IT: Chapter Two adds two more pivotal characters from the original story to the cast

Apparently, the cast of IT: Chapter Two is getting a little bigger with Xavier Dolan and Will Beinbrink joining in as two minor characters from Stephen King’s novel.

Earlier this week, Deadline got the exclusive on the newest casting announcements for IT: Chapter Two which revealed Beinbrink and Dolan’s involvement in the sequel. According to the original report, Beinbrink will portray Tom Rogan, Beverly’s abusive husband and Dolan will play Adrian Mellon.

In the original novel, Adrian Mellon was a homosexual man who suffered at the hands of bullies until their bullying went too far. The three bullies who focused on Adrian threw him into a river where Pennywise got a hold of him. The clown actually dragged Adrian out only to bite into him immediately after.

As for Tom Rogan, his character is as described above and was best personified by Ryan Michael’s performance in the 90’s mini-series. But basically, Tom is a spitting image of Beverly’s father who abused her similarly. They both attempted to physically dominate her and used that level of control to manipulate her every decision in life. The good news is that Beverly eventually stands up to Tom— and her father — by putting her foot down and going back to Derry when Pennywise resurfaces.

What’s unclear about these characters’ involvement is how integral to the plot they are. Both Tom and Adrian are minor characters at best and are undoubtedly going to be overshadowed by the Losers Club. Though, we shouldn’t count them out of having standout moments, too.

In any case, a subplot involving Adrian Mellon (Dolan) should be interesting to see play out. The character’s backstory is definitely worth delving into and could make for a twisted scene if worked right — and that’s what we all want from IT: Chapter Two.

Additionally, Tom Rogan (Beinbrink) is in the position to be a standout as well. He was only a minor character in the mini-series but he’s definitely pivotal to Beverly’s character development so he could have a bigger role in the upcoming sequel. Hopefully, that’s the case because there’d obviously be a scene where Beverly (Jessica Chastain) takes the fight to Tom — and who doesn’t want to see that play out.

IT: Chapter Two is set for release on September 6, 2019.