Hereditary: Is the hype real? How to best prepare for the movie

Hereditary photo courtesy A24 via photo by Reid Chavis
Hereditary photo courtesy A24 via photo by Reid Chavis /

Currently, Hereditary has a score of 98% at Rotten Tomatoes and reactions on Twitter are amazing. But is the hype real? What should you do to prepare for what critics are calling the most terrifying movie in years?

Earlier last week, the upcoming horror film Hereditary released advanced screenings for critics. Hidden Remote attended the screening in Dallas, TX, and as the theater went dark, I mentally  prepared myself to lose sleep for the next few days. Unfortunately, I slept just fine.

A full review of the movie will follow later this week from Hidden Remote’s John Dotson, the below is only my experience and take on the hype, as well as suggestions on how to best prepare if you want a good scare…

Hereditary photo courtesy A24 via /

Light spoilers/teasers ahead — leave now if you want to know absolutely nothing! I promise not to ruin the movie, though! 

With a 100% rating at Rotten Tomatoes, who wouldn’t be excited to watch Hereditary? I went to the screening knowing I would be scared and would likely be leaving the theater thinking about the movie all the way home. I thought about it, all right, but not in the way I expected. To be honest, other movies have scared me a lot more than Hereditary. Some of these movies still give me chills today!  

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This isn’t to say Hereditary is not a good film. It’s great! The acting is amazing, Toni Collette’s expressions are everything. The soundtrack is spine-chilling. If you’ve watched the trailer and had to look away, that’s because it features its two biggest fear factors — Collette and the soundtrack.

After several days with a score of 100%, a critic has finally handed out a negative review. I’ve read it, and, for the most part, agree. One of the biggest complaints I have about the movie is the long wait.

The movie takes its time building up the story and scares, which I understand, but there were many scenes that could’ve been shorter or cut out entirely. Towards the end of the movie, I lost interest in what was happening.

Hereditary photo courtesy A24 via /

The movie picks up during the final 15 or 20 minutes, which are packed with the horrors we have been waiting for. And these scares are frightening! Everyone has a different patience meter, if you don’t mind waiting nearly two hours for some real scares, you’ll be fine! The characters and story will keep you busy (if you didn’t only watch for the frights), wondering what the hell (literally) is going on.

There are also a few surprises in the movie the trailer hides. You may be able to figure it out if you watch the trailer or sneak peeks too many times, though. So stay away! Which brings us to our next point…

Hereditary photo courtesy A24 via photo by Reid Chavis /

How to prepare

After the death of her mother, Annie goes straight back to her work, feeling a sense of relief while also unsure of how to grief. It’s not long before another tragedy strikes the family, and this one isn’t as easy to recover from. Family secrets begin to surface. Annie knew her mother was difficult and extremely private, but she could have never imagined what her mom kept hidden from her all these years.

If you want to go home with nightmares, know nothing about this movie. Stop watching trailers and sneak peeks, video teasers, and  reviews. Don’t even check to see who else stars in the movie. And be prepared to wait. Take in the story and pay attention to all details!

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Hereditary is in theaters this Friday, June 8. 

Hereditary may not be the most frightening movie of the year, in my opinion, but it’s definitely one of the most disturbing and baffling films. It’s worth watching at the movies on opening weekend!