Is Juliette a better person or are Avery’s concerns understandable on Nashville?

Photo credit: Nashville/CMT -- Acquired via CMT Press
Photo credit: Nashville/CMT -- Acquired via CMT Press /

It’s not going to be an easy road for Juliette and Avery to find their way back together on Nashville. Avery has concerns and they may just be understandable.

Juliette returning to Nashville was just the first step to her and Avery having the chance to work things out. However, Avery has moved on and isn’t ready to go back to Juliette right now. He understandably has concerns about Juliette’s actions and attitude right now. So the big question is whether she’s a better person or not.

How can something so helpful be so hurtful?

This line certainly stood out in Nashville tonight. Hallie comments on Juliette’s personality right now; the way she’s handling the situation. In previous years, she would have certainly broken and lashed out. She would have fought against Alannah, kicking her out of the house before Alannah even had the chance to choose to leave. There is no way that Juliette would have chosen to leave the house in the past.

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This certainly suggests that Juliette is definitely a better person. Darius’ cult did help in a way. She gained more control over her emotions and understood why she reacts the way she has done in the past. Of course, this is the way cults work. They lure you in and are helpful in many ways, only to be hurtful in the future.

Juliette could have screamed down the phone to get someone to help the others in the cult. She could have argued with Avery to get him to stay. Instead, she allowed him to make his own choice. She accepted that there was little she could do for the cult right now–that doesn’t mean she’s giving up.

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Should Avery be worried about past actions?

But we can’t completely forget about the way Juliette has reacted in the past on Nashville. Avery can’t forget about her past actions. There have been times we’ve thought Juliette has reached a turning point, only for her to take 10 steps backward. This has happened all the way back in Season 1!

It’s not surprising that Avery is worried. He’s concerned that Juliette will change her mind and go back to her past ways; that she’ll decide to leave the family again. He’s had to deal with a lot over the years and has always been there for Cadence and for Juliette, but he’s tired and drained. To him, this has been a one-sided arrangement for so long that he can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Photo credit: Nashville/CMT — Acquired via CMT Press
Photo credit: Nashville/CMT — Acquired via CMT Press /

Avery has been faithful time and time again on Nashville. He’s gone all in, only to be hurt over and over again. Trusting that Juliette is definitely a better person this time is going to be extremely difficult.

For the record, because we’re now going into the final three episodes, I do think that Juliette is becoming a better person. If we had another season coming up then I’d worry about it. And it’s because of that that I understand why Avery is struggling to trust Juliette. I just hope Juliette really has changed and Avery has a way to see that so they’re endgame on Nashville.

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Do you think Juliette has really changed? Does Avery have a right to be suspicious? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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