Colony season 3, episode 11: Disposable Heroes

COLONY -- "Disposable Heroes" -- Photo by: Daniel Power/USA Network -- Acquired via NBC Media Village
COLONY -- "Disposable Heroes" -- Photo by: Daniel Power/USA Network -- Acquired via NBC Media Village /

We knew that Wayne Brady’s Everett Kynes had plans for the Outliers, now we know what those plans are. Last night’s Colony showed us just how important Seattle will be in the human fight for survival.

After teasing us with the mysterious Everrett Kynes all season, Colony finally gave us the answers we were waiting for. Snyder finally made his move to take him down and now everything has changed. Broussard and the Bowman’s found the Outliers just in time to be a part of the next phase.

This was one of the most intense episodes of the season as Snyder made a strong play that likely no one saw coming. His battle with Kynes escalated to a level that is going to make the last two episodes of the season very entertaining.

The Deadliest Game

At the start of the episode we see a scene that was reminiscent of the book The Deadliest Game or Predators. We see an Outlier released from a pod in the woods. There is a bag of military gear in front of him and he starts to put it on as a fully dressed Outlier approaches. They speak to each other but each speaks a different language. They eventually show each other their outlier markings and realize they are on the same team.

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As they walk through the woods, weapons drawn, they find another Outlier dead. We then see some sort of invisible/cloaked figure stalking them in the woods. The invisible figure takes out one of the Outliers, then the other, without taking any damage and we finally get a look at some sort of alien as it takes off its cloaking. It’s not a very good look or a clear one but it’s the closest we’ve gotten.

There is no context for the scene so for all we know this was a test run by our hosts but it could also have been one by the enemies. We also have no idea when this moment takes place.

Meeting the other Outliers

Back in live action, Katie is having second thoughts about meeting with the other Outliers but eventually decides to go. At the boxing gym from the last episode, Harris (one of Kynes’ guys) greets the Bowmans and Broussard and the meeting seems to go well.

Harris goes back to Kynes to tell him what he’s learned and Kynes seems pleased to learn that Snyder gave sensitive info to them when he was interrogated. He’s going to use it to get rid of Snyder. Harris then mentions that Snyder reached out to him and Kynes tells him to take the meeting.

Snyder makes his move

Harris arrives for the meeting, only to realize it was a setup as Snyder’s man strangles him in his truck.

Later, as Bram is walking his patrol, an explosion takes place in the city. Snyder shows up at the scene in the aftermath to let Kynes know that the IGA is going to be starting a formal investigation.

Kynes is obviously upset about what has just happened but when he gets back to his office, Helena Goldwyn (Ally Walker) is there to meet him. She says that three outliers died so they have to look into it and now we’re starting to realize it’s a setup.

Next, we see Harris again. He’s in a truck in another part of town that also exploded. The initial report is that he was the one that did the explosion and that his second bomb went off before he got to plant it, killing him. Kynes orders an autopsy, clearly not buying it.

The fallout

Katie is leaving Amy’s house as she arrives home. The meeting is awkward with Amy not knowing anything about Katie and Katie not realizing who Amy is initially. They have a conversation about Will and, to me, it almost comes off as Amy saying that she and Will may have been together. I personally wish she had made it more clear when she answered Katie’s question of whether or not Will did something she should know about.

COLONY — “Disposable Heroes” — Photo by: Daniel Power/USA Network — Acquired via NBC Media Village
COLONY — “Disposable Heroes” — Photo by: Daniel Power/USA Network — Acquired via NBC Media Village /

Before their conversation can end though, the other Outliers from the gym show up and force them inside to discuss this bombing situation. The timing was bad and they think they’re behind it. Will and Broussard show them the Snyder interrogation tape to try to prove their innocence.

Project Phoenix

When Kynes gets confirmation that Harris was dead before the explosion and that Helena didn’t reroute her plane after she heard about the bombing but was already en route, he knows the IGA is after him. He tells Glenn (Sergio Osuna) to tell the guys in Project Phoenix that they’ve gone live and then his tech guy to shut down the network.

As he leaves the building he’s confronted by Snyder and Helena. He goes off on them telling them that they were given their positions by the hosts because of their weaknesses, not their strengths. Snyder was a failing college administrator and Helena was a failed movie executive. Kynes says the hosts knew that they were the type of crabs that would always drag the others back into the bucket, before telling Snyder that Harris was his friend.

The next phase

With the phones down, Dave (the first Outlier the Bowman’s met) says that this was a sign that they need to meet at a rally point. He also shares that Harris used to work for Kynes. Will and co are surprised to learn this but they want to go to this meetup. Not fully trusting them, Dave offers to have Will and Broussard go with him while his men stay with Katie and Amy.

At the meetup we see Adam. He was Harris’ partner and he explains Kynes’ plan. He says that Seattle is their version of the ark. They’ve been collecting the best of the best in every field. Doctors, engineers, soldiers, because when they get rid of the alien races Seattle is to be the place where the human civilization is to start over. He tells them that they are now starting the real resistance.

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Late in the episode, Gracie arrives home to an empty house with nothing to eat. She tells Bram that she thinks their parents don’t like being around her because she reminds them of Charlie. Bram consoles her and takes her to his girlfriend’s house for a proper meal.

Back at Amy’s house, she and Broussard discuss the meeting. Amy tells Broussard that she wants in if he’s signing on for the project.

When Snyder and Helena get to Kynes’ office they are surprised to learn that the network is down and they can’t get to any of his information. Helena then tells Snyder that she has to get back to Davos and that he is now in charge of the Seattle colony.

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Next week

A lot happened in this episode and the final two episodes of Colony Season 3 promise to bring us a lot of action and, most likely, a huge twist or reveal to end the season. The previews for the next episode make it clear that the war will be beginning.

Based on the flow of the season and the way this one ended, I also believe they are setting up for the Bowmans to allow Gracie to be raised by Bram’s girlfriend’s family.

We’ll have to tune in next week to find out as there are only two episodes left. Colony returns next Wednesday at 10/9 Central on USA Network.