Vida recap: Making changes, making amends

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Vida Season 1, Episode 5 sees Emma end up in jail for fighting with Mari, but could be just the event needed to help Mari?

It was only a matter of time before Mari would stand up to Tlaloc and take over his small group on Vida. All she needed was to see the type of guy he really was, after the video of her with him went to his friends. Meanwhile, Emma tried to manage her job in Chicago while making changes to the bar, but a trip to jail may have been just the thing to help Mari. Lyn also has another run-in with Karla while at yoga.

Meanwhile, the changes to the bar and building may not be everything Eddy wants. Nobody seems to pay any attention to her needs and grief, except the people in the building. Here’s your Vida recap to get caught up.

Emma raises the rent

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The episode kickstarts with Emma attempting to work remotely. When it’s clear she’s not going to be back in time for a presentation, the guys in her workplace aren’t happy. They’re not even understanding that her mom has died, showing the typical workplace where it’s clearly all about the bosses. They cut off her feed to the conversation, deciding they’ll find a way around the presentation, leaving her annoyed at the whole situation.

As Lyn gets ready for yoga, Emma starts putting up notices that rent is increasing. She says it’s only by $20, so they should be able to afford it, but clearly, that might not be the case. Most of the people in the building are undocumented, so money isn’t exactly going to be that easy to find. Lyn isn’t going to get into the middle of this, though. She has yoga to attend.

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Karla gives up

While at yoga, Lyn runs into Karla, who has decided she’s going to give up in the fight for Johnny. She’s not interested in a guy who clearly wants to be with Lyn instead, so tells Lyn that Johnny is all hers. As Karla walks off, Lyn is happy with the decision. In her mind, she’s won.

Later, Johnny does show up and tells Lyn that there are no more games. He wants to be with her.

Eddy says goodbye to Vida

The episode starts with Eddy and the building giving Vida a Catholic sendoff. Eddy doesn’t really know what she’s doing, but she wants to honor her wife. Lyn makes it clear that Emma isn’t going to join in and feels uncomfortable when she’s asked to stay. She makes her excuses and leaves, but later finds herself interested in the rosaries.

At the bar, Emma makes it clear that the racist sign needs to be removed. Lyn suggests that the new bar is called Vida’s since that’s what everyone in the area calls it anyway. Emma isn’t too impressed, constantly shutting Eddy and Lyn down with all their suggestions, clearly deciding she knows what’s right.

Eddy decides to take the sign down, which Mari sees and isn’t happy about. She doesn’t want the place to become one for the “chipsters,” and neither does Eddy.

It starts to get too much for Eddy, and that night she gets drunk in the bar while the people in the building who were saying prayers in the apartment are around her. Emma wants to say a few things about the building, but Eddy isn’t willing to listen. Lyn does stay to give Vida a send-off.

Emma and Mari go to jail

Since it looks like she’s staying for a while, Emma decides to look for a place to rent for the short term. Mari sees this happening and the two get into a fight, which lands them both in jail.

During that time, Emma accuses Mari of having a chip on her shoulder. If she got an education, Mari would stand a chance of getting a job. While harsh, the things Emma says rings true for Mari and the two start to see that they’re maybe not all that different. When Lyn bails Emma out, Emma arranges for Mari to be bailed out too. Mari on their side could be just what the sisters need to help their building.

After the stint in jail, Mari decides to stand up to Tlaloc. When he wants to go protest at a cafe and maybe the building, she decides to put it to a vote. It’s time that he stops making it a dictatorship. Clearly, the majority is for the building, which opens at 8 a.m., so they’re going to get a group there bright and early. This should happen in next week’s Vida.

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There’s just one episode of Vida Season 1 left. Are you ready for the finale? What do you think will happen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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