Nashville trailer teases the return of Rayna James before finale


Nashville is back with the end of season 6 and the entire series. A new preview teases that Rayna James could make an appearance.

It is time for Nashville to come to an end as season 6 returns this week. TV Guide shared a new shocking preview that aired during the CMT Music Awards last night. This show has been through a lot from being canceled on ABC and moved to CMT and then Connie Britton decided to leave the show, which meant the end of Deacon and Rayna’s relationship that kept the viewers coming back for more.

The preview starts out showing Juliette Barnes trying to return home, but it doesn’t look like they are going to let her leave as easily as she would like. Getting her out of this new religion may be a bit harder than she thought. Juliette reveals that she is pregnant and tries to use this as a way to go home. A few other shockers happen as well as Deacon’s father returns, Gunner and Avery have it out over a girl, and Maddie considers moving out on her own after Deacon catches her drinking.

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The big shocker in this preview at the very end as it looks like they may have been able to get Connie Britton to make an appearance. Deacon is sitting on his bed as a figure coming towards him looks like it could be Rayna James. He asks “is this real?” Seeing that Rayna died in season 5, Deacon must be having a dream or they are playing tricks on the viewers and it is someone else completely walking into the room. Regardless, you do not want to miss how Nashville ends with the final episodes of season 6 and the big series finale.

Check out the full trailer below.

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Nashville returns with new episodes on Thursday, June 7 at 8/7c on CMT. Once season 6 comes to end, so does Nashville.