The Bachelorette recap: Becca finds love in the Bahamas, chooses her final four

THE BACHELORETTE - "Episode 1407" - Traveling to the tropical paradise of The Bahamas, Becca focuses on her most important decision to date: Which four of the remaining six men will receive hometown dates? Four roses will be handed out this week on three one-on-one dates and one group date. There will not be a rose ceremony. Those four lucky men will bring Becca home with them to meet their families, on "The Bachelorette," MONDAY, JULY 9 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Paul Hebert)BECCA KUFRIN
THE BACHELORETTE - "Episode 1407" - Traveling to the tropical paradise of The Bahamas, Becca focuses on her most important decision to date: Which four of the remaining six men will receive hometown dates? Four roses will be handed out this week on three one-on-one dates and one group date. There will not be a rose ceremony. Those four lucky men will bring Becca home with them to meet their families, on "The Bachelorette," MONDAY, JULY 9 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Paul Hebert)BECCA KUFRIN /

On The Bachelorette, the remaining six men are all eager to take Becca to their hometowns to meet their families, and Becca eliminates two men, leaving one heartbroken suitor in tears.

Becca’s dumped most of the dead weight (sorry, Leo) and has narrowed the field to the cream of the crop on The Bachelorette. That’s not saying much, given her group of guys included a man convicted of assault, a vapid model, a guy with rage issues, and one of her top contenders is a proven bigot.

Still, as the gang arrives in the sunny Bahamas, Becca is moving past her perpetual state of frustration and sees the silver lining — falling in love.

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Becca tells Chris that she’s looking forward to no drama, but viewers know this is when all the drama really begins on The Bachelorette. Becca is encouraged how well this process is working, making falling in love sound like LASIK surgery.

Becca has no doubt that her journey will end with someone down on one knee, and her saying “yes.” Well, we already know it does, since that big, fat spoiler was divulged prior to the first episode airing. Whatever happened to the element of surprise?

The remaining six guys feel the pressure to get a rose with hometown visits looming. Blake has the L-word locked and loaded.

There will be no rose ceremony. Instead, Becca will have three one-on-one dates and one group date.

Her first date is with Colton. The other men wonder if Colton will finally tell Becca his secret. We’ve all been waiting for Colton to divulge to Becca that he’s a big ole virgin. ABC has been teasing it all season. I’m actually surprised producers didn’t send Becca and her guys to the Virgin Islands.

It’s been obvious from the beginning that Becca’s most attracted to Colton, and when she lists his attributes, they’re all physical. This definitely feels like a big set up to play up the virgin storyline as much as possible.

The two go on a romantic boat ride, and just when it seems like Colton is going to reveal he’s never rubbed no-no parts, the couple is interrupted by the arrival of a local who takes them conch diving. Is it a coincidence that a conch’s junk is also an aphrodisiac? I don’t think so.

By the time dinner rolls around, Becca is pretty certain she’s going to give Colton a rose, unless he “drops a crazy bomb.” Time to duck and cover, Becca.

Colton warns Becca there’s a conversation he wants to have with her because it could be a “potential roadblock.” He goes on to say that he’s put his professional life ahead of his personal life. As a result, he hasn’t dated much and is still a virgin.

Colton hasn’t shared this tidbit of info with many people, but all of America knows. Becca thanks Colton for sharing this information with her and promptly excuses herself from the table.

Becca returns, and Colton explains that he’s not waiting for marriage to have sex, he’s waiting for the right person. He doesn’t want to give it away in a drunken moment, Colton wants it to be a gift he gives to someone. But what if the gift sucks, and Becca can’t return it and get a refund?

Becca’s concern is that Colton hasn’t experienced a ton of life like most people have, but it means so much to her that he’s able to open up about something so difficult. Becca’s been asking for honesty, and she got it. Becca gives Colton a rose, telling him she can’t wait to meet his family.

Blake is beginning to unravel. It’s been a while since his last one on one, and seeing Colton return leaves no doubt that she’s way into the hunky ex football player. When Garrett receives the second one-on-one date card, Blake begins to question if he and Becca actually have something special.

Becca and Garrett go on a sea plane ride, and they’re both soooo excited to spend time together. We can’t seem to get through an episode without a ridiculous producer prodded pun which explains why Garrett says, “I know that the relationship [with Becca] is taking off.”

They spend the day romping together on the beach. Garrett reveals how tough it was on all the guys to see Colton return from his date, and Becca remarks how she’s never seen Garrett get down or discouraged. She also hasn’t seen him “Like” a racist meme on Twitter.

Becca is confident in the chemistry she has with Garrett, but before she commits to a hometown visit, she’s looking for a little more depth (maybe don’t search for your future husband on a reality dating show).

Becca quizzes Garrett on what attracted him to his ex-wife and made him want to get married. He explains that he was young and eager to be a husband and father, and he wanted to make it work, but his estranged wife was incredibly “hot-headed.” She was this way from the jump, but Garrett thought her temper was something he could handle. In the end, he just wound up changing who he was.

Becca reveals she’s concerned that even if Garrett has doubts about her, he’ll push through because he likes the idea of them together. But Garrett claims he’s learned from his past mistakes, and he’ll address concerns if he has them. Everything he sees in Becca is what he wants in a wife, and he tells Becca he’s falling in love with her.

Garrett gives Becca the depth she’s looking for, and she rewards him with a rose.

Blake gets the final one on one. He definitely has some catching up to do. They head to a beach party where Blake gets a chance to show off his dance moves.

During their date on The Bachelorette, Blake confesses that he’s been questioning how Becca feels about him. Becca drops her own bombshell when she admits she can kind of sympathize with Arie because she understands how it’s possible to feel strongly for multiple people, and how difficult it must have been for him at the end. Becca’s just trying to follow her heart and do what feels right, but it isn’t easy.

Becca’s happy to learn Blake’s been miserable because he pushed through it, and we know Becca’s big on finding a guy who won’t bail. It’s safe to say Becs has some abandonment issues.

Becca wants to know more about Blake’s family. Blake decides to go big or go home, and reveals that his mother had an affair with his high school basketball coach. Blake learned about his mother’s infidelity from the gossip circulating around town. He didn’t know his mother was moving out until a friend told him.

Blake wants to be more open with his own children. Communication is very important to him. He doesn’t want to skip over difficult conversations because it can be detrimental to relationships.

Blake tells Becca he’s in love with her. He’s ahead of the curve, since most declarations of love are saved for hometown visits. Of course, Blake gets a rose.

Becca tells the camera that when Blake told her he was in love with her, she realized she’s feeling the exact same way. She and Blake are on the same page, but he doesn’t know it yet. She wants to tell him, and it’s hard to hold back. After this date, she can see forever with Blake.

Wills, Leo and Jason are left vying for the final rose. As the threesome head off to meet Becca, I can’t help but think “dead men walking.” Two of these poor contestants on The Bachelorette are going home.

Becca knows it’s going to be a tough day, but she tries to keep the mood light-hearted. They start out with a game of beach volleyball, but the party has to end.

Wills pleads his case first. Wills was really hoping for a one on one because he really wants Becca to meet his parents.

Jason admits it’s been a tough week, but he’s tried to focus on what they have and nothing else. The tropical climate does wonders for Jason’s appearance. Without all that product in his hair, he’s much more attractive.

Leo feels anxious because he’s so different from the other guys. They can offer her a nice house and a lifestyle, while he can offer her love. Leo admits that because he and Becca haven’t had that much time together, he’s not ready to propose. Leo is keeping it real. And because he’s not completely caught up in the fairytale, he’s actually proving to be a good catch.

Becca decides that since they’re both on the same page about not being on the same page, it’s best they part ways. Nobody’s watching The Bachelorette to see a couple decide to date happily ever after.

Leo’s left on the beach as Becca finishes her date with Wills and Jason over dinner. Becca’s relying on her gut to push her in the right direction.

Becca asks Jason if he has any reservations about bringing her home. He doesn’t. Becca feels Jason hasn’t been as vocal about his feelings as some of the other guys. Jason isn’t ready to say he’s falling in love, but he does reassure Becca he sure does like her a lot and doesn’t want this journey to end.

While Jason holds back, Wills has no trouble giving it all away, telling Becca he’s falling in love with her more and more every day.

Becca wants to go into The Bachelorette hometown visits feeling confident in the men she’s chosen, and while Jason is really the only question mark, she picks him over Wills. She just couldn’t bring his family into the equation, knowing her feelings for him aren’t as strong as his are for her. Becca tells Wills she knows he’ll find his person.

Becca immediately rallies, finding comfort in Jason’s arms, while a devastated Wills tries to find a private place to have a good cry.

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Should Becca have chosen Wills? Do the other guys have a chance against Blake? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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