Karrueche Tran talks Virginia’s pregnancy and learning from veteran co-stars

Photo credit: Claws/TNT — Acquired via Turner Press Site
Photo credit: Claws/TNT — Acquired via Turner Press Site /

Next in our series of Claws Q&A’s is Karrueche Tran. She spoke with us about Virginia’s pregnancy and how it affects her this season. We also talked about her being a newer actor working among veterans.

At the beginning of Claws season 1 Virginia is an outsider, but after coming to Desna’s aid she is brought into the fold. Over the course of the season she earns the girls’ trust but she also made a huge mistake that the girls don’t yet know about. Karrueche tells us what she can about the pregnancy and that we’ll get to learn more about Virginia this season.

Hidden Remote: When we left off with Virginia. She’s just getting in good with the girls. Then she finds out she’s pregnant, and the child may be Dean’s. How does that affect the relationships going into season 2?

Karrueche Tran: Well, now I’ve gotta tell the girls that I’m pregnant. (laugh). I’ve got to tell Desna I am pregnant by her brother, which we both know she’s not going to be happy about. Then there’s the curiosity of, is it Roller’s because it wasn’t too long ago that I was messing with him. So yeah, I think it’s a growing situation for Virginia to figure out what is her next step. I can’t say whether she’s having it or whether she’s not or what’s going to happen, you’ve just gotta watch. (laugh)

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HR: I’ll definitely be doing that. But with that said, this is a very complicated situation. I assume we’re going to get a lot more Virginia time, is that accurate?

KT: Yeah, I mean she will have her moments and you’ll see what she does, what she chooses to do in that situation. But yeah that’s all I can say. (laugh)

HR: I know it’s tricky to talk about without giving anything away. So transitioning, Dean is in love with Virginia and whether or not the kid is his or whether or not she is going to keep it, this is going to affect him. How is Virginia going to navigate this situation as far as Dean is concerned?

KT: Yeah I mean, we have a conversation about it as well and he has his own thoughts and feelings towards it. We make the decision together and it’s very grown and it’s very real. And yeah…. that’s all I can say. (laugh)

HR: Alright I feel like I’m kinda trapping you here with this line of questioning. 

KT: Haha

HR: So, with all that she has going on. Is Virginia going to be a bit less ratchet this season?

KT: Hell no! (laugh) Virginia will stay true to her roots. You know, you can’t take the ratchet out of her. You can put her in new situations and new environments… and the beautiful thing is that you do see more layers being pulled back, with each character, with Virginia and everybody else. But, oh gosh Virginia is very much herself and she is… ratchet.

Karrueche Tran
Photo credit: Claws/TNT — Acquired via Turner Press Site /

HR: Fair enough. Fair enough. So Virginia is the young one in the crew, and you’re kinda the young one on set so how is navigating the set and are you soaking up anything from your cast mates?

KT: Yeah 1000%. You know it’s such a privilege and advantage for me to. You know I just started my acting career 5 years ago. That’s a short amount of time, and to be at the beginning of my career and to be part of one the TNT family, and then also to be working alongside Niecy, Carrie, Judy, Jenn, Harold Perrineau, Jack Kesy, Dean Norris. All of these amazing actors who are veterans, you know? It’s really a blessing for me to be a part of this and to have relationships with all of them. This second season, this time around… You know I’ve always had a relationship with Niecy, but my relationship with the other girls as well, has grown. It’s really a blessing, and it’s a beautiful thing that I have them, not only as my cast-mates, but as sisters. We all support each other, we all help each other out so it’s really great.

HR: Awesome. And I would imagine that’s a lot of pressure being around all of those veterans. Would you say you were more comfortable on set coming into this season?

KT: Yeah definitely, even the girls will tell you too. I’ve definitely become more comfortable around them and as an actor as well. Still finding myself and still figuring things out and just kinda grounding myself and holding on to the moment. You know, if this isn’t ok how can I be better? How can I improve? So yeah.

HR: I do want to take it back to the beginning. I watched a few interviews, and in one Niecy mentioned that she brought your name to the table and said you’d be a good fit for Virginia. She mentioned that you had to come back 3 times to secure the part but that each time you came back better. You seem to take your craft very seriously. Was that a tough process to go through or was it more of a positive experience?

Karrueche Tran
Photo credit: Claws/TNT — Acquired via Turner Press Site /

KT: It was both. It was an amazing experience for me because this is the first time that I had a real callback from an audition. And I wanted this job, you know? I wanted this character and so when I booked this, at the time I was in these group acting classes. I think that’s kinda what helped me book this job because it was just me conditioning myself. You know it’s like the gym. You go to practice to become better and that’s kinda where my mindset was. And I didn’t even know I was going to get this. I was just like let me stay on my toes and do what I gotta do. (laugh) You know I auditioned 3 times, I went to the casting director, then I went to the director of the first episode. Then I came back to the studio, and the producer, and the creator. So it was a bit of a process, but you know it was a beautiful process and it was a beautiful thing. And now, here we are! (laugh)

HR: And I do love the show, I hope it stays around for a while but you’re also doing a few other things as well. You’ve got a couple of movies that came out this year and are you still doing The Bay, actively? 

KT: Yeah, I am. And congratulations to The Bay, we just won another daytime Emmy this year which was f*****g awesome. The beautiful thing is that, The Bay was one of the first productions I was ever a part of. And they took me on very early as an actor and that’s a risk, you know what I mean, for them. They trusted me and it’s such an amazing show and I’m very happy and proud to be a part of that production and still be a part of that production and that show. I think they go into filming in a few months or within the next month or so and I will be shooting for that as well.

HR: So with that established. How are you managing your schedule as your career is starting to take off more?

KT: Luckily, it doesn’t overlap. We have about a month left of shooting for Claws so I’ll be done with that at the end of June and so whenever The Bay pops up, or if something else pops up, I’m ready for it. (laugh) You know I’m ready for work and just continue to progress and expand. For me it’s like the more I do, the more I learn, the better I become. So you know, I’m ready for it.

HR: Something you’ve mentioned in other interviews is that you had interest in doing a superhero or action type role. I know you did The Honor List which was through Zoe Saldana’s company. Did you get to tap her brain for any advice in that arena?

KT: Haha! No I haven’t. She is one busy woman as we all know. Shes a great actor and she did produce the film. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the premier, which she was at. And she was never able to come to set because she was filming Avengers as well, but I would love to have a conversation with her about that. I would love to play a Marvel or superhero type of character. Just, you know something badass with me running around and kicking butt and doing some really cool stuff. (laugh)

Karrueche Tran
Photo credit: Claws/TNT — Acquired via Turner Press Site /

HR: I mean with Claws there’s a bit of action as well so has there been a chance for Virginia to do any stunts this season?

KT: No I didn’t really have anything crazy this year. There were some scenes where I was supposed to be shooting up some stuff but it never ended up happening. I wanted to do it, I wanted to shoot some s**t up but… (laugh)

HR: Alright we’ll have to tell them to work on that. 

KT: Haha

HR: So one more question then. You’ve mentioned also that you’re a foodie. Being in New Orleans what’s a go-to or must have food down there?

KT: The food out here is ridiculously good. This time around, you know this is our second time out here, I looked more and I found a little bit of everything. You know there’s the southern comfort foods, there’s a lot of good seafood out here, I found like a sushi poke ball place out here. They have great Italian out here. There’s a lot of great food, a lot of great people. They have that awesome Southern hospitality that you just don’t really get anywhere. I really enjoy New Orleans.

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HR: If you could say anything to prepare the fans for this season what would you say?

KT: Oh, buckle up! Buckle up, get ready. If you thought season 1 was crazy, just you wait until season 2 hits. Yeah, get ready for it.

HR: So more craziness ahead.

KT: Oh yes, of course. And more ratchetness! Haha

We’ll be tuning in when Claws returns on Sunday June 10th at 9/8 Central on TNT.