies as Katie Bowman — (Photo by: Daniel Power/USA Network)
COLONY — “End of the Road” Episode 305 — Pictured: Sarah Wayne Callies as Katie Bowman — (Photo by: Daniel Power/USA Network) /

Katie interrogation: part 2

Back in the room with Katie, they immediately lie to Katie and tell her that Will admitted to working for The Occupation. She’s shocked but says that they had no choice. They play along saying that they understand they had to get their son back and Katie is confused. She continues though, saying that it was more than that. By joining them, Will became an inside man for The Resistance. She explains that they would not have gotten the gauntlet had he not been on the inside.

McGregor then asks why she lied and Katie tells him that Vincent told them the place was political. She tells him that he has no idea what it was like living in a colony. He clearly doesn’t, telling her that she should have picked up a gun. As he continues to hear what he wants to hear there’s suddenly a commotion outside.


Outside we see that Bram has been captured and they take him into the building Will is being held in. McGregor decides to play Russian Roulette with him to find out where the blast caps are. Bram won’t give up the information but Will is screaming for him to.

After the first click of the gun Will nearly loses it and says that he has information to give if they leave Bram alone. When Will asks for McGregor’s word he tells him that he won’t give it to him and that they’re moving to his daughter next.

Vince is shocked and Will looks at him completely stunned as well. The pain is showing in his face before he gives up the information on Snyder.


When McGregor and Vincent go to him, Snyder isn’t shocked at all. They tell him Will gave him up and he asks if they put a knife to the throat of one of his kids.

When they accuse him of facilitating a genocide, Snyder explains his position and how he worked to save as many people as possible. When they ask why he left he explains that as well. Saying that if you one mistake for them you’re dead, and he figured he’d get out while he could.

Knowing he has their attention he tells them that if they were smart they would worry about surviving the war between the aliens. He also tells them to give back the click. In Dallas, they killed two clicks and the hosts sent a beam from space that wiped out Dallas and turned the sand to glass for miles around Dallas. He tells them that by killing the click he’s guaranteeing the death of millions of people.

Vince and McGregor

After the meeting, McGregor tells Vince that they have to destroy it and that Snyder is playing mind games. He tells Vince to arrange for the demolition while he prepares his remarks.

When they separate, Vince goes and speaks to the click. He tells it they’re going to kill it and asks it what happened in Dallas. It doesn’t say anything but it turns red and starts to vibrate.

Vince then goes back to McGregor and says that they shouldn’t have killed Bugs. He says that he shot him in the back like a coward and that what they’re doing to the Bowman family feels like what they did to Bugs.

McGregor then gives a speech about how they’re doing what they have to do and that future generations will judge them, but at least they’ll be alive to judge.

Vince and Snyder

Vince then goes to Snyder for answers. He first asks how the RAP’s will know that they killed the click and Snyder says that he expects McGregor will announce it. Vincent then asks why they care if they blow it up if it’s a machine. That’s when we learn some big information

Snyder says that the glowing ball in the helmet is some kind of consciousness. He isn’t sure if they had bodies and uploaded themselves into the spheres but he knows that there are only a few hundred of them. The drones and ships are all automated pieces of a hive mind so they don’t care about those as much. When you go after the spheres however, that’s when they have a problem.

He tells Vince that he has the power to save every man, woman and child in the Northwest. Convinced, Vincent takes Snyder’s instructions for calling in The Occupation.

Vince’s move

Vince and a couple of his people remove the man stationed in the radio hut and Vince sends the message. “Roanoke”

Seconds later we hear gunfire outside. McGregor walks in and asks Vince what he did and Vince simply says he remembered who he was. McGregor then kills him and exits.

McGregor’s call

McGregor is on a mission now and he tells Katie they’ve been sentenced to death. He says that Bram is old enough to face death as well but the other two will be allowed to stay until they’re old enough to survive on their own.

Will, Katie, and Bram are lined up at the rifle range when the loud shrieking sound comes back and knocks everyone to their knees. Gunfire rings out as The Occupation has arrived to kill The Resistance.

The Escape

On the other side of the camp one of the workers lets Gracie and Charlie out of the hut they were in. As they head for the woods an explosion goes off and Gracie is hit in the arm by shrapnel.

Meanwhile, Will, Katie and Bram have worked themselves free and head to find the other kids. We see that after Gracie was hit, she and Charlie hid. He takes a grenade off a body and sends Gracie to the woods saying he’ll watch after her. When a soldier steps up to shoot her Charlie hits them with the grenade before taking off after her.

In the woods, Will sees Gracie and calls her over. Katie receives her and brings her behind them. They then see Charlie, but as he runs up the hill he’s shot in the back.

Will is stunned but Katie is distraught and trying to run over to him. Will and Bram both hold her back because if she steps out she will surely be killed. They have to leave him there.


At the end of the Colony episode, Snyder discusses his plans to go to Switzerland with the leader. The guy has him identify the body of the leader of The Resistance and he does. (Though we don’t get confirmation it was really him.) Snyder asks questions to figure out if the Bowmans got out and if they’ll chase them and gets answers that give him hope. However, just as he’s about to leave he stops as he sees Charlie’s body. He’s visibly shaken but gathers himself quickly, knowing he has to hide it.

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We had been spoiled up to this point but with the way things were unfolding no one appeared to be safe. It was unrealistic to expect that the Bowmans would continue to exist unscathed. It’s going to be hard to recover from this loss but hopefully next week’s episode isn’t nearly as rough. Though the previews show that Gracie’s injury is getting worse, we have to hope they won’t take two kids from the Bowmans in consecutive episodes.

Colony returns next Wednesday at 10/9 Central on USA Network. We’ll see how the Bowman’s respond to losing Charlie.